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Final Proposal Presentation: 3D Robotic Arm Continuation PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Proposal Presentation: 3D Robotic Arm Continuation

Final Proposal Presentation: 3D Robotic Arm Continuation

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Final Proposal Presentation: 3D Robotic Arm Continuation

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  1. Final Proposal Presentation: 3D Robotic Arm Continuation Southeastern Louisiana University ET 494 - Senior Design II Spring 2017 Presented by: Jace Babin, Andrew Brouillette, Bach Nguyen, Bryce Schell, Alexander Stein Advisor: Dr. Cris Koutsougeras

  2. Introduction With advances in technology, robotics have become more capable to go where humans can not or shouldnot go. The concept of the finished project has many uses and would be a great way to demonstrate our knowledge of Engineering Technology. Examples of robotic application: • EOD robots (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) • Robotic Surgical Systems • Robot Nurse or Helper • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

  3. The Old Hand Design

  4. Old Linear Actuators Issues: • Width too long • Cannot fit in an arm • Bracket had no support (wear and tear) New Linear Actuators Solutions: • More efficient • Reduced size • Converted horizontal length to vertical The New Linear Actuator Design

  5. Old Screw Issues: • Too many rotations/ too slow • Too big/ Too much material used. New Screw Solutions: • Lowered rotations to ⅓ of the old design • Changed the design to a double helix • Smaller and more efficient The New Double Helix Screw Design

  6. Old DC Bracket Issues: • Width Too long(1x5) • Cannot fit in an arm • Bracket had no support/Wear and tear New DC Bracket Solutions: • Has support for DC Motors • Reduced size • Converted horizontal length to vertical The New DC Motor Bracket Design

  7. Last Semester: • Didn’t have 360 degree rotation • Too big This Semester: • Added holes for articulation • Hollowed inside • Resized Bottom Digit

  8. Last Semester: • Printed one whole • Cracked when combined with bottom digit This Semester: • Cut part in half for easier insertion • Resized Ball Joint Socket

  9. This Semester: • Added more realistic curves to palm • Hollowed inside of middle digit • Resized all parts Palm, Middle and Tip Digits

  10. Motion Tracking/Capture Feasible options for motion capture: • LEAP Motion Controller • Kinect Motion Sensor • Wii IR Motion Capture • Flex sensor(with Lilypad) and EMG sensor Other Rejected Options: • Angle Sensors - Reliable, fast /Require a magnet to work • Rotary Encoder - Precise, fast small/ Expensive, still not small enough • Accelerometer- accuracy is not great when using for position tracking - orientation needs to be known to a high degree of accuracy

  11. EMG Sensor • The graph on the side show a spike in signal strength when the user flexes. • The EMG sensor if being used will be connect to the top palm of the user’s hand toward the thumb area. • This is aim to capture the signal when the thumb moves.

  12. Flex Sensor • Flex sensors will be used to drive separate DC motors for each finger • This will make the hand open or close • Flex sensor is a variable resistor • Serial reads 262 when vertical and increases to 542 when fully bent • Attached to glove

  13. LEAP Motion Configuration and Implementation .

  14. LEAP Motion Controller • Utilizes two camera and three infrared LEDs • These devices, when combined, track the infrared light with a wavelength of 850 nanometers

  15. LEAP Motion Controller cont’d • Stores the images that the sensor is capturing on local memory • The images are then streamed to the software via USB • The software then processes the images and compensates for background objects and environmental lighting, to construct a 3D representation

  16. LEAP Motion Images

  17. Cylon.JS • JavaScript framework • The framework allows for a more customizable application over a library • Allows multiple devices to be connected together efficiently(IE Leap, arduino, servo)

  18. Cylon.JS Connecting Different Devices

  19. Wireless Communication Bluetooth: Cylon.js has functionality to use the bluetooth capabilities of the computer but currently this function is only working for Linux/MacOS. Computer Setup: We are going to setup linux on a computer and use that to control the arduino. Arduino Setup: Using a HC-05 bluetooth transceiver module with the arduino to communicate between the arduino and the computer.

  20. Deliverables • Continuing Redesign • Redesignedbase digits • Redesigned DC mounting bracket • Redesigned screw • Programming • Control of new motor shield • Wireless communication • Control glove/ Research • Redesign glove • Program glove readings • Research different methods for the Control Glove

  21. Timeline 2nd Semester • Start coding glove sensors/ create program for the Leap • Continue and Refine the 3D printed hand Design • Implement/test improved microcontroller for the hand • Assemble replacement for DC screws for fingers • Connect finger wires to DC replacement • Program all finger movement functions • Create working glove • Establish connection to all fingers to glove • Finalize the code the glove sensors to fingers • Prepare/critique end of semester final presentation

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