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Test Coordinator/Manager Training 0n-Line Tests

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Test Coordinator/Manager Training 0n-Line Tests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Test Coordinator/Manager Training 0n-Line Tests. Spring 2012 Non-Writing. New Content on Math Tests. Agenda. Making Accreditation and AYP Alternate Assessments New for 2012 Security Before Testing During Testing After Testing. Adopted AYP Targets.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Making Accreditation and AYP
  • Alternate Assessments
  • New for 2012
  • Security
  • Before Testing
  • During Testing
  • After Testing
adopted ayp targets
Adopted AYP Targets
  • At the January 13, 2011, meeting, the Board waived first review and approved the following AYP proficiency targets:

• 2010-2011* – 86 for reading and 85 for mathematics

• 2011-2012* – 91 for reading and 90 for mathematics

• 2012-2013* – 96 for reading and 95 for mathematics

• 2013-2014* – 100 for reading and mathematics.

*represents year tests used for AYP calculations were administered

  • Subgroups – Asian and two or more.

Proposed Revisions not yet approved by the USDOE

ayp targets not yet approved
AYP Targets Not yet approved
  • English 75%
  • Math 70%
  • Science 70%
  • History 70%
  • Graduation 85 points
  • 95% participation
  • Or moderate growth in Student Growth Percentile
  • Gap Group 1 -- disabilities, ELL and economically disadvantaged
  • Gap Group 2 -- Black
  • Gap Group 3 -- Hispanic
alternate assessments
Alternate Assessments
  • VAAP
    • Due April 27
    • See checklist
      • Affidavit (principal signature)– content cover sheet – scoring worksheet
  • VGLA
      • Due ready to score May 25
      • See Checklist
      • Affidavit (principal signature)– Scoring Worksheet – Tracking form
      • Identification
  • VAAP & VGLA count for AYP and Accreditation
  • VMAST math is live
  • Online only
  • Set up sessions in regular spring non-writing administration
  • Students cannot take regular math and VMAST in same administration (spring window)
  • VMAST reading - Spring 2012 VMAST Field Test
  • Very small # (2% of tested population)
  • Give regular SOL first them VMAST to field test students.
  • Send letter to parents
  • Math live test this year 3-8 and algebra 1.
  • Reading field test. Grades 3-8 and EOC reading.
  • Online only. Read aloud accommodation

VMAST practice items

vgla changes these changes implemented last year
VGLA Changes (These changes implemented last year)
  • No anecdotal records
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Reading on reading test below grade level
wida now counts
  • AMAO’s Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
  • 17% must be proficient in English (score of 5)
  • 66% make progress. (Score higher in next year)
  • These #’s go up 1% annually
due dates
Due Dates
  • Answer Docs: May 25 (carefully checked)
  • Online : Regular testing: Elementary and middle May 25, including make-ups.
    • EOC June 5 (including make-ups)
  • Test books and set C June 8.
  • Expedited Retake completion by June 29.
  • Retake for college ready: no approval as yet to reach college ready score on algebra II test.
new and reminders for spring 12
New and Reminders for Spring 12
  • See Checklists in Manuals
    • Reminders before during and after tests
    • Not complete – read manual
  • Accommodations
    • Be sure to code on answer documents
    • Be sure to code for on-line students as well – after tests are completed.
    • Code 27 in special test accommodations
      • For student that needs an accommodation for this administration because of a temporary condition. Broken arm – circle in book and transcribe.
  • Recovery. I have indicated recovery as best I could in the data upload. After testing I will ask that you check files to ensure that I have uploaded correctly. I have not indicated recovery for algebra 1.
recording test sessions
Recording Test Sessions
  • Types of devices or programs include (but are not limited to):
    • Digital Handheld Recorders
    • Standard and Micro Cassette Recorders
    • Voice Recording Software w/ Computer
      • Audacity™
      • Microsoft Sound Recorder
  • Save recording to disk as labeled audio file.
  • When to record
    • Read aloud (not audio)
    • It is not necessary to record if there are two proctors/examiners in the room.
recording test sessions1
Recording Test Sessions
  • Label each track.
  • Save to disk – erase all copies from computer or device. Send disk to Gordon
  • Training for examiners on how to use and save files from the electronic recording devices must be in place to avoid irregularities and the retesting of students.
student reading test aloud
Student Reading Test Aloud
  • Not an accommodation
    • OK, But not group administration
    • No reaction by proctor!!
    • Is this something that is done in regular instruction without correcting student?
more reminders
More Reminders
  • Examiner’s manuals
    • On-line and paper directions
    • Different directions for different grade levels
    • Teachers must attend to and mark the sections they will use!!!
  • Administration field on header sheet
  • Grade 3 Reading
    • 2 parts – follow instructions in manual
    • Seal code for on-line
    • 2 days normally
  • PEMsolutions
    • All students in Starbaseas of about April 4were uploaded.
    • Online testers
      • Already marked in upload
      • Audio you need to mark.
      • Transfers after April 9 – wait unless online
reminders new
  • Math grades 4-8
    • 2 parts – follow instructions in manual
    • Calculator for 2nd part only
    • Seal codes For online
    • Grade 3 online does not have seal code
  • Form numbers are Important!!
  • LEP EOC 2nd attempt read aloud/audio.
    • If audio on other tests.
things to do now
Things to Do Now
  • Materials Inventory
    • Pre-ID for each student using paper (arriving about April 13)
      • If not need to register student
      • VGLA and VAAP’s not there – different upload
      • Answer docs, manuals
  • Accommodations
    • Plan – read alouds – audio – small group
  • Manipulatives
    • Calculators, pencils, rulers, etc.
  • Student upload
    • Upload is done – separate test assignment for each student
    • Algebra is done (“clear on no double testing”)
    • On-line is marked according to information given me when tests were ordered (or changes communicated to me
    • If you set up session and students are not there, they have been marked as paper - contact me.
new mathtests
New MathTests
  • Grades 3 through 8
  • Delayed scoring because standard setting must be completed
  • Expect lower pass rates. Pass rates at high school level considerably lower on new tests.
examiner s manuals update
Examiner’s Manuals Update
  • Manuals are organized by grade level, subject and by online vs paper
  • Please point out to teachers the sections and ask them to read the manual ahead of time.
  • Online directions will be read to the students (regular and audio) prior to logging in.
    • Examiners will read directions for the sample item.
    • For students taking an online audio form, Examiners will read the sample item and answer choices to the students and then provide the correct answer to the sample item.
    • Examiners will instruct these students to start listening to the audio recording when they are at the first test item.
    • Audio only starts whenthe student goes to item 1
plain english math
Plain English Math
  • Wida score below 3.5
  • Or first year of enrollment
  • IEP or 504 students
  • Available Grades 3-8 and algebra I
  • I now recommend PE math for grade 8 for students with reading problems.
    • Potential modified diploma
    • Cut score 344 (for MSD only)
  • Part 1 math grades 4-7
    • No calculator
    • Distribute for part 2
    • Same for on-line (seal code)
  • Grade 8 and EOC calculator allowed for whole test
  • Please note the calculators that are allowed for various tests at various grade levels. In implementation manual pages 18-22.
shortly before testing
Shortly Before Testing
  • Testing rooms
    • Arrangement
    • Displays
  • Examiner packets (renewed daily)
    • Tests
    • Answer docs
    • Pencils, manipulatives
during testing
During Testing
  • Handling Emergencies
    • Irregularities to Gordon 245-5121 836-0718
      • Use form
      • Maintain test atmosphere if possible
  • Breaks
    • Not standard procedure
    • Breaks during test – must maintain test atmosphere
    • Stand and stretch
  • Behavior
    • Report to principal/assistant
    • Irregularity – can student continue?
manuals updates
Manuals Updates
  • NEW Troubleshooting Section page 10 (or nearby)
    • #1 Student requires an audio test but there is no audio
      • Realize that the audio begins to play at the 1st question, not at the sample item
      • Audio forms have an audio control box that appears for each question. If no box is present on a question, the test is not audio.
      • Verify the form—audio forms begin with “9” after the letter, H9039, check the session details for forms assigned to students.
manuals updates1
Manuals Updates
  • NEW Troubleshooting Section
    • #2 Student should not have an audio test, but the audio is playing, or the audio box appeared at the first test question
      • The STC or Examiner should SAVE and EXIT the student from the test but keep the student seated at their workstation and immediately contact the DDOT, who calls VDOE to change the student’s form to the correct non-audio form while the student waits.
manuals updates2
Manuals Updates
  • NEW Troubleshooting Section
    • #3 Shading is not visible on the test questions
      • Some test questions refer to the “shaded section” of a map, graph, etc. If the shading is not apparent to the student, the Examiner may adjust the contrast setting on the student’s monitor until the shading is visible. If this adjustment does not resolve the problem, Examiners should contact their STC.
requirements for end of course eoc tests in paper pencil format
Requirements for End-of-Course (EOC) Tests In Paper/Pencil Format
  • The student attends school in a location where a secure network connection or the required technology is not available to access an online test. Potential scenarios include the following: “special situation” facilities, homebound students, residential or hospital placements; night school locations, Governor’s schools.
requirements for end of course tests in paper pencil format
Requirements for End-of-Course Tests In Paper/Pencil Format
  • The accommodation specified in the student’s IEP, 504 Management Plan, or LEP Student Assessment Participation Plan requires a paper/pencil test. Accommodations requiring a paper/pencil test include large-print test, Braille test, and flexible schedule (multiple testing sessions requiring more than one school day).
requirements for middle and end of course tests in paper pencil format elementary in 2013
Requirements for Middle and End-of-Course Tests In Paper/Pencil Format (elementary in 2013)
    • The student has a documented medical condition such as a seizure disorder where exposure to a computer will aggravate the student’s condition. This documentation must be kept on file locally at the division.
  • For other reasons the DDOT must obtain prior approval from VDOE.
  • These guidelines can be found in the Non-Writing TIM.
testing schedule
Testing Schedule
  • Due to me April 29.
  • Consider proctors for on-line vs paper
  • Will paper testing occur at same time as online?
  • Hall proctors
  • Emergencies?
e readers
  • Test examiner’s manuals direct students to sit quietly or read when they finish testing.
  • e-Readers, such as the Nook and Kindle, are not approved for use in an SOL test session because they can contain additional features that could distract students still testing or possibly compromise test security.
  • Students should not have access to cell phones or other electronic devices, including e-readers, in the active testing room.
  • Locked storage of secure materials
  • Bulletin boards – other helps
  • Security agreements
  • Transmittal forms
    • Sign-out and in of materials before and after each session
  • Cover sheets
    • confirm counts - report discrepancies immediately
    • Ok to break packages if necessary
  • Separate Test Booklets for Each Content Area – Complicates sign in and out.
  • Be prepared for emergencies –
    • fire alarm
    • sick children
    • children who take longer than planned
manuals updates3
Manuals Updates
  • Guidelines for Recording a Test Session
  • (TIM Appendix B, Examiner’s Manuals Appendix F)
    • Read aloud sessions, and other sessions where the student responds verbally must be recorded and/or proctored.
    • DDOT must securely store student’s recorded responses until scores are received and verified.

Teacher name

# of books

Initials (proctor)

Initials (STC)

Proctor signature

Next Day

Found in Implementation manual pg 80

  • Paper
    • Form to me
    • Generally requires retest using different form
      • I’ll get form to you
  • On-line –
    • Do not have student submit test!!!
    • Have student exit.
    • I will them move student to new test session with new form.
test irregularity form appendix d
Test Irregularity Form Appendix D

pg 3

  • Page 119
  • Need complete information
  • Form number
  • Student name, STI
  • Description of irregularity
  • Session name
after testing
After Testing
  • Take up tests and answer sheets daily
    • Keep secure
    • Keep count
    • Use Transmittal form in packet
  • Check answer documents
    • Answer sheet/test attempt for each student on roll.
      • VGLA or VAAP or LEP exceptions
absent students
Absent students
  • Mark test complete - absent
paper bands and headers
Paper Bands and Headers
  • Group answer documents by content and grade
  • Groups names are by content teacher
  • Team groups hard for me to handle.
  • More later.
All tests Scratch paper

Math tests calculator*, ruler, protractor, formula sheet

Science Calculator*, ruler,

Social studiesruler

Read Manual for specific info on specific tests!!!

See handouts

Formula sheets in the front of each test booklet

Pages 17-21 in STC manual has info on manipulatives

*calculator is used on the 2nd part of math

the test only. Not grade 3. Entire test grade 8


Read Manual

check answer documents
Check Answer Documents
  • Form Number even if student not tested
  • Clean erasures
  • Accommodations marked
  • Testing Status
testing status
Testing Status
  • Please remember to mark testing status if a student does not take a test.
  • Alerts take longer under the new on-line system.
  • Alerts may be cleared in PEM.
testing status1
Testing Status
  • 1 – absent
  • 3 – LEP exempt – 1st science, 1st year US for reading
  • 4 – medical emergency
  • 5 – refusal/disruptive
  • 7 – cheating
  • 9 – already passed
  • Field A, Do enter this information
  • B, C, D, E code if no pre-ID available – be accurate – double check in SASI
  • F, G –IMPORTANT!! Causes alerts!!
  • H – Testing Status – Pay attention!!
  • I – Be accurate with accommodations
section i accommodations
Section I - Accommodations
  • Do code I: accommodations
    • not in Pre-ID
    • After student has taken online code in PEM – go to student tests
  • Please converse with sped
  • Plain English Math – circle A under accommodations
    • Available only on math answer docs.

Note two different columns for reading tests vs. others, also different charts for different tests.

Read-aloud is still available for reading for decoding disability



Not available


returning answer documents
Returning Answer Documents
  • USE Headers
    • Correct Counts
    • Organize by grade and content (history)
    • No need to group specials (read-aloud, audio)
    • Groups are set in PEMsolutions.
    • I request grouping by homeroom for ease of handling.
      • Bundle for each subject and each homeroom
return of answer documents
Return of Answer Documents
  • Tell teachers to inspect answer documents
    • Form numbers
    • Accommodations
    • Test date
  • Inspect documents yourself
  • Compete header sheets

Set A –

Has groups of answer documents with header sheets.

Extra Pre-ID sheets/labels


set b
Set B
  • Confirm counts of test booklets
  • Pack booklets – Keep grade levels and subjects separate.
  • Put packing list with signature page on top. Important!!
  • Assembly sheets – if discrepancy.
  • Nothing else
  • No longer necessary to keep test booklets with answers marked by student. Send those books normally
set c documentation
Set C - Documentation
  • School Affidavit
  • Test Security Agreements (proctors)
  • Classroom transmittal forms both regular and special forms
  • Tapes/recordings of read-aloud sessions
  • Unused Headers
  • Unused pre-ID sheets
other materials
Other Materials
  • Cover/assembly sheets – toss unless there is discrepancy – attach to discrepancy report if there is discrepancy
  • Scratch paper – shred
  • Unused answer sheets – keep if you like to practice
  • Manuals – keep what you want – dispose of the rest.
  • EOC – keep for summer retakes
  • Formula sheets – Keep and use for instruction – do not copy
  • Manipulatives (calculators and such) - Use for instruction. Be sure they are in good shape and you have necessary quantities long before next test session.