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Astrid Kirchherr. By: Yazmin Orduno October 5,2012 Mr. Sandoval Period 1. Early Life.

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Astrid kirchherr

Astrid Kirchherr

By: Yazmin Orduno

October 5,2012

Mr. Sandoval

Period 1

Early life
Early Life

Astrid Kirchherr was born in Hamburg, Germany on May 20th,1938. During World War ll she and her family were evacuated from there home all she remembers is seeing all the dead bodies on shore. After she graduated she enrolled in the Meisterschule für Mode, Textil, Graphik und Werbung in Hamburg.

Fashion culture and music
Fashion, Culture, and Music

In the 1960’s Astrid and her boyfriend (who also attended the same school as Astrid) had an argument. He wandered off the streets of Hamburg and heard music from a club known as Kasierkeller. He watched a group known as The Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Pete Best. They were playing a new type of music known as Rock n Roll Voormann asked Kirchherr to come and see them. All Kirchherr wanted to do after she first saw them was meet them.

Meeting the beatles
Meeting the Beatles

Slowly Astrid and Voormann became close friends with The Beatles. They watched them perform almost every night. During one of their photo shoots Kirchherr asked if they mind letting her take a photo. They were impressed by her work. Astrid soon became the Beatles first professional photographer to photograph the Beatles from 1960 to 1961. Soon Astrid and Stuart(The Beatles Bass Player) began dating and later got engaged on November 1960. After being engaged for 2 years, on April 10,1962 Astrid got a phone call from her mother and told her that Stuart wasn’t felling good so she called an ambulance. Astrid rush home in time to reach them Stuart had died before they got to the hospital, he died in her arms. He died of a brain hemorrhage.