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Organic Bedding - Good For Your Health, Body and Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organic bedding good for your health body and environment

Organic Bedding - Good For Your

Health, Body and Environment

As everything in the world is changing with time we look for the safest things for our world and our

bodies. Organic products come in many different forms, from food to bedding to cleaning products.

These items are becoming more and more popular all over the world due to the increased demand for a

healthy life, as well as to preserve our beautiful mother earth.

Did you know that every time you fall asleep you are breathing harmful toxins if you are not sleeping on

organic bedding? Pillows, blankets, sheets and your mattress all contain toxins from pesticides. If 2

million pounds of organic cotton were used to make towels or washcloths it would eliminate an

estimated 43,000 pounds of pesticides not to mention the 486,000 pounds of synthetic nitrogen

fertilizers used. These pesticides and other agricultural chemicals wash into the earth and its water.

They kill fish and other water life, pollute drinking water and leave remains on the cotton. Would you

want to sleep on pesticides or have your children or babies sleeping on them and breathing them?

Physicians and other health professionals are becoming more and more aware of the possible effects

these toxic chemicals and the increased numbers in childhood disorders as well as SIDS. Infants spend an

average of 12 hours a day in their cribs and could be sleeping on a mattress that contains harmful toxic

chemicals. Your family's bedding is also treated with formaldehyde and harsh industrial fire retardant

chemicals. These chemicals can accumulate in your blood and cause respiratory problems as well as

cancer. There are no requirements on labeling these chemicals that pollute air, cause asthma and

learning disorders.

You can take control of your family's safety simply by replacing mattresses, blankets and sheets with

organic bedding. This would eliminate toxic chemicals in a place where your children spend a good

portion of their time. Organic cotton is naturally grown and has a low rate of combustion eliminating

harsh industrial fire retardant chemicals. The naturally grown cotton used to make your family's bedding

does not contain phthalates, vinyl (PVC), polyurethane foam or toxic fire retardant chemicals.

If you don't want to worry about what your family is coming in contact with while they sleep, shop

organic. It is the easiest solution when fighting against the harmful toxins in your baby's and family's

bedding. There are many other harmful things your children will come in contact with over the years;

their bedding shouldn't be one.

My name is Jodie Ritch and I am mother, an aunt and a homemaker, always looking for the safest

products for my family. I am part of a family owned internet organic bedding store specializing in toddler

bedding. Visit [] today for more useful information when choosing

your family's bedding.