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Blackbird Training Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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Blackbird Training Centre

Blackbird Training Centre

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Blackbird Training Centre

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  1. Blackbird Training Centre Accreditation Number: 17-QA/ACC/0444/09 Merseta

  2. SKILLS TRAINING Registration No. 2009/099413/23

  3. Your Choice of Service Providers • You do not have to make use of an accredited service provider • Currently more than 450 accredited service providers are registered/Seta (Many however are not active) • When choosing a provider make sure they have a track record and insist on excess to their training facility as well as content of the programs on offer. • Be sure your training service provider deliver and make a difference.

  4. Important aspects when choosing a Service Provider • Must be a subject matter experts • Service Provider to make content/outcomes of program available (What sense does it make to skill a person how to clean a windscreen if he has been doing it for years) • Do not be fooled by idle threats from service providers regarding the training of your staff. • Take your time to choose your provider. • Make sure your provider offers much, much more than just a unit standard based outcomes program.

  5. How training staff affects you in your business • Improve your Service delivery in all areas • Increase your sales and ensure customers return • Professional service delivery improves your ratings • Prevent customer conflict situations with skilled employees • Prevent robberies, hazardous situations • Let your skilled staff become your eyes and ears when you are not around - Empower them! • Ensure your staff applies the OSH act 85 of 1993 (OHASA) with reference to fire hazards and safety in the workplace.

  6. Who should attend ? • Management, Supervisors, Cashiers, back office, attendants, general workers, shop staff, merchandisers, Kitchen Staff etc. • Programs are suitable for all Service Station Employees

  7. The Qualification I.D. 62709  National Certificate: Service Station Operations  • CREDITS 120  • NQF LEVEL Level 2  • REGISTRATION STATUS Registered  • SAQA DECISION NUMBER SAQA 0579/08  • REGISTRATION START DATE 2008-11-26  • REGISTRATION END DATE 2011-11-26  • Total Unit standards = 33 • NOTE: This qualification replaces qualification 48969, "National Certificate: Service Station Operations", Level 2, 125 credits. Ensure your Service Provider is aware of this

  8. What is a Unit Standard? • Best described as building blocks of the entire Qualification • Each Unit Standard will address certain ‘Outcomes’ in the program offered • Proper Assessment during and after the program will have the learner certified competent or not yet competent • Follow the SAQA link provided to view all Unit standards (Total = 33) and outcomes on this qualification (Know the outcomes as to enroll your staff for the right programs) •

  9. Training courses to follow • 4 x Compliant courses (1 Day) • 1 x Service related skills program (1 Day) • 1 x Generic Forecourt Attendants course (New entrants into the Fuel Retail Industry= 10 Days) • Training courses all outcomes based as per Qualification

  10. Skills Programs : Duration 1 day Cost R595 per learner 1. Fire Fighting 2. Safety and security 3. First Aid 4. Service Excellence 5. Safety Officer (R795 per learner) New /Schedules from Oct 11 6. Generic forecourt attendants program (10 days) Free Staff

  11. 1. Fire Fighting : Compliant course to the Fuel Industry (DOL) • This program was developed for the fuel industry on request • It covers all aspects and by far exceed the units standard outcomes prescribed • Practical fuel fire extinguishment included • Your employee will become an asset to your business • Learner receive an actual fire extinguisher as part of training and has to skill a family member in the use of such a tool(Workplace Assignment) • More than 5000 learners skilled on this program nationally, including service station management and senior personnel

  12. 1. Fire Fighting : Compliant course to the Fuel Industry (DOL) Content of programme • Introduction and objectives • Chemistry and components of a fire • Examples of real life fire situations / hazards/Video • Classes of fires • Various fire extinguishers • Evacuation procedures • Role Plays • Practical/Handling of various fire extinguishers/Extinguish a real fuel fire • Hazardous situations • Workplace assignments • Establishment of committee (Service, Safety, • Assessment and certification • Closure

  13. 2.Service Excellence Program • This program focus on all service related divisions within the fuel retail outlet. • Thousands of feedback questionnaires from customers, mystery shopper reports and customer evaluations • All Oil company specific service delivery trends/requests also included in this program

  14. 2. Service Excellence Program Content of programme • Introduction & Objectives • Service Excellence in all divisions • Customer interaction (do’s & don’ts) • Body language/Customer • Attitude and Professionalism • Role plays • Practical assessment of various retail outlets • Workplace assignments • Establishment of Committee (Service, Safety, Security) • Workplace assignment finalization date • Assessment and Certification • Closure

  15. 3. Safety and Security program Compliant course (DOL) • Program is a life saving experience • Developed specific for the fuel retail sector after the 2002 ‘Grassy Park’ massacre (5 x Attendants killed ‘In Terror and silence’ • Life saving skills are taught • Learners will have a different view on security and become an asset to your business • See web page for comments to affirm our viewpoint

  16. 3.Safety and Security Program Content of programme • Prevention of hazardous situations : Crime, Spillage, Fire etc. • Emergency preparedness and procedures • Identifying and preventing crime • Protecting of information • How to prevent and minimise the risk of armed robbery • Survival techniques’ during an armed robbery • Customer aggression • Safety and security @ work (alcohol, drugs, leaving work station etc.) • Identifying latest crime trends (Drive-offs, information etc.) • Safety checks • Reporting • Workplace assignments • Establishment of Committee (Service, Safety, Security) • Workplace assignment finalization date • Assessment and Certification • Closure

  17. 4. First Aid program :(Compliant) • Program is specific to a fuel retail outlet • Subject matter experts facilitate this program • Address all relevant forecourt emergencies.

  18. 4. First Aid Course Content of programme • Patient Assessment • Cervical / Spinal Injuries • Long Bone Fractures • Wound Care and Bandaging/Types of wounds, bleeding control • Burn Types of burns care and treatment • Shock/Recognition and care and treatment • CPR • Airway and Breathing Problems • Recognition, care and treatment • Unconsciousness • General Knowledge • Basic anatomy • Workings of and activation of Emergency Services • Infection protection • All learners receive a First Aid Kit • Workplace assignments • Establishment of Committee (Service, Safety, Security)

  19. 5. Safety Officer course • Program is Service Station Specific • Candidates must already have undergone the x 3 compliant courses before enrolling • (Fire fighting, Safety & Security and First Aid) • Ideal candidate must be responsible, in a supervisory position, reporting to management • Candidate will ideally chair the Safety& Security and Service Excellence committee after training is done.

  20. 5. Safety Officer course Content of programme • Review/Refreshall Compliant courses • Assess all outcomes of compliant courses • Objectives • Reality of safety & non compliance in the workplace • Occupational safety and health act • Health and Safety Policies • Safety Equipment • Housekeeping • Evacuation Plans • Safety signs • Safety inspection guidelines • Daily and weekly inspections (Filling out reports, incidents) • Reporting

  21. Why select your staff from our unemployed database? • Proper Screening is done • Completed CV’s • Trustworthy references on file • Learner paid for his own training/No cost • Choice of candidates from our database • All documents/Disciplinary codes in place • Has undergone 10 days of skills training including Fire Fighting, Safety & Security and Service Excellence skills programmes.

  22. Generic Skills Program for unemployed (10 Days) • Skilled unemployed candidates available/No cost/Free (Western Cape Region only) Forecourt attendants, cashiers, merchandisers etc. • Skilled candidates with previous experience available (References available) • Training includes: 3 x Skills programs (Safety & Security, Fire Fighting and Service Excellence). • Practical workplace experience • C.V. and all reference checks done • See unemployed database

  23. Our Team • Facilitation team with wealth of experience in all training avenues • 10 Years SAP / Security Background • 19 Years Service Station related Experience • Extensive experience in all Service Station Related ‘Service Delivery’ fields • All facilitators are subject matter experts and have skilled thousands of candidates with exceptional feedback results.

  24. Regions: Skills Training • Western Cape • Kwazulu Natal • Gauteng • Northwest Province / Rustenburg • Mpumalanga • Limpopo • Eastern Cape • Free State (All venues confirmed on enrolment/Map)

  25. Regional Representatives : Contact Details

  26. National Contact Details

  27. Blackbird is proudly associated with the following Service Providers:All Subject Matter Experts in their field and part of our team

  28. External Service Providers • Service Standards International: Willem Wolmarans Specializing in All service delivery areas to the fuel industry since 1992 • EFA Emergency First Aid CC: Johan Barry Subject matter experts in Service Station Specific First Aid Courses • Albert Groenewald: Specialist in labour Law. Comen Labour Law, Fuel Retail industry. 1975 to 2011 (Qualification LLB Juris ) • Hennie Laubsher: Qualified Accredited Training instructor/Accredited by Reno Nevada University. Texas A/M University. (Fire Training/20 Years SME @ Caltex Raffinery/Milnerton, now Chevron.) • Leogog Business Solutions: Roslyn Williams Qualified Skills Development fascilitator, assessor and moderator. Submission of WSP (Workplace Skills Plans), ATR (Annuel Training Reports), conducting training skills analysis, employment equity reports and job profiling.

  29. Our Accreditation Details Blackbird Training Centre Accreditation Number: 17-QA/ACC/0444/09 Merseta

  30. Achievements: Blackbird Team • The first Forecourt Generic training programme in 1994 (Cape Town) • Skilled in excess of 20 000 unemployed learners in various training programs and maintained a 80 % placement record. • Turn Key opening of more than 60 Service Stations Nationally • 3 Seta Projects for unemployed 2002 until 2004 (All exceeding minimum requirements/2000 learners) • Skilling more than 12 000 Forecourt Staff Nationally (34 Towns, cities) in Safety and Security (Grassy Park 5 x Attendants killed “ In Terror in Silence” Investigation) • Role-out of the first Learnership for Service Station Employees 2006/2007 (600 learners skilled on 18 credits: duration = 13 days) Audited by FET College Rustenburg/Gauteng

  31. Closure ‘Knowledge is Power’ During our years of skilling people over the length and the breadth of this beautiful country of ours, there is no greater joy to see when the light finally switches on in the eye of a learner and he/she walks out of your facility a motivated , encouraged and equipped person with so much confidence and motivation, having so much more to offer now and to go make the difference in the lives of so many people he/she will touch daily. -Richard Nyila-