saving money on wedding band just got easier n.
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Saving Money On Wedding Band Just Got Easier PowerPoint Presentation
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Saving Money On Wedding Band Just Got Easier

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Saving Money On Wedding Band Just Got Easier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many people spice up their wedding day by adding live wedding bands to their wedding receptions.\n

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saving money on wedding band just got easier

Saving Money On Wedding Band Just Got


Many people spice up their wedding day by adding live wedding bands to their

wedding receptions. Of course, anyone loves the idea of a bubbly and lively

ambiance on their big day. This is because the guests are engaged in merrymaking

throughout the event. Thus, not only does it make your event the town’s favourite but

also, a memorable one. Here are great ways to save money on a wedding band

Hire a live wedding band for the ceremony and reception

Music is like soul food. So, a good live band should be able to keep their audience

engaged with delightful dance music. Many couples in modern times like to have

their wedding reception separately. Since this is the case, it is advised to hire one

live band for all wedding activities. This is because it is cost effective than having to

get separate music groups for every activity.

The reputation of your booking agent matters

A booking agency avails you the opportunity to get wedding bands with higher

quality. Contrary to popular opinion that they are more expensive, there are

inexpensive booking agents out there. Not just that, they offer quality too. All you

need do is tender your budget for the band and they will work within your range.

The job description of booking agents is to filter a bulk of bands down to the best

talent. Even though their prices may be set, they allow negotiations too. Because of

referrals and reputation, good booking agents can influence the price drop of a band.

Many bands consider their agents as lifeblood, always getting them gigs round-the-

clock. So, they consider it a duty to reduce their prices as the agent commands.

Go for Local wedding band

Top-notch wedding bands are hard to come by in your immediate environment. So,

most people fall into the temptation of hiring bands from neighbouring cities. These

are called out-of-town music groups. These bands attract additional transportation,

accommodation, and feeding allowance. It is worse when there are several members

of the same band. If you are working with a low budget, you may have to search for

low-cost bands in your locale. To this end, it is advisable to choose a local wedding

band. They are cheap, reliable and highly skilled.

Keep your wedding guest list as short as possible

this is another way to expand your budget when

This is another way to expand your budget. When you have fewer people at your

event, you have extra cash to throw around. Eclectic high-energy wedding bands

consist of at least four players. This will include a lead guitarist, drummer, bass

player, and a good vocalist. Extra members are keyboardists, rhythm guitar player,

dancers, and a hone section with extra musicians. The more members you want on

your band, the higher the cost.

Consequently, a fat budget affords you as many members as possible. But it is

always decent to keep the list short and meaningful, as quality matters. Generally,

most four-piece groups offer cost-effectiveness and quality at the same time.

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