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Integrating iPads in the Digital Classroom

Integrating iPads in the Digital Classroom. Marciao@newnorth.net. A couple iPad heads up. Guided Access Feature in 6.1 Locking the XXX books out of iBooks PDF Connoisseur is a new app that annotates and reads in the same app

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Integrating iPads in the Digital Classroom

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  1. Integrating iPads in the Digital Classroom Marciao@newnorth.net

  2. A couple iPad heads up • Guided Access Feature in 6.1 • Locking the XXX books out of iBooks • PDF Connoisseur is a new app that annotates and reads in the same app • IF you are trying to do voice recognition Paperport notes has it built in and works on iPad2. SIRI is available on iPad 3 and 4 and does much better with younger and voices which have struggled with Dragon.

  3. Vgo Robotic Telepresresence • Allows a remote student to take in a school day, they control the go. • www.vgocom.com

  4. Systems Change http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s5iISaVGrk

  5. Merging Systems

  6. The Shifts in Technology System Wi-Fi Teacher Digital Workspaces Mobile Devices Google/ Web Storage Multimodal Content Delivery

  7. Change Brings Opportunities for Special Ed • Access to the internet • Multimodal content • Mobile devices • Text Support • Voice dictation • Visual Math • Cues and calmers • Access

  8. How do we harness this change effectively? • Student Needs • Environment • Infrastructure • Training • Curricular plan to implement • Task • Be specific • Tool

  9. Needs of the Many:Systematizing AT Delivery • NIMAS: AIM Navigator, PAR protocol, Bookshare, Learning Ally, read2go app, learning ally app • Portable Digital Workstations: System Wi-Fi, Teacher digital workspaces, Mobile device, Google docs • Accessible Work Stations: Turning accessibility on, word prediction, audible support • Voice Recognition: Video dictation, Digital Dictation, SIRI, Paperport notes • Upper Level Math Manipulatives: Internet access Whiteboard/mobile interface, flash player • Switch Progressions: Online switch sites, access points into mobile devices • Acceptance of Non traditional work completion

  10. Building a Digital Staff Culture • Digital Materials Change Constantly • Learning Ally • Googledocs • Technology is about doing/ hands-on learning • Requires constant mind shift • Requires how can I do that, not a cookbook • Training materials may be video or web based • Staff has to get comfortable with doing

  11. Training Needs http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82325700/

  12. Gotta Change Your Mindset! 101 excuses for not using technology blogsensebybarb.wordpress.com

  13. Learning curve is faster than the next workshop! • Options for learning • Help staff build professional learning communities • Google Sites • Boardmaker Share • Whiteboard and iPad user groups • Share Videos: Youtube, Youtube.edu, Teacher tube • Interactive, productivity and app websites • Topic Blogs • Topic Wikis • Work with staff on what they know and how to move forward. (the iPad checklist), the smart App • Can no longer afford to “pass” on technology

  14. When was the last time you talked about Environment at an IEP?

  15. Moving to Digital Delivery

  16. iPads in Context • What Makes iPads work.isf

  17. Moving Lessons to Digital • Where and how will lessons be stored? • Digital storage allows lessons to move from printed word into media, music, photos, video… many teachers are just starting to explore these options. • Offsite vs. onsite storage • Where and how will students access their digital work and turn in completed assignments?

  18. If the assignment is digital, why?

  19. What does this student need the technology to do for him?

  20. Is this the tool for the job?

  21. One Tool May Not Fit All Needs iPads are wonderful tools, but so are computers, whiteboards, document cameras, tablets, Google chrome books, netbooks, ……… But they are only great if they get used…

  22. Thinking about Portables iPad: Video modeling, Audio workstation, Voice recognition, Read2go, PDF Connoisseur, Large app choice, Interface with smartboard Android: Swype, Go Read, Multiple Apps Google Chrome Book: Integration with online storage, Flash based online games, Writing Work Station, Math Extensions Netbook: Project production, some software added, internet flash based

  23. Match Task to Tool iPad Constructing a power point Texting with SWYPE Chrome book Android Video modeling Writing a document Web book

  24. Typical AT Tasks • Reading • Writing • Organizing tasks • Computation • Behavior • Communication • Visual or audio support

  25. What does this student need the iPad to do for him? Is the iPad the right device or?

  26. Student SETT • Student: Poor reader, decoder, writer, behavioral moments of doubt • Environment: Classroom, Specials, LD Room • Task: Digital Writing Work Station with audio feedback, NIMAS qualifier • Tool: Needs…..?

  27. Consideration • Student: When can we train him, what apps do we need to train, what are we going to start with • Environment: Who will make and where will digital work be stored? There is no printer how do we turn in assign? What teachers are on board? How do we move assignment from teacher to student and back? How do we work offline? How can I have worksheets read and annotate in the same space? How do we cue the student to use the device in regular classes when he doesn’t want to look different • Task: What apps will meet needs for reading and writing • Tool: iPad: Is this the best tool?

  28. Reading • Task: audio/ text read support • Turned on speak selection, taught reader feature • Added App Read2go to link with Bookshare materials • Added Learning Ally Audio App for Learning Ally materials • Worked with teachers to post daily materials on line • Added app PDF Connoisseur to read and annotate worksheets and interface with teacher site and Google docs • Use app image to text to OCR surprises

  29. Supporting Reading • Text Highlights as it is Read • Text is picked up by speak select • Text delivered by Voice Over • Comic formatting can help comprehension • Story Chimes • Epub format • Prepare for navigation • Who? biography

  30. Read2go App Rave Reviews • Works with Bookshare • Simple drop down • Training Materials • http://read2go.org/ For VI students • http://carroll.org/video-tutorials/access-bookshare-with-read2go/ Ease of Use

  31. Voice Dream • export highlights feature is especially helpful, among other features. There is an update to Voice Dream Reader. It is a super update. I feel that this is absolutely the best reading app for the iPad. I now choose to read all my Bookshare books with this app. There are a great selection of new voices. I particularly like the Will voice. There is the Kenny voice. Some students like hear a kids voice read. You can also now export your highlights. All on all a great app.

  32. Quizlet.com: Vocab flashcards • Flashboard • Talking Flash Cards

  33. Tricks of the Trade: Safari • Add to home screen: Google docs or Dropbox Portal, Mr. Nussbaum, • Reader feature • Find feature

  34. Reading offline • Pocket • Googledocs

  35. Supporting Research Two pages open at same timer. • Sling note • Twin Browser • Google Research • Creative Commons • Collaborative writing in google Doc • Easy bib • Work Flowy • Outliner for iPad • Outline creator • ArticleSearch • iTunes U • You Tube

  36. Graphic Organizers and Post it • Inspiration app • Infinote • Idea Sketch

  37. Use of Comics to teach content • Who Comics • Garfield Series • Be Confident series

  38. Writing • Keeping track of sites • Added app Sling note • Organizing ideas • Inspiration app • Writing support • Abilipad Word Prediction • Siri built in voice support • Video records answers for some work with Hokusai • Google Docs/Haiku LMS home screens made

  39. Writing Notes/ Projects • Notability • A Novel Idea • Sound Note

  40. An office play nice • Office2hd • Quick office • Conversions to Google Docs

  41. PDF Annotation • Type on PDF • PDF Connoisseur

  42. Word Prediction • Built in autocorrect • Brevity free • Abilipad $ • Typ-o: Nice but a big space eater

  43. Create with Comics or Captions • Toontastic • Sock puppet

  44. Photo Captions • Use apps to create a photo source • Mr. Potato Head • Captions • Caption it • Pic Collage

  45. Adding a camera into day to day practice • Instant Feed Back for • Lining up • Transitions • On Task Behavior • What’s required modeling • Students are more likely to watch themselves • All the new “friends” want to help

  46. Splice • iPod app • X2 • Quick videos and social stories

  47. Telling the story on video • Splice: iPOD app • Short video with audio overlay • Photo Table: (Can add music but not easy) • Story Boarding: • Paper • Story Board (14.99)

  48. Story Building with Storykit • Get past the books • New books have voice, picture and text support

  49. Explain Everything • Reading example • Creating example

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