evaluation of a web site l.
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Evaluation of Web site PowerPoint Presentation
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Evaluation of Web site

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Evaluation of Web site - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Useful for Students of teacher training in IT method

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Evaluation of Web site

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    1. EVALUATION OF A WEB SITE S.G.ISAVE, Assistant Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune-30

    2. Collection of web pages available on internet. Each collection has a main page like cover page of a book, which is called a Home page. All the pages are related to Home pages. Each web site has an unique address on the network is called web site address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) What is web site ? sgisave@in.com

    3. CRIETERION FOR EVALUATION OF WEB SITE 1.Technology 2. Content 3. Overall impression sgisave@in.com

    4. Technology 1.1About the site - Suitable, short and easy URL (web address) Name of the Institute. Logo – Clear and protected Mission statement and its meaning Contacts- phone nos., Fax, e-mail, chat room Viewer’s Feedback. Name of Designer of the site Owner and Copyright of the site. Note of the Last update sgisave@in.com

    5. Technology 1.2 Visual aspect – Variety of media Colors scheme and Template Arrangement of various objects Logical variation in font No. of tabs Links provided – internal & external Sitemap sgisave@in.com

    6. Technology 1.3 Support - Software support Search support - internal & external File download Safety – read only, anti-virus protection etc sgisave@in.com

    7. 2.Content Updated Simplicity & clarity in language Useful to targeted group Completeness Interactive Presentation sgisave@in.com

    8. Overall Impression Usefulness User friendly, As per the type of the Institution sgisave@in.com

    9. Think more and expand…..! sgisave@in.com