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Singapore's Green Building Initiatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Singapore's Green Building Initiatives

Singapore's Green Building Initiatives

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Singapore's Green Building Initiatives

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  1. Singapore's Green Building Initiatives Presented by : Tan Tian Chong Director, Technology Development Building and Construction Authority 9th Feb 2007

  2. An Introduction……… • Importance of a Friendly & Sustainable Built Environment to Singapore • BCA Green Mark Master Plan • BCA Green Mark • Public Sector Taking the Lead • Green Mark Incentive Scheme ($20m) • $50m R & D Fund • Conclusion

  3. Why Environmental Sustainability? • Global warming/climate change – ‘hot’ topics • Building sector has major impact on the natural and built environment • Urban pollution could undermine Singapore’s competitiveness • Energy cost is on the rise • Land and resources scarce

  4. Source: National Climate Change Strategy, MEWR

  5. BCA’s Vision The Best Built Environmentfor Singapore, our distinctive global city. BCA’s Mission We shape asafe,high quality, sustainable andfriendlybuilt environment.

  6. Green Building Masterplan

  7. BCA Green Mark scheme Review of regulations on energy standards Industry training and public education Public Sector taking the lead $50 million research fund for the Built Environment $20 million incentive scheme for private developer to go green Green Building Master Plan

  8. Towards a Sustainable Built Environment • BCA launched the Green Mark for Buildings Scheme in January 2005 • An assessment system which will rate buildings for their environmental impact and performance • A voluntary programme for new and existing private developments

  9. Green Mark Existing Building New Building Air-conditioned Residential School BCA Green Mark Criteria

  10. 15 points 35 points • Water efficient equipment • Water usage and leak detection • Efficient irrigation • Cooling tower water consumption • Building Envelop Design • Energy Efficiency Index • Sub-metering • Energy Efficient Features • Lighting Zoning • Greenery ENERGY EFFICIENCY WATER EFFICIENCY 15 points • CO/CO2 monitoring • High Freq Ballast • Lighting Level • Thermal Comfort • Noise level • Indoor Air pollution • Refrigerants ENV INNOVATION 20 points 15 points for Innovation • Site ecology • Quality building • Public Transport • Env Mgt System • Env friendly material • Building user’s Guide Site/Prj Mgt INDOOR ENV QUALITY Green Mark5 Assessment Criteria Total: 100 Points

  11. Green Building Features

  12. Basis for Green Mark Award (existing building) • Meet minimum total points for the specific rating, and pre-requisite criteria • Platinum Awards must achieve Energy Smart label by NEA (Existing buildings only)

  13. Green Mark Assessment Process Briefings and Consultations Application Received Pre-assessment briefing Actual Assessment Assessment Stage Clarification & Request for Further Info Finalise Score for Mgt Approval Advisory Committee Endorsement Award Award of Green Mark Biennial Assessment

  14. Green Mark Assessment Process • Green Mark Assessment (Actual) • substantial completion of design stage • construction stage, • TOP stage • Verification during TOP stage

  15. Green Mark Buildings • So far, 34 buildings have BCA Green Mark certification

  16. Green Mark Projects 45 17 17

  17. National Library Building Nanyang Polytechnic Tan Tock Seng Hospital Republic Polytechnic Public sector

  18. Private Sector Buildings The Sail@ Marina Bay St Regis Hotel and Residences

  19. Private Sector Buildings Capital Tower One George Street

  20. Review of Regulations on Energy Standards Review the ETTV (Envelope Thermal Transfer Value) in 2007 for commercial buildings Consider the feasibility of applying ETTV to high-rise residential developments

  21. Industry Training and Public Education Increase industry training programmes Produce Green Building Design Guides Educate consumer and students on GBT – major driving forces

  22. GBT Conference – Towards a Sustainable Built Environment (Nov 06) 2nd GBT Conference cum tour of green buildings – 20 March 07

  23. Initiatives to promote environmental sustainability Public Sector taking the lead $50 million MND Research Fund $20 million Green Mark Incentive Scheme

  24. Public sector taking the lead towards environmental sustainability Public sector has been always lead by example towards environmental sustainability 10 public buildings Green Mark certified All 4 Platinum buildings are public buildings Upcoming new projects: Alexandra Hospital@ Yishun, new People Association HQ & Marina Barrage visitor center Government has decided to adopt a policy for all new public buildings and those under retrofitting above 5000 sqm to be Green Mark certified. To take effect on 1 Apr 07.

  25. $20 million Green Mark Incentive Scheme for private sector developers $20 million over the next 3 years Encourage and recognise private developers to build green buildings – up to $6 per sqm Cash incentive for meeting Green Mark Gold rating or higher Create demand in green building technologies – lower costs in long run

  26. Eligibility Criteria New private development and those undergoing major retrofitting works with GFA>5000sqm. PPP (public private partnership) projects such as new Sports Hub is entitled for the incentive. Past Green Mark projects are not entitled for the incentive.

  27. Energy modeling Green Mark Incentive Scheme Cash Incentive to be disbursed in two parts: 50% upon successful certification 50% after validation on energy performance

  28. Energy modeling Only for air-conditioned buildings achieving Goldplus and Platinum. To demonstrate energy saving through energy simulation/modeling. Computer-based tool to simulate energy use of a building to demonstrate energy saving. An Energy Modeling Technical Committee is formed to supervise the energy modeling submission.

  29. An Illustration Typical commercial building GFA: 50,000 sqm, Construction cost: $100 million AttainedGreen Mark GoldPlusaward (Projected energy savings of 25%) Cash Incentive entitled: $250,000 ($5 x 50,000) $125,000 (50%) upon award. The remaining $125,000 to be disbursed one year after TOP if projected energy improvement has been achieved

  30. $50 million R&D Fund to boost development of Green Building Technologies • $50 million fundover the next five years • 1st dedicatedR&D fund for construction and real estate sectors Applied R&D projects that will: • Raise the quality of life and • Make Singapore a distinctive global city

  31. Green Mark Scheme and R&D in Green Building Technologies Supporting Green Mark scheme Increasing demand for Green Building Technologies

  32. $50 million R&D Fund to boost development ofGreen Building Technologies • 1st Request for Proposal (RFP) have opened on 5 Jan 07 and will close on 28 Feb 07 • Open to all Singapore based proposers, including tertiary institutions, public sector agencies, private companies and individuals

  33. Eligibility The project …… • must support MND’s Vision • should show potential to be developed into products that can be widely adopted or enable policy development for adoption in public or private sector; or have export potential • shall use Singapore as base to own, manage and exploit Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) developed • must not have commenced at the time of application

  34. MND’s Vision and Mission Vision: An Endearing Home, A Distinctive Global City Mission: Develop world-class infrastructure, Create a vibrant and sustainable living environment Build rooted and cohesive communities Sustainable Development Distinctive Global City Community Building

  35. Key R&D Focus Areas

  36. Evaluation Criteria • Contribution towards MND’s Vision • Degree of adoption in public sector or commercialisation potential • Capability and track record of researchers • Innovation

  37. Funding Level • Assistance to cover 30-75% of the qualifying cost of the project (with cap of $2mil/proposal) • Depend on quality of proposal and implementation potential

  38. Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan Marina Bay as a showcase to promote sustainability in the built environment • Many global cities like New York and Shanghai are developing sustainable districts / zones. Dontang Marina, Shanghai

  39. Status of Green Mark buildings @ Marina Bay The Sail @ Marina Bay Marina Barrage S’pore Flyer Integrated Resort Business and Financial Center, BFC

  40. Our desired outcomes: $10M sqm Green Mark buildings/year by 2009! Outcomes

  41. A Peek Into The Future

  42. Thank You & Have A Great Weekend!