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Web Evaluation

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Press to continue. Web Evaluation. How do you know this website is the right one?. Rules:. Answer 1. Answer 2.

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web evaluation

Press to continue.

Web Evaluation

How do you know this website is the right one?



Answer 1

Answer 2

When asked the question, you either choose Answer 1, or Answer 2. If you get it right, you will see a screen that says Correct! But if you get it wrong, you will see this. That means you got it wrong. So lets get started!



Question 1:

Where do you find the Author of the website, and his/or her’s information?

On the Top

At the bottom

In the middle


Question 2

Question 4

Question 5

Question 3

Correct! Please go on to the next page.


Wrong, please try again.

Question 1

Question 4

Question 2

Question 5

Question 3

how do you know that the website isn t a joke

How do you know that the website isn’t a joke?

It is the subject that you are looking for

and it is realistic,

not something


will come out of a comic.

Its advertisement.

It is teaching

You something that is

Physically impossible.

where is the best place to find the author s information
Where is the best place to find the author’s information?

In an advertisement.

On a popular website

Like Google,

Wikipedia, or


Going to a website

That might have

A virus.

if a website asks you to give a donation what do you do
If a website asks you to give a donation, what do you do?

Give your

Information and

Say I might


Ask your parents,

Make sure it is not

An advertisement.

Steal your parent’s

Credit card and

Donate as much

As you can.

A virus alert has just popped upon your computer and it says that a special service will be able to fix it. Do you download it?

Ask your parents

If it is your virus


Yes, and give them

All of your