at the point when creatures attack n.
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When animals attack PowerPoint Presentation
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When animals attack

When animals attack

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When animals attack

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  1. At the point when creatures attack

  2. A tiger approaches a lady before assaulting her, after she left an auto in a Beijing natural life park, July 23, 2016. Kindness CCTV/by means of Reuters TV

  3. A panther seizes individuals at a structure experiencing development at a local location in Meerut, in the northern Indian condition of Uttar Pradesh, February 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

  4. A crocodile at a zoo in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung holds the lower arm of a zoo veterinarian in its teeth, April 2007. REUTERS/Frank Lin

  5. A female Bengali white tiger drags a man by his shirt after the man moved into the walled in area, at a zoo in Chengdu, Sichuan territory, China, February 16, 2014. The man was marginally harmed and was taken away by police after zoo staff sedated two female Bengali white tigers, neighborhood media reported. REUTERS/China Daily

  6. An elephant decimates a minibus subsequent to tossing its rider and going out of control amid Sri Lanka's 6th yearly elephant polo competition in Galle, February 2007. REUTERS/Buddhika Weerasinghe

  7. Police pooches assault a man discovered taking from ethnic Somali homes amid the second day of clashes in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Kenya's capital Nairobi, November 2012. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

  8. A bovine, which got away from a truck, assaults an agriculturist attempting to catch it in Liangdun town of Nangang township, Anhui region, China, December 2013. The bovine assaulted a few agriculturists before being shot dead by policemen, nearby media reported. REUTERS/China Daily

  9. A chasing brilliant falcon assaults a cameraman amid a yearly chasing rivalry in Chengelsy Gorge, east of Almaty, Kazakhstan, December 2009. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

  10. An Asiatic mountain bear hammers nearby villager Makhan Khan, who was with a gathering of men chasing the bear, close to the town of Gasoo on the edges of Srinagar, November 2007. Khan endured different wounds in the assault. REUTERS/Danish Ismail

  11. Matheus Pereira de Araujo, 8, remains before the 15 foot boa constrictor that assaulted him a day before while playing close to a rivulet on his granddad's ranch, in Cosmorama, Brazil, February 2007. Matheus' 66-year-old granddad, Joaquim Pereira, heard his grandson's shouts and wrestled the snake for 60 minutes before at long last killing it with stones and a cleaver. REUTERS/Glauce Sereno/Diario de Votuporanga

  12. A Thai Buddhist Monk fights off an energetic assault from an Asian Tiger at the Wat Pa Luangtabua sanctuary in Sai Yok, western Thailand, May 22, 2001. REUTERS/File

  13. Spanish matador Javier Jimenez is assaulted by a bull amid a bullfight at the San Fermin celebration in Pamplona, July 2016. REUTERS/Vincent West

  14. A runner is gutted by an El Pilar battling bull on Estafeta road amid the 6th running of the bulls of the San Fermin celebration in Pamplona, Spain, July 2013. The runner was gutted three times. REUTERS/Susana Vera