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Mrs. Miller’s Math Classes

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Mrs. Miller’s Math Classes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Miller’s Math Classes. Classroom Expectations. Classroom Rules. Have all materials out and ready on your desk by the second bell Be in your seat in class unless told otherwise Raise your hand and be recognized by the teacher before speaking

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mrs miller s math classes

Mrs. Miller’s Math Classes

Classroom Expectations

classroom rules
Classroom Rules

Have all materials out and ready on your desk by the second bell

Be in your seat in class unless told otherwise

Raise your hand and be recognized by the teacher before speaking

If you break a classroom rule, you will sign the book on my desk. An accumulation of two signatures in the book will result in a demerit.

materials to bring to class daily
Materials to Bring to Class Daily

AM or PM Folder

Math Spiral Notebook

Pencil Pouch with pens, pencils, highlighters


Simple Solutions Book

Math Book


You will have homework on a nightly basis

Homework will be checked for completion, and at times, accuracy

Homework /Notebook checks will periodically occur too

If you turn your homework in on time, it will be scored out of 100%

If your homework is one day late, it will be graded out of 75%

Homework two or more days late will be recorded as a zero

how will i be graded
How Will I Be Graded?

Tests 40%

Quizzes 35%

Homework/Computation (Simple Solutions Quizzes): 15%

Class work: 10%

Homework does have a great impact on your grade

Simple Solutions Quizzes will be given in class after every 4-5 lessons

if you are absent
If you are absent….

You will receive your make-up work upon return to school

If you are absent three or more days, your parents can request to pick up your class work/homework

Class work/Homework will not be given out in advance of absences

Check the class wikispace


Make sure to put your name, homeroom, and number on all assignments

To receive full credit, you must show all work!!!

mrs miller s wikispace
Mrs. Miller’s WikiSpace
  • The Wiki Page will contain:
    • Class Notes
    • Class Handouts
    • Homework
    • Links to Helpful Websites
heading your paper
Heading your Paper

The following heading should be on your work to be turned in:



John Smith May 10, 2012

Math Page 32 1-10

getting organized
Getting Organized
  • Simple Solutions
    • Write Name and Homeroom on Book
  • Textbook
    • You will be issued a textbook
    • It needs to be covered at all times
    • You are responsible if it is lost and/or damaged
  • Spiral Notebooks
    • 1 Per Quarter
    • For notes, class work, and homework
    • You should use the front and back of pages in order
    • Each page will be dated
    • Notebook checks will occur on randomly for a gradeSpiral Notebooks
first homework assignments
First Homework Assignments

Summer Solutions- Due Monday, August 20

Simple Solutions #1: Due Thursday, August 16 (tomorrow)