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- In the Cloud - Leading The Server & Storage Convergence

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- In the Cloud - Leading The Server & Storage Convergence. CT Sun 孫 震 東 Mar 18, 2010. Agenda. T-WIN Vision Requirements Solutions Approach x86 Based Solutions Approach Advantage of Using x86 for Unified Server Appliance Migration To New Intel Architectures

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Presentation Transcript
  • T-WIN Vision
  • Requirements
  • Solutions Approach
  • x86 Based Solutions Approach
  • Advantage of Using x86 for Unified Server Appliance
  • Migration To New Intel Architectures
  • Dual Nehalem + Dual Tylersburg Platform
  • Storage Bridge Bay Solutions
  • System Demo
  • Unified Storage
  • T-WIN Storage Technologies
  • Convergence Server Storage and its Trend

To be the top High-Mix and Low/Medium-Volume OEM/ODM Server & Storage solutions provider

requirement s
  • Scalable architecture that adapts to load
    • Scalable Server Nodes
    • Scalable iSCSI Storage Nodes
  • Architecture is adaptive
    • Allowing Server/Storage units to go through a ACTIVE/STANDBY/POWER-DOWN process
  • Applications are adaptive
    • Applications
    • IO
  • Security
Computing farm

Storage farm

FC Switch

10G Switch

  • Management Node
  • Provisioning
  • Power management
  • Computing Node management
  • Security
solutions approach
Solutions Approach
  • Virtualization
  • Commodity
  • Interconnection Network/High Speed Switch
  • HA
  • Manageability
  • I/O
  • Hybrid Technology upon Server/Storage
x86 based solutions approach
x86 Based Solutions Approach
  • AIC is focused on x86 technologies for most of the platform solution designs.
  • AIC is focused on niche vertical markets:
    • High performance storage controller heads, 32~72 lanes of PCIe
    • Flash storage server – SSD and PCIe Flash
    • High performance workstation – up to 4x GPU cards
    • High density networking security appliance
    • Modular server appliances – SBB and proprietary form factor blades
    • Digital content steaming servers – high Disk and Host IOPS
    • Dual-node and Quad-node solutions for Cloud
    • HD video encoding servers – 1U 5x PCIe expansion slots
    • Storage subsystems – local and IP storage solutions
    • PCI Express external expansion solutions – storage and I/O
  • AIC has Linux-based High-Availability Management Software runs on x86 architecture
advantage of using x86 for server storage appliance
Advantage of Using x86 for Server/Storage Appliance
  • Robust and aggressive roadmap from x86 silicon vendors
  • Leverage Server and Storage on same architectures
  • Large existing eco-system partners
  • Based on easily-accessible components at very competitive pricing
  • Reliable x86 based H/W ensuring maximum S/W compatibility (the broadest code base already developed for x86 based H/W)
  • Huge install-base in the market allowing for massive future business opportunities from H/W refreshes
migration to new intel architectures nehalem core for enterprise platforms
Migration To New Intel Architectures – Nehalem Core for Enterprise Platforms



Significant I/O and Memory Performance Improvements

1333MHz FSB =>10.67GB/s Bandwidth/link between processor and I/O HUB, includes Memory bandwidth

Memory speed => 667MHz DDR2, 2x channels

5.86GT/s QPI =>29.3GB/s Bandwidth/link between processor and I/O HUB, excludes Memory bandwidth

Memory speed => 1333MHz DDR3, up to 3x channels

Dual Nehalem + Dual Tylersburg Platform

- For High IOPS Storage & Computing Platforms

  • 68x PCIe Gen2 + 4x PCIe Gen1 lanes
  • Up to 8x Gen2 X8 + 1x Gen2 X4 + 1x Gen1 X4 => 10x expansion slots
  • Total I/O-slot bandwidth of 350Gbps
  • Up to 192 GB of DDR3 memory capacity

SDK System

2U SSD Server

3U Master-Node Server

3U Storage Server

Gemini Dual-IOH Motherboard

storage bridge bay solutions gen 1 following intel cranberry lake crb
Storage Bridge Bay Solutions- Gen-1 following Intel Cranberry Lake CRB
  • Low power storage/blade design
  • Onboard 36-PHY SAS expander
  • Support up to 24x 3G SAS/SATA disks
  • PCIe X8 Mezzanine w/LSI 1068e SAS IOC for disk I/O
  • PCIe X8 Mezzanine Quad-GbE for Host I/O
  • Built-in 4X SAS and GbE for Board-to-Board communication
  • PCIe X8 for optional expansion
  • Support <200W- power envelop
  • Hot-plug design

2U 12x3.5” bay

2U 24x2.5” bay

Perseus Motherboard and Canister

2U 24x3.5” bay

3U 16x3.5” bay

Orion SBB 2.0 Controller BoardMore Bandwidth and Storage-Centric Features

PCIe-SAS Switch


LSI Falcon


Downlinks to JBOD


LSI Bobcat 36-PHY 6G Exp








PCIe HA Network


For Board-to-Board or I/O Expansion

Uplink to Host

Canister to Canister Fail-over externally



Orion SBB Controller Board

SAS Expansion JBOD

system demo
System Demo
  • SBB 2.0 Compliant Solution
  • 16x SAS/SATA HDD bays w/6G SAS backplane
  • Dual AIC Orion/Perseus application controller boards
  • Quad-GbE Host ports
  • PCIe expansion module for FC or 10Gb HBA support
  • Middleware – Xtreme Storage Manager manages Failover via PCIe/SAS, RAID, support for iSCSI, SAS, & FC host interfaces
  • Provides Linux API for integration into application OS
high availability
High Availability
  • H/A uses a High Speed Transport
  • Transport can be
    • FC
    • SAS
    • PCIe (NTB)
  • H/A uses SCSI protocol for

Cache Coherency allowing N+1 redundant configurations

RAID Layer

RAID Layer

system demo ssd flash server
System Demo SSD Flash Server
  • 2U 24x2.5” SSD bays w/o SAS expander
  • 750W 1+1 High-Efficient HRP
  • Total 9x PCIe Gen2 slots supported
    • 3x Gen2 x8 internal slots for 3x 6G SAS controllers (8-port each)
    • 6x Gen2 x8 (one with x4 link) exposed slots for Host I/O links
    • Have enough Host I/O band-width to match with SSD’s 840K IOPS (35K*24)
  • Dual Nehalem processors
  • Up to 196GB of RAM
  • Can also support PCIe Flash cards + SAS HDDs
  • Highest I/O density in industry

5x Exposed PCIe Gen2 x8 slots + 1x Gen2 x4 slot

3x Internal PCIe Gen2 x8 slots

Any code exceptions are logged in the support log,these are uploaded when the support log is emailed to Support
convergence server storage and its trend
Convergence Server Storage and its Trend
  • By increasing the performance and scale of virtualized environments while at the same time improving the ability to control and manage virtual workloads, this solution has the potential to deliver the full benefits of virtualization across the data center to increase productivity and agility, and reduce IT costs
  • by offering a single holistic solution with integrated management and the critical support necessary for scaling virtualization
  • Convergence System unites compute, network, storage access and virtualization resources in a single energy-efficient system (POE)
  • Convergence Server Storage : Dynamic Balanced Server-Storage Architecture
market changes
Market Changes

H/W unit Cost




Service S/W

Cloud App


End User





100K ~Million

What do want?

Q & A

Next Steps?

CT Sun [email protected]