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WELCOME To UNICITY FAMILY. Please Switch off Your Mobiles. Please Maintain Silence During this Presentation. Today's Environment. We are living in absolute hazardous environment.

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    2. Please Switch off Your Mobiles. Please Maintain Silence During this Presentation.

    3. Today's Environment We are living in absolute hazardous environment. Reality bites. In Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata air pollution causes one death every hour. It gets worse. More than a million die every year due to water pollution. A mutated environment is leading to a sick India. Over and above all these, The nutritional value of the food people consume daily is alarmingly off the mark, and hardly healthy. Let’s demand good health for all.

    4. Today's Lifestyle Life Style High Fat Diet Alcohol In a fast moving world of today, lifestyles are changing and large number convenience food products are being added everyday. The main factors which affect our health system are unhealthy lifestyles, nutrient deficient foods, eating patterns that are thoughtless and chemically altered foods. Thereby leading to many diseases and problems like mal-absorption syndrome, this leads to acidity, headaches, ulcers and obesity. We must therefore learn to eat to live rather than live to eat. Food is fuel, not entertainment.

    5. The Reality bites… All diseases thrive in "acidic" systems, that is just a fact of the medical profession plain and simple. Now, what are you going to do about it? Wait till you get sick then act on the information below? The decision is up to you. Healthy Alkaline Foods Eat lots of them… Foods you should consume moderately… Unhealthy Acidic Foods - Try to avoid them… Alfalfa grass, Asparagus Barley grass, Broccoli, Cabbage lettuce – fresh, Cucumber – fresh, Peas – fresh, Spinach, Soy sprouts, Wheat grass, Beet, Carrot, Red Radish, Fresh Lemon, Tomato, Almonds, Brazil nuts… Apples, Apricot, Banana, Black currant, Blueberry, Cherry, Coconut, Cranberry, Date, Grape & Grapefruit, Mango, range, Papaya, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Watermelon, Brown Rice, Wheat, Walnuts, Fresh Water Fish, Coconut Milk. Sunflower Oil Beef, Chicken, Egg, Liver, Ocean Fish, Organ Meats, Oysters, Pork, Veal, Butter Milk, Hard Cheese, Cream, Homogenized Milk, Quark, White Biscuits, White Bread, Whole - Grain Bread, Whole - Meal Bread, Pistachios, Cashews, Peanuts, Butter, Corn Oil, Margarine, Artificial sweeteners, Honey, Chocolates, White Sugar, Dried Sugar Cane Juice, Ketchup, Mustard, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Beer, Liquor, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Packed & Sweetened Fruit Juice, Microwaved Food, Canned & Processed Food,

    6. The Reality bites… Acidosis (the system being too acid) When a body is acidic, it creates a welcoming environment for viruses and bacteria to come in and begin to flourish. As viruses and bacteria continue to flourish inside our body, we experience lack of energy, frequent illness and pains. If a person doesn't do anything about changing the acidic state of the body, the situation can get worse. Virus or bacteria can mutate into a serious illness. Total healing of chronic illness only takes place when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. An imbalance in the body’s pH may lead to serious health concerns, including • Hormone concerns • Cardiovascular weakness • Weight gain/loss • Bladder and kidney concerns • Immune deficiency • Acceleration of free radical damage. • Structural system weakness, including brittle • bones, hip fractures and joint discomfort • Stressed liver function • Low energy • Slow digestion and elimination • Yeast/fungal overgrowth • Tumor growth We are daily bombarding the body with poisons.

    7. The Reality bites… Do you know how much all these has damaged you? The Global Burden of Disease study projected that the number of deaths attributable to chronic diseases would rise from 3·78 million in 1990 (40·4% of all deaths) to 7·63 million in 2020 (66·7% of all deaths). One out of six (12% to 15%) persons in India suffers from Diabetes. India also has the largest number of people with diabetes in the world. One out of four (20% to 25%) dies due to Heart Attack. Two out of three pregnant women & young children (60% to70%) in India suffers from Anemia (low hemoglobin). One out of five persons (15% to 20%) in the world dies of Cancer! Two out of three persons suffer from Peptic Ulcer Disease at least once in their lifetime. One out of every 10 dies due to (Brain) Stroke. Brain stroke is the third largest killer in India after heart attack and cancer. In India, nearly 1,000 people succumb to stroke each day. Phenomenal increase in Kidney stone and failure among Indians are noted in recent times.

    8. The Reality bites… Heart Diseases Obesity Diabetes Acidification India also has the largest number of people with diabetes in the world. If you have a health problem, most likely you are acidic. Your body pH affects everything.

    9. Company Profile Unicity | a World Class Company 1903 1972 2001 110 Year’s Old Company… Unicity Means Universal City

    10. Company Profile Unicity | a World Class Company Unicity International was formed ten years ago when the idea of developing convenient, highly trusted, 100+ year old Rexall Drugstore franchises, was combined with the first company to successfully encapsulate and market herbal dietary supplements on a commercial basis Enrich International to form Unicity International. Unicity Recognised among the top U. S. Companies Unicity International has received numerous awards for its outstanding achievements. Unicity was recognized as the No. 1 Privately - Held Business in its home state of Utah and No. 87 in America. Unicity, a Global Opportunity : Unicity International operates out of 28 business facilities throughout the world and sells products to Distributors in 33 countries highlighted in dark blue in the map below.

    11. Company Profile Science and Research | In Pursuit of Excellence Unicity'ssuccess can be attributed to its commitment to an endless pursuit of nutritional excellence. All its products are formulated on a foundation of scientific research, clinical studies, and world-class quality control. Our Bios Life products have been clinically proven in scientific trials and clinical studies at some of the top universities, hospitals, and research institutions around the world. Many of these studies have been published in prominent medical journals. Proven and Recommended Today Bios Life is recommended by thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals and is included in the prestigious Physicians' Desk Reference. This is the resource doctors turn to in the U.S. to learn about prescription drugs as well as safe, clinically proven alternatives, such as Bios Life.

    12. Our Products TM Bios Life S Supports healthy, sustained Weight Loss Bios Life S is a fiber-based drink incorporating the latest available science to help assist the body in losing weight and maintaining healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Taking Bios Life S, a scientifically designed weight management Product, in conjunction with exercise and balanced diet will help you lose weight and improve your life. Bios Life S contains: Unicity 7x TMA property blend of polysaccharides that help curb hunger pains and provide sense of fullness. This helps to reduce caloric intake and subsequently leads to weight loss. Biosphere Fiber TMA patented blend of five highly soluble fibers combined with mineral carbonate which quickly forms a fiber matrix in the digestive tracts that helps produce a sense of fullness, traps cholesterol and prevents its reabsorption and aids in weight loss. Beta GlucansA fiber that helps to control the lipid and glucose response after meal. Beta Glucans also helps stimulate the immune system. B Vitamin Complex Required by the body for energy production. • Features and Benefits • Bios Life S, when taken as directed helps: • Wight Management • Increase Satiety (Sense of fullness) • Lower the glycemic index of foods you eat • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels • Improve waist-to-hip ratio

    13. Our Products TM Bios Life D Supports Healthy Blood Sugar levels Bios Life D is a revolutionary, fiber-based, vitamin-rich, natural product that is clinically proven to help the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. With proper care and some simple lifestyle adjustments, such as exercising and adopting healthy eating habits, you can support your overall health and help sustain your desired blood sugar levels. Adding Bios Life D to a daily regimen can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. • Features and Benefits • Bios Life D, when used as directed helps : • • Manage your appetite naturally • Sustain healthy blood sugar levels with Biosphere Fiber • Lower the glycemic index of food you eat • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels • Maintain healthy triglyceride levels • Drinking Bios Life D before meals cuts your appetite and improves your • blood sugar level regulation. Some of the active ingredients in Bios Life D include: Beta Glycan's : A fiber that helps control the lipid and glucose response after a meal, and help stimulate the immune system. Biosphere Fiber : A patented blend of five highly soluble fibers that quickly forms a matrix in the digestive system that : • Slows the rate of absorption of carbohydrates • Maintains desired blood glucose levels • Curbs the appetite so you want to eat less food • Traps cholesterol B-vitamin Complex :Required by the body for energy production.

    14. Our Products Lean Complete TM Supports Healthy Weight Management A convenient, healthy meal replacement shake designed to help you meet your weight management goals. Some of the active ingredients in Lean Complete include: Protein Matrix: Lean Complete contains three types of protein; the importance of this being that different types of protein are absorbed at different times. These different absorption rates ensures that body receives a constant supply of high quality protein preventing the break down of your existing lean muscle mass. Vitamin / Mineral Blend: Packed with essential vitamins, the Vitamin Blend in Lean Complete helps you to obtain the vitamins you need to keep your body working at peak performance. Most Indians are deficient in important minerals. Minerals are important to enzymatic reactions in the body; reactions that DNA synthesis, DNA repair, wound healing and more. Studies have shown that Indian diet is predominantly rich in carbohydrates & fat. Lean Completewhich is protein rich is designed keeping this factor in mind. • Features and Benefits • Lean Complete, when used as • directed helps: • • Contains a 100% of your recommended daily intake for many essential vitamins and minerals • A balanced meal-replacement shake that helps you adhere to 4-4-12 and burn fat • Provides 10 grams of high-quality protein to help keep you feeling full, build lean muscle mass, and provide energy without causing large spikes in insulin • Contains 3.35 grams of fiber to help increase satiety • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This • product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    15. Our Products TM Super Chlorophyll A proprietary blend of nature’s best ingredients for individuals seeking a natural way to cleanse their bodies and defend against damaging free radicals. A key ingredient in Super Chlorophyll is chlorophyll from the alfalfa plant. Alfalfa has been used for centuries by various cultures as a vitalizing and cleansing agent, and science has recently confirmed the potential health benefit of chlorophyll supplementation. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is the first barrier to protecting yourself from damaging free radicals. Free radicals speed up the aging process and harm healthy cells, making skin appear wrinkled, dry, and discolored. For decades, many cultures have used chlorophyll to heal and revitalize damaged skin. Studies have revealed that Chlorophyll in the common form of chlorophyll found in supplements acts as a powerful antioxidant and internal deodorizer. • Features and Benefits: • Shown to be an effective antioxidant in research studies • May help regulate bowel function • Commonly used as a deodorizer for the intestinal and urinary tract • Acts as an alkalizing agent to maintain pH levels • Used to help beautify and keep skin vibrant and young Chlorophyll in has been shown to protect DNA from known mutagens • Has been used to heal wounds • Used by individuals as an alkalizing agent to maintain pH levels and whole body well being * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness or pain, in compliance with applicable laws.

    16. Who should consume our Products TM TM Bios Life D Bios Life S TM TM Super Chlorophyll Super Chlorophyll 2 Sachets a day with 2 Sachets a day with Any living human being who is suffering from Diabetes. Because, Diabetes causes several severe diseases. Complications of Diabetes can be divided in 3 categories: • Any living human being, • who is obese • whose Lipid Profile counts i.e. Triglyceride, Cholesterol (LDL & HDL) are above normal (average) • who is overweight even if not obese • who is 35+ years old • who is a potential for Diabetes • Metabolic complications • Damage to blood vessels, damaging retina (eyes - retinopathy), kidney (nephropathy) and nerves (neuropathy) • Damage to large arteries leading to brain, heart, legs & feet Super Chlorophyll • Detoxifies: it clears toxins from your body, thus improving your immune system, strengthening Lever. • Alkalizes you body thereby maintaining body pH, provides healthy input to Kidney thus improves its’ functions. • Antioxidant: protects the largest organ of human body, Skin, helps beautify and keep it vibrant and young, also acts as a deodorizer for the intestinal and urinary tract. Any living human being who is 4+ years old should consume SC, half tea spoon, twice a day.

    17. Unicity Science and Research

    18. Compensation Plan Earn Money through 8 Profit Centers Profit Center 1 Retail Profit Up to 46.67% Profit Center 2 Personal Rebates Up to 30% Profit Center 3 Fast Start Bonus Up to 25% Profit Center 4 Team Building Bonus Up to 9.8 Lakh Profit Center 5 Infinity Bonus 5% Up to 9 Ranks Profit Center 6 Presidential Club Bonus Up to 49.50 Lakh Profit Center 7 Additional Distributor Positions Profit Center 8 Chairman’s Club Bonus Up to 7.42 Crore Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

    19. Compensation Plan Retail Profit As a Distributor you can purchase Unicity Products at wholesale and sell them for a Retail profit. 1 PV = Rs. 45 Personal Rebates The more Bios Life you sell, the more you earn with each box sold. Your rebate percentage is based on your Personal Volume (PV) in a calendar month.

    20. Compensation Plan Fast Start Bonus These Bonus are paid on the first-month purchases of each new Distributor who joins your team unlimited levels. The Fast Start percentage you earn is based on your rank.

    21. Compensation Plan Infinity Share Bonus Start earning Infinity Share Bonus 5% on the sales generated by your team. To Qualify for Infinity Share Bonus, you need to Qualify for the respective Distributor Rank. All volume generated by a new Distributor in their first volume month is paid through Fast Start Bonus, not Infinity Shares. Infinity Share Bonus are paid beginning with a Distributor’s second volume month. Infinity Shares allow you to be paid on Shares of Volume from your expanded Organization.

    22. Unicity Fast Track Bonus 150 x 45 x 5% = 337.50 250 x 45 x 10% = 1,125.00 50 x 45 x 25% = 5,62.50 Manager 550 OV 50 PV Jr. Manager 250 PV Jr. Manager 250 PV Total Income : 2,025 Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

    23. Unicity After you qualified as a Manager Manager 500 TV Fast Track Bonus 500 x 45 x 25% = 5,625 50 PV Personal Rebate 50 x 45 x 5% = 112.50 Jr. Manager 250 PV Distributor 100 PV Distributor 100 PV Total Income : 5,737.50 Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

    24. Compensation Plan Director Lifestyle Bonus The powerful combination Fast Track Bonus and Director Lifestyle Bonus allows you to start earning large bonus quickly. You will be eligible to receive Director Lifestyle Bonus (DLB) as you expand your business. The Lump Sum Bonus is earned as you meet the requirements for the Rank and confirm that Rank for two consecutive months. The Monthly Bonus are earned each month as you achieve or exceed the required Rank up to 12 times.

    25. Compensation Plan President’s Club Bonus Build your business quickly and earn BIG cash bonus. You will be eligible to receive the President’s Club Bonus as you build your business to specific levels known as President’s Club. The Lump Sum Bonus is earned as you meet the requirements for the Rank and confirm the Rank for three consecutive months. The Monthly Bonus are earned each month as you maintain the PV and TV requirement up to 6 times. Below is the table listing the PCB Lump Sum and Monthly amounts.

    26. Compensation Plan Additional Distributor Positions (ADP) When you achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond, you will be eligible to start a new leg called an Additional Distributor Position (ADP). The ADP is placed on your frontline. All new legs will begin downline of your ADP allowing you to earn as much as double on those legs. When a Diamond has 5,00,000 in OV and an Additional Distributor Position that maintains 1,00,000 OV for 3 consecutive months, the Diamond is then recognized as a Double Diamond and may begin a second ADP Distributorship. This process continues through Crown Diamond.

    27. Compensation Plan Chairman’s Club Bonus As you achieve the ranks of Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Crown Diamond, you become a member of the Chairman’s Club and can receive amazing Chairman’s Club Bonus. These bonus are lifestyle bonus, not cash bonus, and are tailored to fulfill the individual dreams of the recipient. As such, the exact bonus varies by country and by distributor. This table reflects the maximum value of each bonus.

    28. Infinity Share Bonus Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

    29. Unicity | Commitment to Training and Support JOIN WITH US For your Good Health & Wealth Thank you… Developed By : Prince Babu : 09987003377