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Rob Haley

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Rob Haley

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    1. Rob Haley

    2. Background Options for Change field site Dental Modernisation Group Established early 2003 Oral Health Needs Assessment undertaken in 2005 1st Oral Health Strategy Approved by Board October 2005

    3. Engagement with Profession Dental Modernisation Group established 2003 LDC Meetings Individual meetings with practices Service development work PCT Learning Events Practice Manager Forum Practice Facilitator Deanery attached Oral Health Commissioning Group

    5. Commissioning Approach Need to work upstream for long term benefits Acknowledge and serve the disease burden already in Adults Focus prevention on Children using evidence informed interventions Commission actions, programmes and services necessary to improve and secure oral health

    7. Healthier mouths and happier smiles Why a new strategy? First Oral Health Strategy approved by Board in 2005 SHA requests update Changes in the role of the PCT in relation to dentistry Choosing Better Oral Health published Ability to commission new types of dental services to match with the people of Salfords oral health needs

    8. Healthier mouths and happier smiles Aims of the new strategy Reduce the prevalence of dental decay, especially in young children Reduce inequalities in dental decay prevalence and uptake of services Ensure access to urgent, out of hours and elective care is available to all Provide evidence informed care according to identified need Promote choice by service users by ongoing consultation and engagement Commissioning and provision of modern, primary dental care services Ensure that key preventive messages and actions are delivered.

    9. Healthier mouths and happier smiles Action plan ladders The Oral Health Strategy describes how each of the action points will be delivered Describe what has already been achieved Key targets to reach Key times to reach them Helps the wider dental team understand their roles in delivering oral health for Salford

    12. Service Changes - Impact Tooth Brushing at Lunchtime Scheme Weaning & Beyond Forged Links with other Public Health Teams to ensure consistent messages Support the Brushing for Life Campaign Links to Primary Dental Care Practices

    13. Service Redesign Based on principle of Care pathways Risk and Need assessment at patient level based on 3 sets of information Red, Amber or Green Defines both preventative treatment interventions and recall interval Makes best use of skill mix EDDN (GDC Approval November 08)

    15. What next towards 2009 and beyond Evaluation and roll out of new service model Best Value review? Access Expansion of EDDN Use of dental public health component in contracts? Greater use of clinical indicators for measurement not just UDAs