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Retrospect Sales & Technical Master Presentation. Covers Win v8 and Mac v10. Retrospect Backup & Recovery Software. Award-winning backup and recovery software with over 23 years of tried and true development currently protecting millions of computers worldwide

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Sales & Technical Master Presentation

Covers Win v8 and Mac v10

retrospect backup recovery software
Retrospect Backup & Recovery Software

Award-winning backup and recovery software with over 23 years of tried and true development currently protecting millions of computers worldwide

Easy-to-manage application that automates the backup process for networked computers in small and midsize businesses, small office/home office, environments, Universities, departments in large companies and government offices

Delivers enterprise-level features that small and midsize businesses need, without requiring dedicated IT staff to manage backup and recovery

retrospect solves customer challenges
Retrospect Solves Customer Challenges

Retrospect protects business-critical digital assets

  • Nearly 100% of business data is now digital
    • Most small businesses that suffer a catastrophic data lossfail within 12 months.
  • Mitigates vulnerability to disaster like fire, flood,and theft
    • Makes it easy to keep offsite copies
    • Complete backups include OS, apps, user data and settings
  • Minimizes business downtime in the event of a system failure or data loss
  • Laptop and desktop computers maintain 80% of a company’s critical data
    • Retrospect dynamically protects endpoint data, even on laptops that come and go
retrospect solves customer challenges1
Retrospect Solves Customer Challenges

Retrospect saves money and resources

    • Fits into limited SMB and SOHO budgets
    • Provides broad protection without complexity or highdemand on IT resources
  • Protects against the high cost of data loss
    • Loss of business data = loss of business
    • Data recovery services are extremely expensiveanddon't always deliver
  • Scalable to handle rapid data growth and increasingdemand
    • Smart Incremental backups and Smart Restores copy only unique files
    • Protects open-file data sets that span multiple volumes
retrospect solves customer challenges2
Retrospect Solves Customer Challenges

Retrospect offers peace of mind

  • Automated “fire and forget” design keeps dataprotected with little or no babysitting
    • iOS app and email reporting keep admins informed
  • Ensures compliance, data security
    • Encrypted backups safeguard sensitive informationthat’s susceptible to loss or theft
    • Supports Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) digitaltape archiving
  • Special benefits offer additional protection
    • Detects failing hard disks sending an alert for immediate backup
    • “Bare metal” disaster recovery of non-bootable systems
retrospect protects
Retrospect Protects…
  • Servers, desktops, and notebooks
  • Mixed-platform environments with Mac,Windows, and Linux systems
  • Designed for deployments of 1 to 500 (1,000) users
    • Small and medium businesses with a best value for business of 25 to 100 users
    • Small offices and home offices 1 to 25 users
    • Universities, High Schools and Elementary Schools
    • Banks, Doctor Offices, Hospitals, Law Firms, Real Estate Offices, etc.
    • Departments in larger corporations, government, schools
key retrospect technologies
Key Retrospect Technologies
  • Smart Incremental technology eliminates need for full backups
  • Self-adjusting “Proactive” backups maximize resources
  • NEW Instant Scan increases performance by 50%
  • Automated disk grooming removes outdated files
  • File-level deduplication saves time and storage space
  • Remote management of multiple Retrospect servers saves time and money
  • Multiple levels of encryption protect data and ensure secure network communication
  • Easily maintains multiple, independent Backup Sets for added reliability
  • Retrospect S.M.A.R.T clientfailing disk alert for immediate backup
  • Automatic client detection and login ensures protection
  • Retrospect is built on more than two decades of network data protection expertise
  • Protects Mac, Windows, and Linux computers
  • NEWSupports disk, NAS, WebDAV cloud storage,tape drives, libraries, and flash drives
  • Performs multiple simultaneous operations
  • NEW Dissimilar Hardware restores to an entirely different computer
  • NEW VMWare Integration protects virtual environments
  • Delivers perfect point-in-time restores every time, from individual files to entire volumes
  • Saves Money & Resources
  • Provides Security & Peace of Mind
  • Powerful, Flexible and Reliable to Meet Business Needs
typical retrospect configuration
Typical Retrospect Configuration


RetrospectBackup Server



App Server


MS SQLServer



Backup data


iPhone/iPadControl and Monitoring

One computer acts as the Retrospect backup server

  • Can run either Windows or Mac OS (doesn’t require a server OS)
  • Manages the backup operations (backup schedules, disk space reclamation, etc.)

Other computers are protected as clients

  • Clients can be physical or virtual, running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux
  • Combination of servers, laptops, and desktops
  • Optional encryption and public/private keypairs provide additional security
  • Flexible client control options can be granted

Remote management options

  • Retrospect independent interface ability can run from any computer
  • New iPhone & iPad app give you monitor and specific control
retrospect 8 for windows
Retrospect 8 for Windows

NEW Instant Scan 50% increase in performance

NEW Dissimilar Hardware – Complete restores to entirely different computers

NEW Cloud Storage Support – WebDAV

NEW Windows 8 fully supported, Exchange 2010 Support

IMPROVEDVMware Integration – ESX 4 and ESXi5 environments

IMPROVEDBare Metal Disaster Recovery

IMPROVED On-demand user backups and restores (Free!)

Backup of open files like email, CRM and database applications

retrospect 10 for mac
Retrospect 10 for Mac

NEW Instant Scan – 50% performance increase

NEW Mountain Lion OS fully Supported

WebDAV storage support—backup and archive to private cloud or other Internet-connected storage

IMPROVEDOn-demand user backups and restores

AES-256 encryption of backup data

Detection and notification of a failing hard disk so that it can immediately be backed up

Great value—high in features, low in price

core retrospect product line
Core Retrospect Product Line

*Pricing includes 1 year annual support and maintenance (ASM); Mac Single Server Unlimited and Multi Server only available w/ ASM.

what to look for
What to look for?
  • Opportunities (pain points to watch for)
  • Frustration with current office back up? (Price point and/or technical issues)
  • Looking for full system restores of desktops and laptops?
  • Business compliance requirements (encryption, archiving)
  • Cross-platform clients needing to be protected
  • Asking about cloud backup and archive
  • Exchange and/SQL database protection
  • Virtual Machines needing backup
  • Switching from tape to disk backup
  • Any purchasesof Servers, competitive support renewals, new laptops, purchasing new storage
why recommend sell retrospect
Why Recommend & Sell Retrospect?

Retrospect is tailor-made for Resellers whose focus is on the small to medium size business (SMBs) that need a rock solid critical data protection solution with lots of built-in value.

  • Makes you money
    • More cost effective pricing compared to other backup solutions – keep higher margins
    • Build or add to your IT consulting services with a reliable data protection product
    • Complimentary and/or alternative data protection solution for your product portfolio
    • Partner program offers additional rebates and margin enhancements
  • Saves you time and resources
    • Focused backup of critical data for flawless restores
    • Easy to configure with flexibility to remotely manage capabilities
    • Tech Support team that wants to support you and your customers
  • Enhances your reputation and trust with your customers
    • Reduces risk by verified backed-up critical data
    • Highest levels of encryption so your data is safe from hackers/theft
    • Partnership with a company that values your success
bottom line why choose retrospect
Bottom Line: Why Choose Retrospect?

Saves money

Easy on SMB budgets

Protects against the financial impact of data loss on business

Scalable to handle rapid data growth, rising access demands

Doesn'trequire dedicated IT staff

Doesn't require a Windows Server

Protects businesses

Safeguards business from fire, theft, flood, failure

Delivers true cross-platform protection

Minimizes business downtime in the event of a system failure or data loss

File-based backups with point-in-time snapshots offer different restore scenarios depending on your needs

Gives peace of mind

Automated backups


Dedicated customer support team

why choose or change to retrospect
Why Choose or Change to Retrospect?

Retrospect has been evolving over the last 25 years with a laser focus on protecting critical data for small to medium size business, branch offices, departments in enterprise companies, and professionals.

  • Automated and prioritized desktop and laptop protection thatjust happens
  • 80% of critical data resides on laptops and desktops – notservers.
  • Flexible data destinations for local (faster data restore) andoffsite for (data archive for theft/disaster protection)
  • Great value with cost effective options that include everythingnecessary to protect your computing environment
  • An example: Protect 5 servers and 100 laptops with 1 Retrospectproduct for less then $1500
why recommend sell retrospect1
Why Recommend & Sell Retrospect?
  • Retrospect is an excellent data protection solution for the millions of small to medium size businesses that are in the market for their first backup solution or looking for an alternative solution.
    • Easy to quote –
      • Product pricing is by sku so no complicated percentages to manage when selling clients or support agreements (one price, one product)
      • Product names easy to understand and explain
      • Easy to match competitor products
    • Keep higher margins
      • Against our competitors we have more value with better pricing that keep margins high – Especially when pitched as an alternative product
retrospect for ios
Retrospect for iOS
  • Monitors multiple Retrospect servers
    • Supports both Windows and Mac editions
  • Connects via TCP/IP over a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network
  • Controls backup and restore operations
    • Run any script or pause any activity by tapping it
  • View information about all aspects of Retrospect
    • Provides at-a-glance status for all monitored Retrospect servers, using status icons and progress bars for currently running activities
    • View details for Reports, Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, Sources, Media Sets, Devices, and the Operations Log
  • Free for iPhone and iPad
webdav support
WebDAV Support
  • Access to storage via standard WebDAV protocol
    • WebDAV is built into modern operating systems and easy to configure
    • Communicates via HTTP port 80, which streamlines configuration and compatibility—no need to configure routers or firewalls
    • More secure and better performing than FTP
  • Complements local disk backup by providing easy offsite storage
  • Allows for “private cloud” storage services
  • Backups to WebDAV storage can be set to exclude unnecessary data (OS, apps, etc)
  • Common strategy: Daily backups to local disk, weekly copies of critical data to WebDAV cloud storage
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