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Buddhism. By Div. 8 (Bret Bauslaugh , Caitlyn Lam, Morgan Chambers, Carmen Wong, Anna Kwasniak ). How Did This Religion Start?. Began in India 2,500 years ago Teacher: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha means “enlightened one” c.a 563= Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) born c.a 483 Buddha dies

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ByDiv. 8 (Bret Bauslaugh, Caitlyn Lam, Morgan Chambers, Carmen Wong, Anna Kwasniak)


How Did This Religion Start?

  • Began in India
  • 2,500 years ago
  • Teacher: Siddhartha Gautama
  • Buddha means “enlightened one”
  • c.a 563= Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) born
  • c.a 483 Buddha dies
  • Buddha’s birth date= a guess
  • Gautama lead group called Sangha
  • 45yrs, Buddha traveled India teaching about Buddhism
  • 1st century spread- Nepal, Tibet, China
  • 4th century- Korea
  • 5th century- Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar
  • 6th century- Japan
  • 19th century- America

By Caitlyn Lam


How Did This Religion Start?

  • Emperor Ashoka (ruler of India) became Buddhist
  • Ashoka sent monks and nun everywhere teaching Buddhism
  • Ashoka son and daughter become nun and monk, spread Buddhism
  • Divided to 3 schools: Theravada, Mahayana, Mantrayana
  • Ashoka built pillars on areas important thing happened
  • On pillars wrote what happened
  • Ashoka’s son & daughter continue teachings
  • Sri Lanka home of many pilgrimages
  • Padmasambhaua (Buddha) born in a lotus blossom
  • Padmasambhaua wanted gold dust, blew away, said teachings are more important

By Caitlyn Lam

what are the religious leaders gods
What Are The Religious Leaders/Gods


.Born Over 2500 Years Ago in Nepal India and Willingly Died At 80

. Buddha's Real name was Siddhartha Goutrna Gautama and he was a Prince.

- Buddha Really Means “ The Enlightened one”

. Wanted Piece and Calmness in Everyone and Other People Later join The Spreading

Of His Words.

. Buddha Told Of 4 Nobel Truths- #1 Life includes Suffering. #2 Suffering results In Wanting. #3 If You Don’t Want Things you won’t suffer #4 Nobel Eightfold Path

The Dalai Lama:

.The Dalai Lama Is The Spiritual Leader and Spreader Of Buddhism

. The Dalai Lama Is supposedly the same Person Reincarnated Several Times

. Current Dalai Lama Is The 14th One


. 10 Precepts . 1-5 Followed By all Buddhists. 6-10 Followed By Just Nuns And Monks

. #1 Do Not Harm #2 Do Not Take Things For Free #3 Do Not Be Unfaithful

#4 Do Not Lie #5 Do Not take drugs or other disorientating items

. #6 Do Not Eat At the wrong time #7 Do Not Sing/Dance #8 Do Not wear Jewelry/Perfume

#9 Do Not Sleep To Long or to Comfortable #10 Do Not Handle Money

By Bret Bauslaugh

what religious text do buddhists follow
What religious Text do Buddhists Follow?
  • The Jatakas= tales of Buddha's former life's.
  • The way of righteousness is the most wide scripture
  • Most scriptures made out of wood blocks
  • Most Buddhist text written down in 600 BCE
  • Three baskets of law aka Pali Canon or Tripakata
  • 1st basket= rules for monks aka Vinaya Pikata
  • 2nd basket= teachings of Buddha aka Sutta pikata
  • 3rd basket= Higher Teachings aka Abhidhamma pikata
  • Canon is a collection of writing

By Morgan Chambers

what is the wheel of law
What is the wheel of law?
  • The 8 things you must do to overcome Karma
  • 1. Right view= understanding the 4 noble truths
  • 2. Right thought= friendly thoughts
  • 3.Right speech= speaking kindly and truthfully
  • 4.Right action= acting with sympathy and avoiding violence
  • 5. Right work= earn money without hurting another
  • 6.Right effort= using spare time for self-improvement
  • 7.Right mindfulness= right state of mind and selflessness
  • 8. Right concentration= removing concerns to focus on religious meditation

By Morgan Chambers

what is the wheel of law1
What is the wheel of law?
  • To follow the path you have to know right from wrong
  • Must be attentive at all times
  • Karma= force of good life leads to “higher ” life next time or force of bad life leads to “lower” life next time
  • Right= best way possible
  • All spokes must be fulfilled
  • Wheel of law aka Noble Eightfold path
  • 8 spokes of law

By Morgan Chambers


How do they practice their religion?

  • Important worship practices  meditating, temple, pilgrimages
  • They are not required to go to regular services
  • Individual worship  meditate, chant(from parts of the holy books)
  • Meditation
  • Way of losing commentator in your mind & become calm
  • Some sit on cushions, legs folded, hands on lap
  • Temple meditation helps improve faith
  • Practice breathing  meditative walking
  • Learn methods practicing Noble Eightfold Path

By Carmen Wong

how do they practice their religion
How do they practice their religion?
  • Temple
  • Take off shoes
  • Never point soles to image of Buddha or a monk
  • Perform 3 prostrations to Buddha statue
  • Sit/kneel silently in front of Buddha statue
  • Listen to the chanting monks from Pali Canon
  • Say prayers with other Buddhists
  • Give incense, candles, and flowers as offerings
  • Ask for refuge in the Three Jewels to a monk

By Carmen Wong

how do they practice their religion1
How do they practice their religion?
  • Shrine
  • Worship in front of shrine
  • Pour water on an image of Buddha to pay respect
  • Zen Buddhists may offer tea
  • Tibetan Buddhists have bowls of water inside their shrines

By Carmen Wong

what do buddhists believe in
What do buddhists believe in?
  • Buddhists don’t believe in god they believe in karma
  • Bad karma = Niraya (realm of hell)
  • Good karma = Devas (realm of gods)
  • People with bad karma suffer until bad karma is used up
  • People with good karma experience pleasure
  • Buddhism is search for enlightment or nirvana

Anna Kwasniak


2 main streams of Buddhism = Theravada and Mahayana

-Main aim of Theravada = achieve enlightment for themselves

-Main aim of Mahayana = achieve enlightment for selves and others

  • Buddhism take refuge in 3 jewels

-1st jewel: Buddha = former Indian prince born 2,500+ years ago

-2nd jewel: dharma = teachings of Buddha

-3rd jewel: sangha = community of Buddhist, monks, and nuns

Anna Kwasniak


Believe everyone can be Buddha

  • Believe Buddha is just and no more but a person
  • Buddha important because he achieved enlightment
  • Buddhists don’t believe in souls
  • Buddha= “awakened one”
  • Nirvana = state of inner peace and contentment when enlightment or nirvana achieved

Anna Kwasniak