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Fleet Management System For Business Needs - M2M-Allnet PowerPoint Presentation
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Fleet Management System For Business Needs - M2M-Allnet

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Fleet Management System For Business Needs - M2M-Allnet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GPS fleet management with advanced vehicle tracking system provides real-time positional data of vehicles & remote diagnosis of vehicle condition.

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Fleet Management System For Business Needs - M2M-Allnet

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    1. M2M Allnet Flexible, Transparent, Reasonable! http://www.m2m-allnet.com/

    2. M2M Allnet The best network coverage worldwide and at the best rates and conditions. M2M Allnet providing you with security and confidence as you use the M2M data card both domestically and internationally.

    3. Fleet Management  Fleet management system optimist all your business processes efficiently with our integrated solution, Route Control or by using our M2M SIM Card in your system.

    4. Fleet Management Services  Comprehensive fleet monitoring: Vehicle Tracking System software is continuously updated Remote diagnosis of vehicle status is possible at any time  Maximize Driver Satisfaction: Keep good drivers through improved driver visibility and by reducing the amount of manual work increasing safe driving and efficiencies.  Increase Profitability: Save money on numerous operating costs by optimizing your fleet’s fuel efficiency streamlining reporting, improving routing, and making efficient use of your trailers.

    5. Fleet Management advantage  Higher operating and planning efficiency: GPS Tracking Device fleet vehicle companies keep tabs on their vehicles and their drivers, so they can better maximize these assets to reach their customers and clients effectively.  customer loyalty: 1.Improved customer service through optimal use of field staff 2.Expanded communication channels to mobile employees

    6. Vehicle Fleet Management Systems for Optimized Routing, Scheduling and Dispatching

    7. Vehicle Management System effective fleet operations require the flexibility to adjust and respond to the day-to-day realities once vehicles leave the depot and execute on the road.Route performance vs. plan should be measured continuously to achieve maximum productivity, meet customer expectations, and support continuous improvement. At-stop activities like proof of delivery also need to be effectively tracked and integrated in real-time to back-end systems

    8. CONTACT US: Yukatel GmbH Merianstr. 23 DE-63069 Offenbach Tel. +49(0)69-83 83 25 1 Fax. +49(0)69-83 83 25 252 http://www.m2m-allnet.com/