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Project-Based Learning: Bridge Building and Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Project-Based Learning: Bridge Building and Design

Project-Based Learning: Bridge Building and Design

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Project-Based Learning: Bridge Building and Design

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  1. Project-Based Learning:Bridge Building and Design Photo by: Doug Porter

  2. Project-Based Learning (PBL) Hands-on Discovery Learning Application of Science Concepts Develops an Interest in Science Produces a Learning Artifact

  3. What is PBL? What does it look like? • See it in action below…. •

  4. PBL Bridge Building Project So Many Types of Bridges How Do Bridges Work ? Designing Your Own Bridge Constructing Your Own Bridge

  5. What are you going to be doing? *Math is the leading subject of this PBL project *In Math classes, you will spend at least nine class periods designing and building your own bridges in groups *In Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts – you will be doing background research, learning about factors that influence bridge strength and stability, and the history of bridges in our country and world.

  6. What are you going to be doing? *In May, you and your groups will be presenting your bridges to an audience of other classmates, teachers, community members, and engineers. *This will be a project that you will be working on at school, in your classes, at various times from today through the end of April.

  7. Day 1 – Introduction • Research the history - Close Read of “History of Bridge Development” • Analyze different and basic bridge types • Explore how bridges work • Watch videos on bridge design and failures • Play online bridge building games


  9. Arch Bridge Roman Aqueduct PBS.ORG

  10. Beam Bridge PBS.ORG

  11. Suspension Bridge Golden Gate Bridge PBS.ORG PBS.ORG

  12. Cantilever Truss Bridge PBS.ORG Firth of Forth Bridge

  13. Video Playlist – 10 segments “How stuff works” – Bridges (Ten video segments each 2-4 minutes long on various parts of bridges, how they work, collapses, etc.)

  14. Video “Smart Bridges” • (9:52)

  15. Interactive – “Why Bridges Failed” •

  16. Bridge Building Games Do these on the screen together – how well can you build your bridge? Why does it fail? • Cargo Bridge • Build the Bridge •

  17. Types of Bridges Can you determine the bridge type? Photos By: Doug Porter

  18. Bebb’s Park BridgeButler County, Ohio Photo By: Doug Porter It’s hard to tell what type this bridge is from this angle but click again to see the structure from inside.

  19. Bebb’s BridgeStructure Photo By: Doug Porter So what type is this? If you guessed It’s a truss bridge You’re right.

  20. Lost Bridge, ElizabethTown, Ohio What type do you think this is? If you guessed Beam Bridge you were right. Photo By: Doug Porter

  21. John A. Roebling BridgeCincinnati, Ohio Photo By: Doug Porter Long cables suspended between pillars tell you it is a…… Suspension Bridge

  22. Historic George Street BridgeAurora, Indiana Photo By: Doug Porter It’s a truss bridge. Also known as a Whipple truss.