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Quirk of the Day. Grid Ins. You will have 12 minutes for 10 questions You will not lost points for wrong answers OR unanswered questions in this section. What this means.

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Grid ins

Grid Ins

You will have 12 minutes for 10 questions

You will not lost points for wrong answers OR unanswered questions in this section

What this means
What this means

  • It is recommended, through not required, that you write your answer in the boxes at the top of the columns. However, you will receive credit only for darkening in ovals correctly.

  • Grid only one answer to a question, even though some problems may have more than one correct answer.

  • Darken no more than one oval per column.

  • No answers are negative.

  • Mixed numbers cannot be gridded. For example: the number must be gridded as 1.25 or 5/4 (if it is gridded as 1¼, it will be interpreted as 11/4 , not 1¼).

  • Decimal accuracy: Decimal answers must be entered as accurately as possible. For example, if you obtain an answer such as 0.1666. . ., you should record the result as .166 or .167. Less accurate values such as .16 or .17 are not acceptable.

What this means cont d
What this means, Cont’d

  • Your answer must have at most 4 characters, including the decimal point or fraction bar.

  • The grid cannot accommodate negative numbers, mixed numbers, or numbers greater than 9,999.

  • A fractional number with 4 digits won't fit.

  • Mixed numbers must be changed to decimals or fractions before you grid.

  • Decimals must be as complete as possible (for long or repeating decimals, use as many columns as possible) but do not have to be rounded up for accuracy's sake.

  • Many questions may have more than one correct answer, and there may be many ways to fill in the grid correctly (just choose a single safe one).

  • You will only get credit for filling in the ovals correctly—if you fill in two ovals in the same column, the computer reads this as an omission.

Follow these directions
Follow these directions

  • Count how many you have correct and write it on top of your page

    • Ex: 10 correct

  • Count how many you have incorrect and write it on top of your page

    • Ex: 5 incorrect

  • Take the incorrect number and multiply it by .25

    • Ex: 5 * .25 = 1.25 points

  • Now subtract your incorrect points from your correct number to get your total, circle that number

    • Ex: 10-1.25 = 8.75 points

Follow these directions1
Follow these directions

  • Now take the multiple choice total points (circled) and multiply it by 2.2

    • Ex: 8.75 * 2.2 = 19.25 multiple choice

  • Add the total points from the Grid-Ins to the multiple choice to get your raw score, circle it

    • Ex: 19.25 + 5 = 24.25 Raw Score