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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life. Chapter 6. Purpose of Life. Purpose comes from creator. Purpose exists before creation. Therefore, I cannot decide my own purpose of existence; It existed before I was born. My purpose for existing came from my Creator—God—not from me. Vocation : ( I choose… )

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The Purpose of Life

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  1. The Purpose of Life Chapter 6

  2. Purpose of Life • Purpose comes from creator. • Purpose exists before creation. • Therefore, I cannot decide my own purpose of existence; It existed before I was born. • My purpose for existing came from my Creator—God—not from me.

  3. Vocation: ( I choose… ) Doctor Lawyer Carpenter Etc. Life’s Purpose More Than A Job = ? • ( Not My Choice) • Only one • Same for everyone!

  4. Why did God Create Me? God Me ?

  5. God’s Motivation for Creation Shimjung ( Heart ) Shimjung: The irrepressible emotional impulse of the heart that desires to feel joy through giving love to an object-partner. Love Joy Object-Partner • God’s essential attribute • Root of God’s True Love • Core of God’s Character

  6. My Purpose for Being Created: Bring “Joy” to God ! Joy ① Object of Resemblance ② Object of Goodness ③ Object of Perfection‏ ④ Object of Shimjung Object

  7. Vocation: Doctor Lawyer Carpenter Etc. Life’s Purpose Vocation + Life’s Purpose + • Joy to God • Joy to Others • Joy to Creation

  8. Three Blessings • "And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and… have dominion… over every living thing that moves upon the earth.“ • Genesis 1:28

  9. Objects of God’s Joy 2nd Responsibility God God 1st Responsibility 3rd Responsibility God Man All Things Man Woman Mind Body Ideal World Children Man Families of True Love Character ofGoodness Societies of Co-prosperity

  10. Three Responsibilities(warnings if unfulfilled) • "When the mind is not in harmony, divine communion is hard to attain.” (6:36) • “… those who destroy family traditions dwell always in hell.” (1:43) • “Those who want to enjoy the fruits of their work are misers.” (2:49) Verses from the Bhagavad Gita

  11. 1st Responsibility • Universal Ethics = Live for Others, • Unity of mind & body:Publicprivate • One with God. • Qualification for greater responsibility: • Marriage & Family • Stewardship God > Mind Body Man Character ofGoodness

  12. 2nd Responsibility God • Universal Moral Values = Absolute Sexual Purity • Man & woman bonded together in the image of God. Best environment to raise and raise children. Develop our ability to love (heart). Man Woman Children Family Society Nation World One World Under God

  13. 3rd Responsibility God • Live in harmony with the laws of nature. • Unselfish business practices (pleasing to God). • Think of the long-termconsequences. • Good Stewards of Creation. Man All Things Ideal World Societies of Co-prosperity

  14. Learning to Live for the Sake of the Greater Good Mind Family Individual Body

  15. The Path to Peace World Nation Community Family Individual Filial Son  Good Citizen  Patriot  Saint

  16. Love, Life and Lineage… • … which do you think has most value? Many people think that it is love. However, no matter how valuable love and life are, they are horizontal in nature. They appear and conclude within one generation. On the other hand, lineage is vertical in nature and continues forever, generation after generation. Rev. Sun Myung Moon: 50-State USA Speaking Tour, “God is Our King and True Parent,” May 8, 2001..

  17. d"nsf] kfgL vfg' Û • s'nsf] 5f]/f . 5f]/L ljjfx ug{' ÛÛ

  18. Three Responsibilities Families of True Love God God Character ofGoodness Societies of Co-prosperity God Man All Things Man Woman Mind Body Ideal World Children Man The greatest among the Three Responsibilities is the Marriage Blessing.

  19. The Family is the Basic Unit of Heaven Grand- parents Elder Husband GOD Wife Younger Children The family is the training ground to develop our heart and true love.

  20. Marriage & Family: Universal • TENRIKYO: • "Representing heaven and earth, I have created husband and wife. This is the beginning of the world." • - Mikagura-uta

  21. Marriage & Family: Universal • HINDUISM: • "I am He, you are She; I am Song, you are Verse, I am Heaven, you are Earth, We two shall here together dwell, becoming parents of children." • - Atharva Veda 14.2.71

  22. Marriage & Family: Universal • CONFUCIANISM: • "The moral life of man may be likened to traveling to a distant place; one must start from the nearest stage. It may be likened to ascending a height of public responsibility; one must start from the lowest step, one's family." • - Doctrine of the Mean 15.2

  23. Marriage & Family: Universal • BUDDHISM: • "Supporting one's father and mother, cherishing wife and children and a peaceful occupation; this is the greatest blessing." • - Sutta Nipata 262

  24. Marriage & Family: Universal • JUDAISM: • "Blessed art Thou, O Lord, King of the universe, who created mirth and joy, bridegroom and bride, gladness, jubilation, dancing and delight, love and brotherhood, peace and fellowship." • - Talmud, Ketubot 8a

  25. Marriage & Family: Universal • CHRISTIANITY: • 'From the beginning of creation 'God made them male and female.' For this reason a `man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.' What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder." • - Gen. 3:24; Mark 10:6-9

  26. Marriage & Family: Universal • ISLAM: • "He has created spouses for you and planted affection and mercy between you." • - Qur'an 30.21

  27. Marriage & Family: Universal • SIKHISM: • "Not those are true husband and wife that with each other [merely] consort: Truly wedded are those that in two frames, are as one light." • - Adi Granth, Var Suhi, M.3

  28. Marriage & Family: Universal • JAINISM: • "Purity, reverence, ceaseless pursuit of knowledge, charity, removal of obstacles that threaten equanimity, service to others—these make the happy family." • - Tattvarthasutra 6.22-24

  29. Three Responsibilities: 1. Perfection of Individuality 2. Perfection of Love 3. Perfection of Environment(Co-Prosperity; Equality)

  30. Philosophy of True Education: Love Heaven, Love Humanity, & Love Your Country Responsibility Educational Principles Educational Methods Education Goals Stewardship (Perfection of Society) Knowledge and Skills Genius 3rd Absolute Sexual Purity (Perfection of Family) Universal Morals MoralPeople 2nd Living for Others (Perfection of Individual) Universal Ethics Good Character 1st

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