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INDONESIA . BY Troy Middleton. This is the national Emblem of Indonesia & flag. Red represents courage. while white represents purity of intent. The Naval Jack of Indonesia. This is Indonesia's money. INDONESIA food’s . INDONESIA food’s . Duck salad. Food at Lombok .

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BY Troy Middleton

this is the national emblem of indonesia flag
This is the national Emblem of Indonesia & flag

Red represents courage

while white represents purity of intent.

The Naval Jack of Indonesia

indonesia food s1

Duck salad

Food at Lombok

Best restaurant

more food
More food

Traditional desert

Grandma’s cake

Traditional desert

Snake skin fruit with out the peal

Snake skin fruit

Traditional desert

taman safari
Taman safari

Me &baby Orangutan Olan

Feeding hippos


Lion sitting on rock

Malayan Tapir

Elephant & baby

taman safari again
Taman safari again

Bear sitting

Elephant & family

Komodo dragon


Grey Crowned Crane

taman safari again1


Taman safari again

Tiger waiting to get feed

Boar with 4 horns

Me & dad riding A elephant




k idzaina

Making chocolate


In jail pretending to be a policeofficer

Fire fighter

Washing windows

Acting in Peter pan

Counting kidzos

Chiropractic salons

  • When is Ramadan in 2013 - Ramadan is a special time for Muslims across the world. Falling in the tenth month of Shawwal, the Islamic calendar, it was at this time of the year when the Angel Gibril revealed to the Prophet Mohammed Allah’s will and so were written the very first verses of the Holy Qur'an. The month of Ramadan is spent fasting from dawn to dusk everyday - it is a time to introspect, reflect and reinforce the bond between the Almighty and the faithful.
  • Ramadan culminates in the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr - when the period of restraint ends in an extravagant explosion of joie de vivre, festivities and feasting. The devout gather together to offer Eid prayers and greet each other in a rejuvenated spirit of camaraderie. Eid is a day of thanksgiving, of peace, of remembrance, of charity and of forgiveness, celebrated amidst great jubilation once the delicate silver sliver of the crescent moon has been sighted. The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr forges fraternal and communal love, self-discipline and commitment to Allah.
  • Christmas is celebrated in Indonesia with great fun and devotion. Despite being a Muslim country, Christmas is a popular festival in Indonesia Holiday calendar. Christmas is a public holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated by its people of different religions. Christmas is recognized as a national holiday in the country. All the shopping malls and departmental stores are decorated. It is advisable to shop well in advance for Christmas in Indonesia as the markets only sells the gifts and accessories till the stock lasts with them. So plan your shopping list and budget well in advance for Christmas. Main city centres, shopping malls and markets are beautiful decorated throughout the country. Night Parties and Christmas celebrations are held in almost all the hotels in Bali and Jakarta. Christmas communities in Indonesia organize various parties and small gifts are distributed to children.
  • Christmas in Indonesia is also celebrated in schools and colleges. Christmas celebrations are held in almost all the schools and colleges. Christmas carols are sung by children and gifts are presented to them by Santa.
  • Christmas in Bali, Indonesia: As Bali is the most popular tourist place in Indonesia, Christmas fun gets doubled with beach parties and celebrations. The hotels are nicely decorated with beautiful wreath and a merry Christmas tree. These hotels in Bali and other regions of Indonesia welcome there western tourists with tall decorated Christmas trees. Special functions are held on the eve of Christmas in the hotels and resorts. Tourists just love these Christmas celebrations in different parts of Indonesia.
international school
International School


I’m in my Aunties class

Yas reading

Clown Photo

Photo of my auntie's class

stop monkeying around
Stop monkeying around

Monkey looking around

Monkey eating peanuts

A View of where the monkeys live

Monkey & her baby

land marks
Land marks

Hindu Statue

Tall building

Indonesian house

This is the Monas monument

Shopping Mall

Indonesian house

what would it be like to live there
What would it be like to live there?

I think my family could easily live in INDONESIA because every think is really cheap like 20 for a bottle of water & we would always have some thing to do.

I think we could live there!