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Haley Helm

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Haley Helm

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  1. Haley Helm Biology Major Concentration: Microbiology Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, Tennessee

  2. Statement of Major Concentration • My name is Haley Helm and I am a sophomore at TTU. I came into college thinking that I wanted to be a dentist; however, I decided through the past year that that just wasn't for me. I thought about a lot of different options such as Zoology, and Conservation Biology because I love the outdoors and I am very concerned about the conservation of wildlife, especially in Tennessee. On the other hand, I have always wanted to do something medically related. Last spring, I took Microbiology and was absolutely fascinated by the subject. It made me realize that I wanted to major in

  3. Major concentration cont. • Biology with a concentration in Microbiology. Laboratory work and the idea of diagnosing diseases and illnesses sparked my interests. Therefore, I am fairly sure that Medical Technology is the path that I want to go. On the other hand, environmental Microbiology also interests me. However, I am not very sure what I can do with this. I have a little bit of time left to decide, but I can't wait too long.

  4. Interest in Biology Professional Organizations/Clubs • Last class we learned about the different clubs having to do with Biology. A few definitely sparked my interests. First, the Wildlife Society was definitely was appealing because of all the activities that encouraged conservation and the preservation of wildlife. Working deer check in stations was a great community service activity and wonderful way to help promote conservation of Tennessee’s native wildlife. • Also, the TriBeta Honors Society definitely seemed appealing. It seemed like a great way to get connections for graduate studies and would be a great honor.

  5. Internships an/or Cooperative Programs • • •

  6. Resume • Haley Helm • P.O. Box 08511 • Cookeville, TN 38505 •

  7. Resume cont. • Education [ 09/1999] South Pittsburg High School South Pittsburg, TN High School Diploma

  8. Resume cont. • Work Experience [ 2000-2003 ] Thomas C. Helm D.D.S. South Pittsburg, TN • Office assistant • Position including, secretarial work, laboratory work, cleaning, etc. [06/24 – 07/4 2002,2003 ] TN AL Fireworks South Pittsburg, TN • Salesperson • Working register, sacking, stocking shelves, etc.

  9. Resume cont. • Volunteer experience In high school, I was a part of many organizations which did a variety of community service projects: Students Against Drunk Driving • Candle Lighting Ceremony Leo Club • Thanksgiving Dinner sale • Veteran’s Day Breakfast • Christmas toy drive

  10. Resume cont. Extracurricular activities: • Chem-Med Club

  11. Code of Ethics Statement • Recognizing that the American Medical Technologists seeks to encourage, establish and maintain the highest standards, traditions, and principles of our profession as a condition of Registration and maintaining membership in good standing in the American Medical Technologists, I pledge myself to practice Medical Technology in strict accord with the principles, standards, traditions and regulations of the American Medical Technologists and in accordance with the laws of the state in which I practice.