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Cambridge Education

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Cambridge Education
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  1. Cambridge Education

  2. Lead Turnaround Partner- uniquely qualified • Since 2002 our team has led and managed projects in over 100 districts across 24 states and worked in over 3,000 schools in the US • Our wide range of research-based strategies, which are customized for every school, include: - quality reviews and classroom climate surveys - comprehensive school improvement programs - strategic leadership development programs - embedded professional development

  3. Success for all our students

  4. Transformational change - worldwide • In 2000, UK Government invited Cambridge Education to provide education support services to the London Borough of Islington • It was the lowest performing district in the UK • In one year The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) noted rapidly transformed relationships with schools • In 2000, 13 of Islington’s schools were judged by Ofsted to either be in need of special measures, or to have serious weaknesses • In 2009 Islington had no schools in special measures or with a notice to improve and 82% of schools were judged good or better by Ofsted, more than one in five had an outstanding rating

  5. Inner -city girls: Michelle Obama left feeling 'really inspired' In 2009 when Michelle Obama visited a school in the UK she selected the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington. Michelle Obama gives a pupil a high-five during a visit to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London

  6. High quality teaching and learning Engaged Students Involved Families and Communities Raising Student Achievement Achievement, as measured by tests, grades, competencies, attitudes and behaviors, educational attainment, employment, citizenship, etc. Strong District Leadership/ Organizational Capacity Strong School Leadership/ Organizational Capacity

  7. Transformational Alternatives Cambridge Education provides high quality services and solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients at national, state, district and school level. We: Listen, attentively, as every situation is different Review the climate of the school /district /state which enables us to effectively scope the project Identify what will work and what will not Develop customized solutions using some key components but developing new ones as required. Evaluate success, refining, adapting and testing.

  8. Cambridge Education Founded in 1983, Cambridge Education is a member of the Mott Macdonald Group. Cambridge Education currently supports education in 24 US states and over 45 countries around the world.

  9. Multisector Cambridge Education It’s the sheer diversity of our work that makes us unique

  10. Setting world class standards Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) – Malaysia Channel Tunnel – UK Education Sector Support Program in Nigeria

  11. Cambridge Education in the US We partner with states, regional service centers, districts and schools. Diagnostic evaluations Over 4,000 District and School reviews in the US since 2002 The Tripod Project – Measures of teaching quality and classroom conditions through teacher and student surveys School Improvement Programs School Improvement Planning Leadership Development Effective Classroom Observation The Motivated Classroom Teacher Professional Growth and Evaluation

  12. Strong Client Base in the US In addition to local public education funding 25 national and local foundations currently directly or indirectly fund CEU’s work

  13. Human Capacity Development One of our core principles is to expand the capacity of all organization we work with. Expanding leadership capacity and professional development is the critical issue facing states, districts, CMOs and schools today. In order to leverage and sustain improvement, schools will need to: find ways to strengthen teaching and learning, expand and improve professional development, utilize data to inform and improve instruction, and engage stakeholders. Through a reflective and ethical balancing of priorities focused on improving student achievement for all students in order to secure a viable 21st century and beyond

  14. Comprehensive School Improvement Program (CSIP) New York City 10 K through 8 schools and 4 High Schools 3 Charter Schools Minneapolis 10 schools (all phases) Newark 3 K through 8 pilot schools ISDE (Indiana) 32 low performing schools Islington (UK) 60+ schools 10 year transformation from the lowest performing LEA in UK to the top 20% - top 5% for SPED

  15. Transformational Activities • Scope the situation – agree and implement customized solutions • Change the school culture – coach leadership for sustainable change • Establish collaborative leadership - engage stakeholders at all levels • SMART analysis of the data – system of individual feedback to students • Develop instructional leadership – provide effective feedback and develop staff • Promote high quality teaching and learning - in every classrooms • Improve administrative team skills – leadership and management • Build the knowledge base, skills and understanding - for every student • Develop the school culture - celebrate success • Raise achievement – every child matters

  16. Real schools – real solutions and real outcomes • Principals survive • Staff improve • Students grow academically and socially • Scores go up • Goals are achieved (AYP and beyond ) • Teams are created • Assessment for learning • Culture changes • Real growth

  17. Standards & assessments: Emerging priorities Make enhancements to State Curriculum and Assessment Standards Develop curricula and instructional supports aligned with common standards Support benchmark and formative assessments High school programs and incentives for college and career readiness • Expand opportunities for Early College High Schools through partnerships with community colleges • Expand the opportunities for AP, IB, and other rigorous college-ready programs, particularly in low performing high schools • Activate the Certificate of Mastery and Certificate of Occupational Proficiency • Align State standards with with Common Core of Standards (in development) • Migrate State Standards online with next-generation functionality • Develop performance tasks in strategic areas • Continue to improve reporting tools to inform instruction (e.g., student growth data) • Solutions to support districts, e.g., • Software to help create local curricula • Model curriculum maps • Model course syllabi • ELA and Math benchmark assessments administered periodically • Formative assessment resources available for customized use at the school and class level • Series of professional development courses to support effective use of benchmark and formative assessments

  18. Build district leadership capacity Build and disseminate turnaround tools Identify and scale up third-party supports Develop cadre of turnaround teachers and principals Identify and incubate lead partners E.g.: • Supporting effective collaboration between superintendents, union leaders, and school committees E.g.: • Learning Walks • Benchmark and formative assessments E.g.: • Essential Conditions, including social/ behavioral supports • Alternative school transformation E.g.: • Residency, induction, training models to develop teachers and principals • Incentives for school, team, and teacher performance E.g.: • Lead partners to work in LEVEL 4 schools School turnaround: Emerging priorities

  19. Teachers & leaders: Emerging priorities Define and assess teacher and leader effectiveness via multiple measures, anchored in student achievement Use effectiveness measures as the foundation to drive additional initiatives Identify, pilot and scale innovative models to recruit, prepare and develop teachers and leaders Develop a performance-based, tiered licensure system for teachers and leaders Pilot district evaluation and P.D. models that incorporate measures of effectiveness Develop and pilot new models for compensationand equitable distribution Address equitable distribution and turnaround strategies through incentives, improved conditions, leadership, and capacity development Identify and develop turnaround leaders and teacher teams for chronically low-performing schools

  20. Teachers & leaders: Emerging priorities Measures of effectiveness Recruitment, prep and development Performance-based tiered licensure Evaluation/ P.D./induction models Compensation and equitable distribution Turnaround teacher and leader teams

  21. Our Programs and Services

  22. Effective Classroom Observation

  23. The Tripod Project • Operated by Cambridge Education through a partnership with Ron • Ferguson of Harvard University • Committed to strengthening all three legs of the Tripod • Content, Pedagogy, and Relationships • Uses student and teacher surveys to collect data and analyze school • climate, classroom conditions, and student engagement • Provides the Tripod Project’s conceptual framework to support school • improvement efforts

  24. Academic Success for all Students Improved student performance depends on strengthening three legs of an instructional tripod: Relationships Content Pedagogy What should we teach? Does each teacher have deep knowledge of the curriculum? Are we a community? Do students and teachers care about, inspire, and motivate each other? How should we teach? Does each teacher use effective instructional techniques?

  25. 21st Century Skills - Personalization by Pieces PbyP provides a structure by which learners set their own targets and then choose how to complete their work and provide evidence of their achievement. The PbyP model supports learners to assess and mentor each other as they work towards their goals.

  26. Professional Development, an example, the Motivated Classroom Program

  27. Building Effective PLCs, an example,The Common Priorities Program

  28. School Improvement Planning Mobilize (the stakeholders) Discover (open our minds and behaviors to spot the opportunities) Improving the school … continue to assessthe needs of the community and adapt to meet those needs Deliver (Establish theenterprise) Results Deepen (Evaluate and choosethe opportunities) Develop (Vision & Plan )

  29. Contact Information


  31. Who is Mott MacDonald? One of the world’s largest management, engineering and development consultancies Employee owned: 2009 $1.6 b revenue

  32. Multinational We work in over 140 countries From 200 permanent offices On some 16,000 projects

  33. What we do We use our worldwide resources and experience to: Help shape and implement development policies and programs

  34. Multisector Cambridge Education It’s the sheer diversity of our work that makes us unique

  35. Principal offices St Petersburg Stavanger Calgary Moscow Vancouver Warsaw Dublin Montreal Utrecht Seattle Cork Mississauga Prague Croydon Surgut Albany Kiev Portland Buffalo Kyzlorda Boston Budapest Sakhalin Cleveland Shymkent Pleasanton Bucharest New York Belgrade Akron Almaty Provo Sofia Millburn Barcelona Pittsburgh Tashkent Sacramento San Jose Freehold Beijing Ankara Lisbon Los Angeles Monroe Istanbul Cape May Houston Crestview San Diego Lahore Panama City Shanghai Mobile New Delhi Doha Kuwait Nassau Pensacola Tripoli Abu Dhabi Cairo Bahrain Taipei Shenzhen Muscat Dubai Dhaka Hong Kong Port of Spain Jeddah Mumbai Bangkok Manila Caracas Mysore Phnom Penh Lagos Kuala Lumpur Addis Ababa Port Harcourt Singapore Kampala Jakarta Johannesburg Santiago Maseru Sydney

  36. What unites us all Vision To be the consultant of choice in our global market place Mission Providing customer satisfactionThrough professional excellenceGiving commercial successand employee fulfilment

  37. What unites us all ProgressRespectIntegrityDriveExcellence

  38. Serving our customers The positive attitude, engagement and commitment demonstrated by you during the execution of the NaturalGas demand in East India project have exceeded our expectations. Rahul Mishra Market Fundamentals Manager British Gas India

  39. Corporate citizenship Visiting schools worldwide Engineers for Overseas Development, Uganda Providing permanent water supplies, Aceh Indonesia Multisectoral HIV and AIDS Programme, South Africa We’re helping our local and global communities around the world