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iPads in the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom

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iPads in the Classroom

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  1. iPads in the Classroom A List of How-To’s

  2. The Home Button • Is used to leave an app and go back to the home screen • Can be double clicked to see the apps that are currently running on the iPad

  3. Airplay Feature • Activating the Airplay icon allows you to use Apple TV and the Reflector App • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to see the Airplay icon in IOS7 • The Airplay icon will appear when you’ve activated the Reflector App on your computer

  4. Home Screen Dock • The icons in the image below are suggested apps that remain on the iPad dock at all times. • Please remind students to leave the wallpaper, background image, apps and settings the way they are on the devices. • Remember that these devices are available for student use, however they are the property of Rockwall ISD and therefore should be handled in a careful manner. • The apps are Safari, Photos, Settings, Notes and Lightspeed Logoff

  5. Authentication • In settings, make sure the WiFi is connected • Go to Safari • Authenticate to the Internet • Username: Lunch Number • Password: ___________ • Press the Home Button

  6. When Carrying the iPad • Use Walking Feet • Use Two Hands • Use Two Eyes • Hug the iPad like a Book

  7. How To Use an App • Tap the App • The app will open • Follow directions within the app • Press the home button to exit the app • Scan Example • Click scan app • You will see • Scan the QR Code in between the borders • Watch the video

  8. iPad Turn-In Procedures • Tap the Lightspeed logoff App • Close the window in Safari with an X • Turn in the iPadto the teacher • Only teachers place iPads back on cart. • iPads should be in the correct numbered slot facing to the left, plugged in and cart plugged in every night. • Teacher should complete a quick visual count that all devices have been turned in.

  9. Stop here! For Teachers only • Information on the next pages are for teachers, regarding planning and management of the iPads

  10. iPads should be locked when not in use, ALWAYS! • The combination should never be given to anyone. • Not a trusted parent or even a trustworthy student. • Make arrangements with your team if you plan to have your substitute use the iPads for a lesson. • Team leads should collect the iPads at the end of the day before the substitute leaves for the day. • If an iPad is broken, place a work order in Eduphoria immediately. • If an iPad is missing, notify your ITS and campus principal.

  11. iPad Usage Planning • Work with your team and plan accordingly when you need more iPads for classroom lessons. • Make arrangements to “borrow” iPadsfrom your team if necessary for lessons.

  12. The Four Levels of the SAMR Model Redefinition:The iPad allows for the creation of new tasks that would otherwise be inconceivable without the technology. Modification:The iPad enables the redesign of significant portions of a task. Augmentation: The iPad replaces another technological tool, with significant functionality increase. For example, the iPad facilitates collaboration via various specific apps whose effect cannot be replicated on a computer. Substitution:The iPad stands in for another technological tool without a significant change in the tool’s function. For example, the iPad allows for note-taking that could just as easily be completed on a laptop computer. SAMR Resources

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  14. Free Apps • There is a link in Eduphoria to place a work order to request free apps • Make a request at least a week ahead of time • Free app requests go to your CT (campus technician)

  15. Paid Apps • Fill out the Paid App Request form • E-mail the form in to your campus ITS • The campus Technology Team will meet to review and approve paid iPad apps. • The Technology Committee will meet on an as needed basis to approve paid apps.

  16. Conclusion • Be purposeful in planning • Keep objectives and HOTS in mind • Think innovation, creation, integration • Invite your ITS to help collaborate and design iPad lessons • The ITS can co-teach with you as you implement your iPad lessons • Let’s Rock!