promoting innovation competence of employees n.
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Promoting Innovation Competence of Employees PowerPoint Presentation
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Promoting Innovation Competence of Employees

Promoting Innovation Competence of Employees

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Promoting Innovation Competence of Employees

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  1. Promoting Innovation Competence of Employees

  2. Innovation increases company valuation “Companies with a high degree of innovations in their port-folio outperform their competitors. Employees, which are a most critical element in promoting innovations, must therefore get the best possible and continuing help in their wish and drive to innovate.” Roger Aeschbacher

  3. Our support in innovation: simple and cost-effective • We identify the specific needs for inno-vation of your employees through repre-sentative interviews. • We answer their questions in a Question and Answer document. • The results of the interviews are used to design specific communication and edu-cation instruments to promote consistent innovation processes. • An innovation passport is set up as re-ference document on innovation. This is e.g. a perfect Give Away for any company event.

  4. What you get: Five major benefits • Identification and answering frequently asked questions creates solid knowledge base to the drive for innovation. • Hot topics are identified and can be continuously educated. • Reference documents (e.g. an innovation passport) improve consistent conversation on innovation. • Innovation potential may be unveiled. Rapid action can be taken to exploit this existing potential. • Your drive for innovation is chaperoned cost-effectively.

  5. Our references Gary O. Martini Gary O. Martini (45) is a specialist for innovation and global marketing. He has 20 years experience in global industrialization. He performs market surveys, tech-nology assessments and supervised the development and integration of novel technologies. His portfolio includes marketing and product development consulting for major global players (e.g. Gemplus, the world market leader in chip cards.) Roger Aeschbacher Dr. Aeschbacher (44) is owner of aeschbacher consulting. His references include publications on innovation, research and education in NZZ, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, BaZ, CASH, etc. He is also lecturer for innovation management at the Hochschule für Technik and Private Hochschule Wirtschaft in Zürich. He has extensive experience in teaching adults. He also organized a two-day workshop on innovation management for the Swissbiotechnet, an R&D competence center for Swiss biotechnology. Our company references: Please visit our homepage for an updated list of references in the detailed documents on innovation on our homepage:

  6. You get effective help to innovate At low cost, you effectively improve the innovation competence of your work force, a most important element for innovating successfully. You pro-actively prepare your work force for the ever important drive to innovate. By doing so, you guarantee the continuing success of your company. Contact us We are here for you. Just give us call. Roger Aeschbacher Innocheck +41 (0)78 637 69 80