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Regional Center Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional Center Services

Regional Center Services

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Regional Center Services

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  2. The services and supports funded by RC are intended to achieve certain outcomes under the Lanterman Act. • To lessen the effects of the developmental disability • Have a normal, independent, and productive life. • To learn new skills. • •

  3. The IPP is a formal document created between the RC and the client. • It is a contract between you and the regional center and enforceable as such. • It must list all of the services and supports that a client shall receive, if it’s not listed the client won’t get the service. • Must be held every three years but usually held every year. • You can request an IPP at any time. It must be held within 30 of your request. Sample request letter at

  4. The IPP should be conducted in a person-centered manner. This means that the client is the focus of the meeting and we gear the discussion around that person. • Should be conducted in a person centered manner. For information on person-centered planning see the following publications. •

  5. Assessment services Habilitation and training Treatment and therapy Preventive services Living arrangements Community integration Employment/Day Programs Family Support Services Relationship Services Emergency and Crisis Intervention Specialized Equipment Transportation Services Facilitation Services Self-Advocacy Advocacy Tips for securing regional center services can be found at Several categories of services have been developed but this is not an exhaustive list of available services.

  6. Each RC has Purchase of Service (POS) policies. These policies determine the types and amounts of services RC will fund. But, RC can’t rely on a POS policy that violates the Lanterman Act entitlement to necessary services and supports. Watch out for policies that put arbitrary limits on the duration or frequency of a service. That should be determined on an individual basis in the IPP. • POS are guidelines for purchasing services and supports. • The POS policies explain the requirements for receiving services. • These policies vary from regional center to regional center. • RC’s must be cost-effective in the services and supports they purchase. • All services must be free of charge regardless of income except for a portion of 24 hour out of home care for minors, Daycare, Camping, and Respite – see Respite Presentation.