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Cot Bedding & Kid Bed Linen for Your Child's Room by Cloverlea Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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Cot Bedding & Kid Bed Linen for Your Child's Room by Cloverlea Designs

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Cot Bedding & Kid Bed Linen for Your Child's Room by Cloverlea Designs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create a precious room for your precious people with Cloverlea Designs. Our collection ranges from newborn to big kids (7-8yrs) with gorgeous Moses Baskets, cot bedding, Toddlers Bedding, inspiring kids beds and kids bed linen and a fabulous gift range. Visit our website for more info or call us: 0411 446 447 or email us:

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Cot Bedding & Kid Bed Linen for Your Child's Room by Cloverlea Designs

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You have decided to leave finding out if it’s a baby boy or baby girl til the actual birth - now does that mean your nursery can only be in yellow or green? Although both are lovely colours for a gender neutral nursery, this month’s newsletter takes a look at how to keep a nursery gender neutral but never dull.

As Interior Designers we are asked more frequently than ever for ideas on how to decorate nursery’s suitable for a baby girl or boy. Whilst it can be slightly more challenging, it can also be loads of fun too.

The first place to start is usually with the colour palette. The mum in this first example loved aqua – all shades of aqua. It was coordinated back with, surprisingly, a subtle orange. What also brings this room together is the Baltic timber floorboards, and the complimenting dark furnishing. A beautiful room for either a baby boy or girl.


Beautifully classical colour palettes of crisp white and chocolate are just timeless. Chocolate is recognised for its calming influences and white is not only refreshing but also very practical from a washing perspective for small babies.

A different but similar combination is the timeless white with deep plum/burgundy.

This colour run allows you the chance to review the room once your baby has arrived, with the option to add dusty pink trims for girls or light taupe for boys.


The Humphrey’s Bedtime range distributed through Cloverlea Designs is also a terrific non-gender specific bedding collection. The colours used in this range are champagne, sage, mushroom and light taupes. It’s subtle, understated and very gentle and the motif of the baby elephant is just sweet. Pulling together just a couple of the pieces in this collection with a well-designed bedroom range (e.g. cot and tallboy etc) will again allow you to come back and complete the look once you know whether the baby is a boy or girl. Finishing techniques could include a wall stencilling of the baby’s name in the colour palette or the addition of a floral or geometric knitted blanket.


One question we have been posed with lately was ‘Is it ok to still use some floral influences throughout the room keeping in mind our baby maybe a boy?’. The answer is that there are many patterns that can be categorised as floral but can also be interpreted as geometric prints. An example of this is the first image of a floor rug used in this newsletter (taupe and orange).This doesn’t have connotations to either a baby boy or girl but could be described as a floral print. There are also a vast number of florals within the etsy world that are non gender specific and it’s generally the colours that have been used that more denote the gender. So have your bloke-iest friend interpret floral of the geographic prints available and I think this will provide you with the answer.


Gender Neutral and Fabulous!!!

Here are a few items from our Cloverlea Designs collection that ultimately embellishes the nursery for either the little boy or little baby girl that makes their way in to your life:

2 x Sheet Set $84Quilt $116Bumper $119

Vincent Collection – Classic white & chocolate

$2895 Piece Starter Kit

White Gift Collection

Customer Feedback:

‘The sheets are so soft and fit the cot mattress great. The blanket is also really soft, unlike some others I have tried. The quilt is also light, so perfect for the weather at the moment (cooler nights in qld, unusual for this time of year). As I have just moved my daughter to her cot this bedding pack was perfect! The classic white design is also good as it can be used for either sex; I have just used some teddy bears in her cot to make it a little girlie!‘ Stacey



Humphrey’s Bedtime Canvas Art (2 canvases to choose from)


Humphrey’s Bedtime Knit Blanket

Remember if you have a question around nursery interiors or kids rooms, please drop us a note on our Facebook wall or via email and we would be thrilled to respond.