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Process Writing

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Process Writing. How you do it or How does it happen. A process is a connected set of actions or steps that leads to an end.. Like making tea . How do you do it?. One kind of process writing describes the steps a person needs to take to complete a task.

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process writing

Process Writing

How you do it or

How does it happen

how do you do it
How do you do it?
  • One kind of process writing describes the steps a person needs to take to complete a task.
  • The language for giving instructions includes using the imperative voice and words that show the order of the steps.
  • When we use the imperative voice we usually don’t use a subject –” You” is understood.
    • How to Make a Paper Airplane
two kinds of processes
Two kinds of processes

Another kind of process is a “how-it-happens” process

The language used is often the simple present passive voice

For example: The lava is pushed out the top of the volcano by pressure.

which to use
Which to use?

Topics such as – natural, mechanical and scientific processes use the “how it happens” approach

Some topics can be written about either way... Such as : how to construct a bookcase or how a bookcase is constructed

time order
Time order

Operational process descriptions use ordering vocabulary





As soon as



make it clear
Make it clear

The order of the steps is very important

When you write the process, add information to make each step clear

for example
For example:

First, insert your debit card into the slot making sure your card number is on the top and to the left.

Then, looking at the screen, choose the type of transaction you would like to perform.

the beginning and end of a process
The beginning and end of a process

Just like a general or listing paragraph, a process paragraph must have a topic sentence and a concluding sentence.

The topic sentence must tell what is coming next, the concluding sentence finishes off or “clinches” the paragraph.

What topic sentence and concluding sentences could you write for “How to make tea”?