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  1. JB MACHINERY COLOR SELLS YOU & JB The Complete Flexo Print Solution

  2. JB MACHINERY XericWeb Drying Systems • ` Increased PRODUCTIVITY Expanded Inline CAPABILITIES Superior QUALITY Through Unique & Efficient Drying

  3. COLOR SELLS“Think about it. A hundred million people a week go through Wal-Mart. No television programs ever accumulated that kind of an audience” – Peter Hoyt, Executive Director, In-Store Marketing Institute.Retailers visitor statistics per week:140,000,000 consumers a week go through Wal-Mart’s 3,400 stores.22,000,000 consumers a week go through Home Depot’s 1,677 stores.42,000,000 consumers a week go through 7 Eleven’s 3,267 stores.

  4. Just a few Wal-Mart facts… • A standard Wal-Mart carries 60,000 products (that’s 50 products in one shopping cart per day for 3 years while never buying the same product twice). • A Wal-Mart Super Center carries 140,000 products. • Wal-Mart sells $1B per day of product or $43m per hour. • 94% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart. • Wal-Mart opens 6 new stores per week in the U.S. and 20-30 per week globally. • Although 2008 retail sales were some of the worst in 10 years, Wal-Mart posted a 3% gain beating it’s own forecast. • Source: Charles Fishman, Author, The Wal-Mart Effect - AICC/CCCA 2008 Conference, Toronto, Canada.

  5. COLOR SELLSWholesale clubs, warehouse stores and today’s marketing chain demands shelf-ready packaging, greater message amplification and shelf velocity and branding.Drying enables these pre-requisites by adding color, pop, information, gloss with and without varnish, scuff and rub resistance, box strength, water resistance and a smooth tactile experience for the consumer.

  6. JB MACHINERY COLOR SELLS SO, WHY DRYERS? THE BENEFITTS • Inline multi-color printing and varnishing. • Printing, over-varnishing, die cutting and finishing on high hold out board (clay coat and synthetics) in a single pass. • Improved ink on-press stability. • Minimized (or eliminated) tracking, marking and smearing through unit transfer and stacker belts. • Minimized ink build-up and marking from anvil covers, maximizing up time. • Elimination of ghosting. • Maximized gloss levels of ink and varnish. • Improved color brilliance and quality through dry trapping. • Significant reduction of waste. • Elimination of repeating when regular or UV over-varnishing in-line.

  7. JB MACHINERY Combined High Speed Infrared Radiation to excite the volatile liquids & AirJet High Velocity Air Impingement to scrub the volatiles from the boundary layer at the ink or varnish surface.

  8. JB MACHINERY Combined InfraRed & Air Jets

  9. Forced Hot Air as it Applies to our Drying Solution • JB provide AirJet impingement at the entry & exit of the drying zone, powered by internal fans corresponding directly with the cassette chambers, which serve to pressurize the chambers, minimizing the amount of paper dust and debris that can reside in the cassettes. • The Combination of the High Speed IR radiation & AirJet impingement excites & scrubs the volatiles from the boundary layer of the ink or varnish surface. • All competitive systems use air ducted from a remote outside source. However, the ducting itself dramatically reduces the air pressure and also hinders machine access. • The efficiency of our air to ink film impingement, allied with the vacuum transfer exhaust and infrared radiation maximizes the drying effect.

  10. JB MACHINERY Final Flexo Dryer during test on an HBL press in it’s pivot position.

  11. JB MACHINERY Every Other Cassette On Demonstrating 6-inch Spot Zoning Across 100% Sheet Width.

  12. FFDX shown in full 90° maintenance position and post press jam detection reset button.

  13. JB MACHINERY Top Printer Dryer Installation

  14. JB MACHINERY Top Printer Dryer Installation

  15. Case Study:– CEMSA (Cajas Y Empaques Modernos) Mexico City, Mexico – Mexico City based Cajas Y Empaques Modernos recently installed a SUN dwell section with integrated JB Machinery Final Flexo Dryer on their existing Hycorr 66 x 85 inch 3 color flexo rotary die cutter. According to the boxmaker, immediate improvements were noticeable in both quality and productivity. The first job off the new configuration showed a productivity increase of 31% in addition to a significant reduction in the down time needed for anvil cover washing. Director General Ing. Juan Javier Gonzalez was pleased to report, “It’s working great, We’re already running faster and achieving stronger colors and higher gloss than we did before the dryers. We no longer sacrifice valuable resources performing press side reformulation of the ink to meet our drying needs.” Gonzalez added, “Also, we’re seeing increases in up-time because we’re not stopping the machine to clean the anvil multiple times an hour. We ran 110,000 sheets, stopping every 33,000 sheets for cleaning. Previously on this job we would have been running slower and stopping more or less every 20 minutes for cleaning.” The new units were purchased through Goettsch International who represents both JB Machinery and SUN Automation in Latin America. SOURCE: Board Converting News – December 11, 2006 Official Board Markets – December 9, 2006

  16. Case Study:– CEMSA (Cajas Y Empaques Modernos) Job: 3 colors and die cut, 100,000 pizza boxes.Equipment: 66 x 85, 3-color flexo RDC. Substrate: White-Top board stock.Color Sequence: Black, red, yellow.Run condition before dryers: One pass 3-colors 4,000 sheets per hour. Stopping every 20-minutes to clean anvil covers and plates for a total of 20-minutes down time every 20-minutes. For a total of 50 production hours to yield 100,000 sheets.‘CONTROLLING THE PROCESS’Run condition with one Final Flexo Dryer after flexo color station 3 in the SunTrac vacuum dwell station: One pass 3-colors 5,240 sheets per hour. Stopping every 33,000 sheets for 20-minutes to clean anvil covers and plates for a total of 40-minutes down time. For a total of 20 production hours to yield 100,000 sheets. REPRESENTING AN OVERAL INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY OF ~150%. Director General Ing. Juan Javier Gonzalez (left) and Plant Manager Ing. Reynaldo Rosas (right) display a sample of the job printed and die-cut in-line with their JB drying system.

  17. Return on Investment - CEMSA Equipment: 66 x 110, 3-color flexo rotary die cutter equipped with (1) Final Flexo: Dryer after printing unit 3. • Dryer Cost $75,000 • Working Days/Year 244 • Number of Shifts/Day 1 • Hourly Press Rate $200 • Added Press Time 937 hours • Added Press Time Value $187,400 PAYBACK BASED ON ADDED PRESS TIME VALUE FOR PIZZA HUT BOX ONLY< 5-months

  18. Case Study:– Bay Cities Container Job: 4 color process + <3 spot colors and die cut.Equipment: 66 x 110, 4-color flexo RDC. Substrate: Clay coated board stock.Color Sequence: 4 color process + <3 spot colors.Run condition (1999) with one Interstation Flexo Dryer and a factory supplied 50-inch Forced Hot Air Drying section : 1st pass 4 color process at 3,000 sheets per hour. 2nd pass 2 or 3 spot colors at 3,000 sheets per hour. 3rd pass die cut at 9,000 sheets per hour. For a total of 3 passes and a total yield of 1,286 finished sheets per hour.‘CONTROLLING THE PROCESS’Run condition (2002) with three Interstation Flexo Dryers after flexo color stations 1, 2, 3 and a Final Flexo Dryer installed after 4: 1st pass 4 color process at 9,000 sheets per hour. 2nd pass 2 or 3 spot colors and die cut inline at 9,000 sheets per hour. For a total of 2 passes and a total yield of 4,500 finished sheets per hour. REPRESENTING AN OVERAL INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY OF 250%.‘CONTROLLING THE PROCESS’Run condition (2006), dryers as above: One pass printing 4-color process, (achieving the special line colors through the process colors) and die cutting at 9,000 sheets per hour. For a total of one pass and a total yield of 9,000 finished sheets per hour. REPRESENTING AN OVERALL INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY OF 500%.

  19. Return on Investment – Bay Cities Container Equipment: 66 x 110, 4-color flexo rotary die cutter equipped with (3) Interstation Flexo Dryers between flexo color stations and (1) Final Flexo Dryer after printing unit 4. • Dryer Cost $240,000 • Working Days/Year 244 • Number of Shifts/Day 1 • Hourly Press Rate $250 • Added Press Time 1,115 hours • Added Press Time Value $278,750 PAYBACK BASED ON ADDED PRESS TIME VALUE ONLY< 11-months Note: The foregoing calculation is based on Bay Cities Container printing 4 color process work on SEMI COATED board stock 80% of the time and the addition of drying increasing productivity by 250%.

  20. FINE PRINTING GUIDE-LINES CONTROLLING THE PROCESS FOR MAXIMIZED QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY INK & VARNISH PROPERTIES: • Low Tack. • High level of solubility and rewetting. • Low Viscosity. DIN # 4 Cup, 18–24 seconds. Zhan # 2 Cup, 21–25 seconds. Zhan # 3 Cup 13–16 seconds. • Low film weights <5.5bcm. or <8.5cc. • High resin levels. • High pigment (dry solids) levels. • Color sequence – Dark to light (K-Black1, C-Cyan2, M-Magenta3, Y-Yellow4). pH – High to Low (K-9.5, C-9.3, M-9.1, Y-8.9, V-Varnish 8.7) • Color & pH sequence – Dark to Light (K-Black1, C-Cyan2, M-Magenta3, Y-Yellow4). pH – High to Low (K-9.5, C-9.3, M-9.1, Y-8.9, V-Varnish 8.7) • Temperature maintained at 70˚ Farenheit (21˚ Celsius) PLATE PROPERTIES: • Good release. • Good release, low to no surface tack • <35˚ Shore hardness. • Cushion back for resilience. RECOMMENDED ANILOX & DOCTOR BLADE SPECIFICATIONS: Water Based Ink & Varnish: • >360lpi (lines per inch) or >140lpc (lines per centimeter) for water based. • <5.5bcm or <8.5cc for water based. UV Varnish: • <300lpi (lines per inch) or <120lpc (lines per centimeter) for UV. • >7bcm or >12cc for UV. Preferred Doctor Blades: • 30˚ Angle USA (60˚ Angle Europe)– BTG Ceramic Tipped Steel. • 45˚ Angle – Tooled Steel. NOTES: • 1-Board temperatures should be above 70˚ Farenheit (21˚ Celsius) for optimum drying performance. • 2-Although gloss levels are substrate hold-out dependant, during actual production trials it has been established that the optimum gloss level of water based varnish is achieved at <5.5bcm or <8.5cc’s. We recommend, therefore, that anilox rolls chosen for application of water based varnish should be the same or a similar line count to those of the printing units. While, UV gloss levels are optimized at >7 bcm or 12cc’s. • 3-UV gloss levels can be enhanced by warming the UV varnish to a temperature of approximately 100˚Fahrenheit or 40˚Celsius. Powerblanket at, supply an electrical heater blanket that wraps around the UV varnish container to heat the UV varnish. • 4-Ensure all vacuum transfers are ‘Dryer Ready’.


  22. Why UV? • UV curing enables fast job turnaround through in-line, on press finishing. • By embracing UV curing, you can profitably achieve superb finish quality and high impact at relatively low cost. • Finish and quality that just yesterday required multi-pass operations to achieve.

  23. JB MACHINERY COLOR SELLSApplying UV over-varnish will provide the following benefits • Maximized gloss levels. • Full print protection. • Considerable reduction of waste. • Increased water resistance and box strength. • Varnish remains open indefinitely aiding rapid startup and make ready. • Extremely high scuff and rub resistance.

  24. JB MACHINERY UV Flexo Curing System zoned to cover 100% of maximum sheet printing width

  25. Case Study – Drake Container Job: 4 color + UV over-varnish and die cut. Pennzoil Display. Equipment: 66 x 113, 5-color flexo rotary die cutter installed with four Interstation Flexo Dryers after color stations 1, 2, 3 & 4 and a Final Flexo Dryer plus UV Flexo Curing System installed after flexo color 5. Substrate: Clay coated board stock. Color Sequence: 4 color process and UV over-varnish. Anilox Rolls: Colors 1 – 4: 400 cell count / 4.2bcm. Color 5: 200 cell count / 9.2bcm. Run condition prior to dryers: 1st pass 4 color process at approximately 3,000 sheets per hour. 2nd pass UV over-varnish, (UV over-varnishing would have been farmed out to a trade service coating house adding premium expenses and time to produce). 3rd pass die cut inline at approximately 3,000 sheets per hour. For a total of 3 passes at 3,000 sheets per hour. Run condition with dryers: 4 color process printed, UV over-varnished and die cut in one pass at approximately 5,000 sheets per hour. For a total of 1 pass at 5,000 sheets per hour, REPRESENTING AN INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY OF AT LEAST 500%.

  26. Apart from the infinitely superior gloss, scuff, rub resistance, high impact and ease of handling of UV. Why do operators and owners alike prefer to varnish with UV rather than water based? Customer converters are telling us that they will give UV varnishing away rather than run water based varnish

  27. JB MACHINERY Cost Comparison of UV versus Water Based Over-Varnishing In One Pass Cont/d COMPARISONS: WB UV • Varnish Cost 1# per MSF $3.60 $4.00 • Additional Power cost per MSF $0.00 $0.087 • Seconds per MSF 48 29 • Press Cost (Rate) per MSF $6.70 $4.03 • COST TO PRODUCE 1-MSF $10.30$8.12 Please note: all the data used in this study was provided by Suppliers and Converters

  28. TV BOXES

  29. JB MACHINERY COLOR SELLS“Color is vital for both brand recognition and amplifying the appeal of many products.”- Allan Boyle, Nestlé“Studies show that a display sells a product better than a store shelf does.” – Greg Tucker, Bay Cities ContainerRetailers offer the largest audiences in the proper frame of mind. That’s why I believe investments in displays are poised for tremendous growth.”- Peter Hoyt, In-Store Marketing Institute“We have an incredible product. We don’t make the world go round, but we help ship products around the world. How better a product can you have than that.”- Bill Sweeney, PCA

  30. JB MACHINERY COLOR SELLS Printer Converter took his customer’s graphics from box on right to box on left. Within 3-months Saint Arnold beer sales doubled and SO DID THE PRINTER CONVERTERS BOX SALES!

  31. Since 1998 Chief Container has become one of the leading global pioneers in direct print securing some of the most prestigious world renowned accounts who were previously buying from pre-print and label houses: Diageo, Campbell’s, Heinz, Hewlett Packard, Home Depot and Coca Cola, just to name a few… Today, most of Chief’s work is 6 or 7 color on clay-coated substrates, all printed, UV varnished and die cut in a single pass at an average of 6,000 sph.

  32. ADVANTAGE – JB MACHINERY • Over 150 years of combined ink chemistry, drying/curing, infrared (medium, high speed medium and short wave), hot air (both high volume and compressed) and ultra-violet (air-cooled, water-cooled and water- filtered) technology experience in all print disciplines including: Litho, folding carton, wide/narrow web, gravure, screen printing, preprint and flexo direct print sheet-fed. • The last 10 years have been dedicated and will remain exclusively focused on the flexo direct print sheet-fed market, which eliminates research and application fragmentation while enabling continuous market intelligence, OEM standardization and superior product research/development through an agile organization. • Global agencies throughout the world are specific to the flexo direct print sheet-fed market and carry multiple complementary product lines to JB (see list attached), which ensures consistent and knowledgeable representation in any part of the world. • JB continues to be the standard IR/UV supplier of choice to all of the major OEM players in today’s market including, but not limited to: Dong Fang, Göpfert, Martin, MarquipWardUnited and SUN Automation. Consequently, we are intimately involved on all levels regarding executive, commercial and engineering integration with direct meetings approximately 4 times a year. • JB has nurtured very strong relationships and continues to partner with the major paper, ink, anilox and other major component suppliers in order to understand and deliver the complete process from day one, not just a product! • As a consequence we now have over 600 IR dryer units and 35 full inline multi-color (5 to 9 colors – modular and/or high board line) IR/UV printing and die cutting lines, which has led to a wealth of experience and product development. • JB has continued to develop new product that benefits the existing JB customer base and/or prospects as evidenced by ColorCure™ (see press kit) and soon to be released KleenPlate: A continuous hickey removal system.

  33. FEATURES • HARDWARE: • Independently controlled 6 inches (15 cms) zones providing near infinite blank width output correlation and custom spot selection for optimum energy savings. • Cassetted zones for component change out and zone rotation in seconds. • Precise and formulated air impingement to optimize dry trapping of inks from high speed energy-efficient impellors at the point of print, requiring just one 2 inches (5 cms) O.D power cable penetration and no gear-side mounted blowers or manifolds. • SOFTWARE: • ADS – Automatic Dryer Setting control system with full OEM integration for single point blank width and dryer zone selection ensuring optimized energy efficiency. • ADS – Over-Ride – Ensures full blank width coverage even with maximized solid or block print requirements. • Full system “Lamp Test” feature by unit or global system selection for immediate lamp failure reporting. • SDS – Sheet Detection System with full OEM integration to provide secondary jam alert and mandatory operator inspection prior to re-start. • Memory archiving to enable immediate system custom set-ups for repeat job parameters increasing up-time and productivity. • Trouble shooting history log to enable monitoring of most common and most recent system faults for more accurate preventative maintenance and improved system reliability. • Press integration with most press manufacturer’s for system information exchange. • Convertible IR to “ColorCure” U.V. system for future U.V. ink applications… • OTHER ADVANTAGES: • “Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System” for unmatchable monitoring and immediate response-time provided by third-party vendor. • Pending “Laser Detection System - LDS” trained at the entry and exit to monitor even the smallest paper fragment intrusion into the dryer zone. • Strategic alliance partners include: The major Ink, Paper, Anilox, Plate and Die manufacturer’s. • Superior experience with more installations than all competitors combined. • Dedicated to the Corrugated Sheet-fed Markey Only!


  35. JB MACHINERY COLOR $ELL$ Thank YOU for your time & attention