ammunition depot now sells guns n.
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Ammunition Depot Now Sells Guns PowerPoint Presentation
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Ammunition Depot Now Sells Guns

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Ammunition Depot Now Sells Guns

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Ammunition Depot Now Sells Guns

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  1. Ammunition Depot Now Sells Guns Ammunition Depot has a reputation as the premier ammunition merchant on the internet. That mastery of everything gun and ammo-related and trust garnered from their customers has resulted in the understandable and exciting next stage in their evolution: Ammunition Depot now sells guns! And not just a few. They’re offering hundreds of semiautomatic and revolver handguns; hunting and sport rifles; tactical, defense, and hunting shotguns; along with all the ammo, uppers, and accessories they’ve always carried. In response to this most recent incarnation of Ammunition Depot’s commitment to supplying gun owners with the ammo, and now firearms, they need, this is a list of just some of the great, high-quality guns and uppers they offer. Included are a handgun, a unique rifle, and an AR-15 upper receiver. As mentioned, these are just a few of the guns and accessories now offered by Ammunition Depot. For a more comprehensive look at their new stock, check out what they have on their site. Beretta M9 .22 LR The Beretta M9 .22 LR, or M9-22, is a replica inspired by one of the most famous, reliable, high- performance, and effective sidearms in history: the Beretta M9 9mm, official sidearm of the United States military for more than three decades. Except for the barrel, magazine, and firing mechanism, engineered for .22 LR ammo, the Beretta M9-22 is indistinguishable from the original M9. It features a 15+1 capacity, removable sights, interchangeable grip panels, and the same takedown, controls, and operation as the M9. Perfect either as a training tool for bigger calibers or on its own merits as a nearly peerless weapon. IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Auto 300 AAC Blackout/Whisper 16.5 Inch This beautiful Israeli bullpup, from the legendary arms-producer Israel Weapon Industries (also largely responsible for the Desert Eagle), has emerged as a star on the ranges and in the homes

  2. of fans of incredible gunsmithing. For one, it’s incredibly compact and maneuverable. The X95 only just surpasses the NFA’s minimum length for a rifle. It’s also chambered for the recent star of productive and flexible cartridges, the .300 AAC Blackout. The Blackout is subsonic, designed for use with a suppressor, and the Tavor X95 integrates that characteristic with a threaded barrel for reception of a suppressor. 300 AAC Complete Upper 8.5 Inch From Radical Firearms One of the best things about the AR-15 platform is how modular it is. The upper and lower receiver, magazines, bolt assembly, etc., can be switched out to accommodate any cartridge from .22 LR to 6.5 Grendel. As mentioned, one of the most popular of calibers on the market today, and for good reason, is the .300 AAC Blackout. Ammunition Depot has responded to that trend with their incredible .300 AAC Blackout upper line from the premier manufacturer Radical Firearms. Available in 16, 10.5, and 8.5 inches. Learn what else Ammunition Depot has to offer gun owners and enthusiasts, at