The important world w ar two
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The Important World W ar Two. By Eleanor Chorlton and Amelia Twelves. Introduction.

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The important world w ar two

The Important World War Two

By Eleanor Chorlton and Amelia Twelves


People heard about world war two on Sunday 3rd September 1939. Neville Chamberlain , the prime minister, announced that Britain was at war with Germany. Adolf Hitler , leader of the Nazi party , wanted to rule other countries and eventually the world . World war two lasted six years between 1939 to 1945

Adolf hitler dun dun duh
Adolf Hitler(dun dun duh)

  • Adolf Hitler was a terrible man . England and France made a promise to Poland that if anyone attacked them we would come to the rescue . Adolf started to invade Poland so Britain fought back. Hitler decided he would go to London to attack. He named the attack `the blitz` short for blitzkrieg which means lightning war. Hitler’s army was called the Nazis. He took their symbol from an Indian symbol meaning peace. No peace with Adolf Hitler around.

The b othersome blitz
The Bothersome Blitz

The blitz (blitzkrieg) was an attack ,planned by Hitler , in London. Many lives were ruined and homes destroyed.

Anderson shelters
Anderson shelters.

  • People knew that Hitler would be coming to London soon so they built Anderson shelters in their gardens, to be protected from Hitler's bombs . They were delivered in boxes in pieces , for people to build by themselves.

Ladies jobs in the wartime
Ladies jobs in the wartime.

  • Ladies had to take over men’s jobs when they went to war . Farmers stayed at home to help with dig for victory campaigns . Land army girls helped farmers in the fields . Other jobs included: factory workers , cleaning a train track , cooking and more !

The blackout
The Blackout

People painted over their windows and doors so that no one could see the cities . They faked cities by putting lights on the fields so soldiers bombed the fields instead of houses.

Many people were injured due to road accidents falling down stairs and bumping into things.


Evacuees were children who evacuated to the countryside to escape the war. They went on a train to a big hall. A billeting officer ,someone who sorts out which host families the children would go with, called out their names and which host family they were going with. A host family is the family they were going to live while the war proceeded.

R ationing

In world war two people couldn’t just pop to the shop. They wanted to have a fair share of everything . So they invented rationing. Everyone had a ration book with coupons inside for people to pick what they needed from their weekly rations . People had to count up what they needed each week . milk , cheese, butter , chocolate , tea and sweets were all rationed . You only got oranges from other countries as people couldn’t get a lot of food from other countries because of battles at sea they couldn’t get the shipment . Children hardly ever got sweets or chocolate! People also got clothes books [with coupons] and wartime cooking books for mums. along time after the war there still was rationing . OH NO!!!

The battle of dunkirk
The Battle of Dunkirk

  • The battle of Dunkirk was a horrible battle and nearly 20,000 people were killed.


  • It gets very cold in Russia. So when the foes entered the country they were killed by the freezing weather . The cold killed the evil enemies . The cold helped us fight of enemy soldiers (Those pesky German Nazis)

Vj day
VJ day

  • VJ day is also known as victory in Japan day. It was when the war was over in Japan . Hooray!!!

Ve day hooray
VE day Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

  • VE day means victory in Europe . England had big street parties ,cake , treats and oranges for children again.

Hitler killed him self
Hitler killed him self

Germany surrenders