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Cambridge Apartments

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Cambridge Apartments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cambridge, MA is known as being the “city of squares” because of its commercial districts being major street intersections, also known as squares./n Kendall Square is formed by the junction of Broadways and Main Street. It is located directly over the Longfellow Bridge at the eastern end of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus. Cambridge’s largest office towers are located in Kendell Square, giving the area an office park atmosphere. /nCentral Square, formed by the junctions of Massachusetts Avenue and Prospect Street, is well-known for the wide range of ethnic restaurants./nHarvard Square is formed by the junction of Massachusetts Avenue and JFK Street, it is the primary site of Harvard University as well as a major shopping shopping center. In a short walking distance you can reach the Cambridge Commons. /nImman Square is at the junction of Cambridge Street and Hampshire Street. It is home to many diverse restaurants, bars, and boutiques. The funky street scene hold some urban flair; however, has been transformed more with Victorian streetlight, benches, and bus stops. There was a community park established and has became a common place to enjoy take-out foods and ice cream parlors. Two renowned restaurants in Imman Square are the Ryles Jazz Club and the S & S Restaurant.

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Cambridge Apartments

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