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Warm Up: 9/15/11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm Up: 9/15/11

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Warm Up: 9/15/11
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  1. Warm Up: 9/15/11 • Copy the following on a new notes page: • Standard: SSH2a&b • Essential Question: How did Georgia’s colonial period impact other colonies and life in Georgia today? • Enduring Understanding: By studying power, authority and governance during Georgia’s colonial period we can better understand Georgia’s Government and distribution of power today.

  2. The Colonial Period in Georgia SS8H2a & SS8H2b

  3. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: While Oglethorpe had no real title and very little power, he was still accepted as the leader of the colony and its first city of Savannah. During the first few months, he made treaties and got grants of land from the Yamacraw Natives. He built a fort on the bank of the Savannah River and trained a militia (citizen soldiers) to defend the settlement. The City of Savannah

  4. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: Oglethorpe also worked with Colonel William Bull and surveyor Noble Jones to design the city that would become Savannah. The basic pattern for this first planned city in all the colonies was based on a design by Robert Castell. The design included blocks tythingsand wards. The City of Savannah

  5. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: Settlers were expected to take care of their home in the city of Savannah, their 5 acre garden at the edge of the city, and their 45 acre plot outside the city. Work was done spite of growing medical problems which were caused by lack of fresh vegetables, changes in climate, and poor sanitation. 40 settlers died the first year they were there. The City of Savannah

  6. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: In March 1734, Oglethorpe was planning a trip back to England when a group of new settlers arrived from Germany. They were German Protestants who had been forced to leave Salzburg which was controlled by Catholics. They were led by John Martin Bolziusand asked to live in GA. Oglethorpe took them to a place 25 miles from Savannah, and they started a town called Ebenezer, which means “the Rock of Help. This land was basically marsh, so they asked for a different place to settle. Oglethorpe gave them a site on Red Bluff on the Savannah River. They called this place New Ebenezer. The Salzburgers

  7. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: When Oglethorpe returned from his trip to Great Britain, he brought 300 new colonists with him. In this group were more Salzburgers, as well as Moravians and two religious leaders from England, John and Charles Wesley. Once he got back Oglethorpe helped the Salzburgers set up a permanent settlement on St. Simons and Frederica Islands. The Salzburgers

  8. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: To help protect GA from attacks from the Spanish in Florida, Oglethorpe recruited a group of 175 good fighters from Scotland, the Highland Scots. They settled south of Savannah in an area that eventually became known as Darien. The Scots kept many of their cultural traditions and were hard workers. They found that the soil was bad in Darien and switched to raising cattle and harvesting timber. It was the Highland Scots that first sent petition to England requesting slavery NOT be allowed in the new colony. The Highland Scots

  9. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: When Oglethorpe got back from his trip from England, he passed several new regulations with the help of the Trustees. 1) Buying rum was illegal 2) Alcohol could not be used in trade with Native Americans. 3) Slavery was outlawed. Many were not happy with these new regulations. On top of this they were suffering because the mulberry trees were not growing well, they could not successfully produce cotton dyes or grapes for wine. To make things worse their neighbors in South Carolina could own slaves, and rum and were successful in growing rice , cotton and tobacco. The Malcontents

  10. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: This angry group were referred to the malcontents and ended up moving to other places where they could live without being bothered by the Trustees. In the fall of 1739, a war broke out between Great Britain and Spain called the “War of Jenkins Ear”. It was called this because years earlier, Spanish sailors were said to have cut of the ear of Robert Jenkins a British sailor who was smuggling goods off the coast off Florida. The Malcontents The Spanish Threat From Florida

  11. The Colonial Period in Georgia: Main Ideas/Questions: Notes: Oglethorpe wanted the war, because it gave an excuse to invade Florida. A group of 2,000 Native Americans, Georgia and South Carolina settlers organized and tried to take over Spanish forts in FLA, especially St. Augustine. The Spanish surprised Oglethorpe, however and drove them back to Georgia’s St. Simon’s Island. During the next 2 yrs. there were several attacks between the Spanish and English settlers in GA. In the summer of 1742, Oglethorpe led a surprise attack on the Spanish with the help of the Highland Scots. They attacked in the land between St. Simon’s and Frederica and forced the Spanish back across the FLA boarder. This was called the Battle of Bloody Marsh The Spanish Threat From Florida