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What is my life’s purpose? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is my life’s purpose?

What is my life’s purpose?

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What is my life’s purpose?

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  1. Tell Them That I Love Them John DiBattista

  2. What is my life’s purpose? • This is a question that has been asked by all people throughout human history. • The answer doesn’t come from the accumulation of money or possessions.

  3. Created with a purpose • God created us to be in a relationship with Him. • We’ll never be complete unless we truly embrace that relationship. • By seeking God, we can find our life’s purpose.

  4. Divine revelation • God chooses to reveal Himself in a variety of ways. • He can speak through a friend, a prayer, the Bible, or through every day life. • God also performs miracles.

  5. Tell Them That I Love Them • Tell Them That I Love Them is a book about God’s miraculous intervention in the life of the author, John DiBattista. • At a crucial moment in his life, John was visited by Jesus and was given a special message of hope.

  6. Encounter with Jesus • Late one night, Jesus visited John. • The miraculous encounter changed his life forever. By hearing a clear message from God, his purpose was more clear than ever before.

  7. A message of love • After the meeting with Jesus, John was a changed man with a specific purpose. • His new mission was to tell the world about Jesus’ unending, unconditional love.

  8. Liberating love • By fully accepting the love of Jesus Christ, you will be able to experience true peace and joy. • It is by living in the relationship we were created for that we find ourselves and our purpose. • We are set free by the love of Christ.

  9. Sharing the message • In the years since his remarkable personal experience with Jesus, John DiBattista has been changed. • Through God’s power, he has witnessed astonishing healing and protection from evil. • He is now called to share his story.

  10. A powerful story • Tell Them That I Love Them is John’s story, but anyone can experience the power and love of God. • Every person is a child of God, and therefore the gifts of freedom and love are available for all who seek it.

  11. Read the book • Delve into Tell Them That I Love Them and learn about the amazing power of the Spirit of God. • Order the book today and start your spiritual journey!