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5 most endangered animals! PowerPoint Presentation
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5 most endangered animals!

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5 most endangered animals! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 most endangered animals!
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  1. 5 most endangered animals! By KD

  2. #5 the Alligator snapping turtle! The alligator snapping turtle is endangered because it has rare meat. They eat almost anything they can catch and they defend themselves by using their strong jaws and sharp claws. Alligators and large fish will eat this animal.

  3. Where do they live? It lives in the freshwaters of the U.S. southern waters. How long do they live for? They live for 80 to 120 years though it has been known for 1 to live for 200 years.

  4. #4 The Beluga sturgeon! The beluga sturgeon eat other fish. They are eaten mainly by humans and when small enough other fish. It defends itself from it’s teeth and uses it’s whiskers to find food. This fish is known to be a living fossil, It is one of the oldest species on our planet. They are endangered because of their “pearl-like” caviar.

  5. Where do they live? How big do they get? They live in the Caspian and Black sea basins sometimes the in the Adriatic sea. Beluga sturgeon get from 4.66-10.76 ft. long! This is 4.17 m!

  6. #3 the Tiger! Tigers are endangered because of poaching and animal destruction. Most tigers have over 100 stripes, the stripes on each tiger are all different each has a unique pattern. The tigers eyes aren’t at the side of the head but at the front on their face. This gives them the ability to see 3D because each eyes vision overlaps each other.

  7. What does it eat? How do they defend themselves It will eat antelope, deer, boars, yaks, hares monkeys, wild dogs, cows, horses, and donkeys. They don’t have to defend themselves because their at the top of the food chain.

  8. Where do they live? Tigers live in India from the west to China and southern Asia. How long do they live for? Tigers live to about 20 years of age.

  9. #2 The Giant Panda! The giant panda’s diet is made up of 99% of bamboo, they will occasionally eat other grasses, wild turbers, birds, rodents, and carrion. This animal is generally a passive animal though they can be violent when surprised. They will normally escape the area immediately or climb a tree. They are endangered because they are rare to begin with and since they mostly eat bamboo the bamboo dies almost every 12-17 years

  10. Where do they live? They live in central western and south western china. how long do they live for? Giant pandas live to 20 years of age.

  11. #1 The Black Rhino! The black rhino is endangered because of their valuable horns. They eat leafy plants, branches, thorny wood bushes, and fruit. They defend themselves by using their big horns, their made out of really strong and thick skin.

  12. How do they defend themselves? Rhinos defend themselves by using their big horns, they have really strong bones, and they have thick skin. Tough skin! Big horn!

  13. Where do they live? They live in the eastern and central areas of Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, south Africa, Namibabwe, and Angola. how long do they live for? They can live from 30-35 years of age.

  14. THE END! Thanks for watching:)