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Introduction Process writing PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction Process writing

Introduction Process writing

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Introduction Process writing

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  1. Introduction Process writing

  2. The six steps of the writing process Step 1 -Choose a topic Choose the topic you like to write about. Pre-writing Step 2 -Gather ideas Think about what you will write about. Decide which ideas you will talk about and which are first, next, and last. Step 3 -Organize Drafting Step 4 -Write Write your essay or paragraph. Read what you wrote. Remove or add information. Exchange your paper with your classmate to benefit from other opinions. Step 5 -Reviewstructure and content Reviewing & Revising Make improvements to the structure and content. Step 6: Revise structure &content Proofread Make final corrections Rewriting Read your paper again. Check your spelling, grammar, and words. Correct the discovered errors.

  3. Getting ready to write

  4. ? What is The process of pre-writing is deciding what you are going to write about . Then you plan it.

  5. What is a paragraph? A paragraph is a group of five to ten sentences that give information about a topic

  6. the topic should not be too narrow, because it will not have enough ideas to talk about. the topic should not be too broad, because it will have too many ideas for just one paragraph. 1 2 How to choose a topic for a paragraph?

  7. What is brainstorming? Brainstorming is a way of gathering ideas about a topic. Making a list Freewriting Mapping

  8. Making a list Write single words, phrases, or sentences that are connected to your topic.

  9. Freewriting Write whatever comes into your head about your topic, without stopping. you don’t need to worry about accuracy and don’t check your dictionary.

  10. Use a whole sheet of paper, and write your topic in the middle, with a circle around it. Then put the next idea in a circle above or below your topic, and connect the circles with lines. Mapping

  11. Editing How to edit? After you have a plenty of ideas, you will need to go back and edit them. Choose the most interesting ideas for your topic.