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Tony Ferguson

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Tony Ferguson. By : Luz Valladares 10-1. Biography :.

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tony ferguson

Tony Ferguson

By: Luz Valladares


  • “My work is for the eyes, hands, and the heart.” He was born in ST. Paul, since his childhood he was exposed to many creative activities. He was also exposed to photography and carpentry. He went to college to the university of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and he ended with a degree in English and philosophy. But the art was always part of his life, he discovered his ability with the clay in his last semester so he decided to become a super senior for 2 years to develop his new skill. A professor from his university inspired him pursue clay.
  • In this presentation you will learn more of the work of Tony Ferguson and how he use different colors and shapes to make a great pot.
his potters
His Potters:

Tony Ferguson was inspire after Tom Coleman took him into the desert. He began to pay more attention to the different colors, surface, textures and ideas. He also learned how certain forms from his childhood and the influential environments have made their way into his work.


Techtonic glaze on mars shino with multiple ashes on shigaraki stoneware tea bowl

2.75" x 5.1"

In this tea pot Tony used a adark color as wesee in thispicture. Thepot looks great and reallydeep.


Traditional white shino with multiple ashes and cobalt on shigaraki stoneware tea bowl 2.6" x 5.2"

This pot has been influence and glazed by the colors of the picture that is on the left.


Aztec gold with multiple ash glazes on porcelain tea pot 7.75" x 7"

Tony Ferguson usedthetexture of thispicture in his tea pot and it looks great.


Ash, Carbon Trap Shino anagama wood fired cup 4 x 4

Tony usedthesamethemeto do thispot, colors look kind of thesame and thepot looks reallygood.


CobaltAshonmultiplecrystalmattglazesonporcelaintotemicvase 29" x 7.75"

Thisvase has thetheme of thepicture in theleft, islocatedonthedesert and thatinspiratehimto do thepot in this particular way.

my sketches
My Sketches:

Tony Ferguson used different textures, shapes, colors, and many other creative ideas to make a great pot. He made a pot like this one and it inspire me to make a similar one with other decorations. Glazed with a dark green and black.


He mademanydifferent tea potsthat are reallygood. I likehow he useddifferenttextures and forms. Glazedwithblack and a darkgreen.