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SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis. Practice. What are your strengths in English? What are your weaknesses in English? What are your opportunities for practicing English? What stops you from getting better?. What is a SWOT analysis?. first stage of planning helps marketers focus on key issues

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What are your strengths in English?

What are your weaknesses in English?

What are your opportunities for practicing English?

What stops you from getting better?

what is a swot analysis
What is a SWOT analysis?

first stage of planning

helps marketers focus on key issues

S = strengths

W = weaknesses

S + W = internal factors

O = opportunities

T = threats

O + T = external factors

why should i use it
Why should I use it?
  • Because it indicates…
    • something that will assist the firm in accomplishing its objectives
    • an obstacle that must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results
typical items in a swot strengths
Typical Items in a SWOT -- STRENGTHS

Good market share

Experience of top management

Efficient manufacturing process

Good brand image

Good distribution channels

typical items in a swot weaknesses
Typical Items in a SWOT -- WEAKNESSES

Small market share

High levels of debt

Lack of modern technology

Poor distribution channels

typical items in a swot opportunities
Typical Items in a SWOT -- OPPORTUNITIES

Possible new markets

Growing economy

Developments in technology

typical items in a swot threats
Typical Items in a SWOT -- THREATS

Slowdown in the economy

Success of existing competitors

New competitors

Changing consumer tastes

class exercise
Class Exercise

SWOT Analysis for Coach


SWOT Analysis for Forever 21

Forever 21

s strengths

Advantages of proposition? 


Competitive advantages? 

USP's (unique selling points)? 

Resources, Assets, People? 

Experience, knowledge, data?

Financial reserves, likely returns?  

Marketing - reach, distribution, awareness? 

Location and geographical? 

Price, value, quality? 

Accreditations, qualifications, certifications? 

Processes, systems, IT, communications? 

Cultural, attitudinal, behavioral? 

Philosophy and values? 

Innovative aspects? 

w weaknesses

Disadvantages of proposition? 

Gaps in capabilities? 

Lack of competitive strength? 

Reputation, presence and reach? 


Own known vulnerabilities? 

Timescales, deadlines and pressures? 

Cashflow, start-up cash-drain? 

Continuity, supply chain robustness? 

Effects on core activities, distraction? 

Reliability of data, plan predictability? 

Morale, commitment, leadership? 

Accreditations, etc? 

Processes and systems, etc? 

Management cover, succession? 

o opportunities

Market developments? 

Competitors' vulnerabilities? 

Industry or lifestyle trends? 

Technology development and innovation? 

Global influences? 

New markets, vertical, horizontal? 

Niche target markets? 

Geographical, export, import? 

Tactics: eg, surprise, major contracts? 

Business and product development? 

Information and research? 

Partnerships, agencies, distribution? 

Volumes, production, economies? 

Seasonal, weather, fashion influences? 

t threats

Political effects? 

Legislative effects? 

Environmental effects? 

IT developments? 

Competitor intentions - various? 

Market demand? 

New technologies, services, ideas? 

Vital contracts and partners? 

Sustaining internal capabilities? 

Obstacles faced? 

Insurmountable weaknesses? 

Loss of key staff? 

Sustainable financial backing? 

Economy - home, abroad? 

Seasonality, weather effects?