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Regional Technology Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional Technology Services

Regional Technology Services

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Regional Technology Services

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  1. Regional Technology Services

  2. Regional Technology Services Specialists (RTS) • Our network’s goal is. . . . • to use the Florida Assistive Technology Assessment Competencies to provides a framework for the way we do business!

  3. Roadmap for supporting students with disabilities (SWD) AT IT UDL AIM AT and UDL UDL Solutions for IEP Accommodations IEP Goals and Tech Strategies IT, AT and AIM

  4. Action Plan

  5. Goal: Discuss collaboration and networking strategies to support the implementation of the Assistive Technology Assessment Competencies.

  6. Assistive Technology AssessmentCompetencies Competencies 1, 2, 7, 9 #1 - Knowledge of school district’s AT assessment procedures. #2 - Understanding of State and Federal regulations and policies. #7 - Ability to interpret and present results of AT assessment to IEP teams. #9 - Collaborate with those in charge of implementing the IEP.

  7. Competency 1: Be knowledgeable about and implement the school district's assistive technology (AT) assessment procedures. • Consider different ways to disseminate information on procedures, including web. • When doing training, talk about where procedures are located. • Meet with ESE teachers each year. • When consulting, training, etc. refer teachers to district procedures. • Ongoing revisions; including transition plan, ESY procedures, TAPs……..

  8. Competency 2:Understand federal and state regulations and policies related to the consideration and implementation of assistive technology in Florida schools. • Sign up for paperless from DOE to get TAPS directly. • ASHA is excellent source for information. • RTS distribute to local teams and to staffing specialists. • Trainings are open to Gen Ed Teachers. TAPs disseminated when appropriate.

  9. Competency 7:Interpret and present the results of AT assessments to the IEP teams in a way that supports effective decision-making based on the student, the educational program, and data gathered during the assessment process. • Support via Assessment Tool Kits, LOTTIE kits or commercial kits – train school staff on use. • School based teams are being used extensively, but good training is essential. • Satellite Labs – make & take, technical assistance, AT tools. • Many Tech’s attend IEP meetings when more severe needs are present. • Local teams invite LATS and RLATS to attend/participate when indicated.

  10. Competency 9:Collaborate with those in charge of implementing the IEP to formulate and initiate a plan using AT to support the educational achievement of the students. • Implementation part has to be done by school based teams. • FDLRS may support by demonstrating model teaching. • SKYPE-video conferencing with teachers. • Model lessons; asks for data when possible. • Follow up modeling with written plan, model again and again, and again and practice, practice, practice! • 30% assessment, 70% implementation-how we determine if what they are using is effective! • Demonstration class

  11. Review the Trends • District plans including transition, with a move to web based • Sign up for paperless communication through DOE • Adobe Connect, Elluminate used for virtual meetings/SKYPE • FLDRS Associate Techs, LATS and RLATS providing Model lessons and Model Classrooms • District Teams are successful and driving the action • Implementation is the key: Recommend 30% assessment, 70% implementation-how we determine if what they are using is effective!

  12. More Action Plans. . .

  13. Action Plan

  14. Session Follow Up Action Plan • Singapore Math & Interactive Whiteboard • Computer Access & FCAT Practice Science Tests • Florida/NIMAS • Science Technology Tools • Cambium Learning Technologies Update

  15. Singapore Math & Interactive Whiteboard Informative-checking with District and seeing if District is moving forward with this. If so, offer resources Time line-this week LATS-thinking of Teachers/children where this would be effective and speaking to district about implementing Region 2-Considering using at Summer Institute

  16. Computer Access & FCAT PracticeScience Tests Susan-Miccoskee-Action Research projects with text to speech so that when it is available online, they will be ready to access

  17. Florida/NIMAS Linda L-important to be involved in implementation. Sharing at monthly AT meetings and with curriculum committee. Will be action plan for this year-making everyone aware of this and following State reg’s on how we will train people. Dade: Emailed Boss and asked to be put on agenda to begin discussing NIMAS

  18. Science Technology Tools Bill Schulte-Professionally -more time to have hands on to develop expert knowledge-work with David Then train folks via Elluminate/collaborate with those who are using Clay: Go back and show Science teachers what is available Nancy P: Loved using scanner as digital microscope Paula M HRD Leon- Behavior workshop next week Will use information and some of the sites to help facilitate cooperative learning/working in small groups

  19. Cambium Learning Technologies Update Susan-Miccosukee-Action Research project-will train students rather that teachers. Anticipates students will train teachers Peggy-Miccosukee-FOUR BLOCK project-will implement Classroom Suite 4 with teacher she is supporting, so teacher can go on website and download activiies Region 4- SI -will implement and provide for each LATS Team Bill Schulte recommeds we consider networked/web based version. Should consider cost Linda L-upgrading Classroom Suite-will give herself opportunity to learn program well enough to train Dade-will use multi media aspects in training

  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!