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Membership 101 Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Membership 101 Class

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Membership 101 Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Membership 101 Class. The Villa Group “We as a Team are committed to being the Best”. Fernando González. 3 Owners. Owen Perry. Luz María Torres. The Vision. Villa del Mar. Villa del Palmar Cabo. Villa del Palmar PV. Villa del Arco Cabo. Villa del Palmar Flamingos. The Future.

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Membership 101 Class

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    1. Membership 101 Class

    2. The Villa Group“We as a Team are committed to being the Best” Fernando González 3 Owners Owen Perry Luz María Torres

    3. The Vision Villa del Mar Villa del Palmar Cabo Villa del Palmar PV Villa del Arco Cabo Villa del Palmar Flamingos

    4. The Future Villa del Palmar Cancun Villa del Palmar Loreto

    5. The TEAM Members Resort.Com Future Resorts + 2010 NV Cabo Existing Resorts

    6. Growth of the Membership Villa Prefered Access Points VIP II Ocean Front Gold Premier Non-Premier Fixed

    7. Reservations Live the Dream! • Gold Members/VPA • Reservations can be made at any UVC resort 24 months in advance of the season that you own. • You must decide what you are going to do with your week by September 1st for Summer weeks and November 1st for Winter and Holiday weeks. • Premier Members • Reservations can be made at your primary use resort 24 months in advance of the season that you own. • Reservations can be made at any additional UVC resort10 months in advance of the season that you own. • You must decide what you are going to do with your week by August 1st for VDP-PV members and August 15th for VDP Cabo for Summer weeks and October 1st for VDP-PV and October 15th for VDP-Cabo for Winter and Holiday weeks.

    8. Reservations • Fixed Week Members • Your fixed week reservation is automatically booked for your use each year. • Please notify the Club at least 60 days in advance if you are not going to use your week during your fixed week time. • If you have previously vacation banked any of your weeks you must bank them by July 15th for Summer and September 15th for Winter and Holiday • Guest reservations • Gold Time must be used by member and cannot be given to a guest • You may send a guest to the resort to use your week for a guest certificate fee • If your guest is under the age of 25 a deposit of 500.00 must be given

    9. Modifying/Canceling your Reservation • Gold Members/VPA have one modification/cancellation per year with no fee if more than 30 days in advance • You can modify/cancel your reservation within 24 hours after Booking your reservation with no cost • You can modify/cancel your reservation 31 days or more in advance with a fee • You can modify/cancel your reservation 30 days or less with an additional fee

    10. Gold/Preferred Access Time Use • Additional week of use per week owned for Gold/VPA Members only • Maintenance Fee is due upon making the reservation for this week • Reservations can be made between weeks 18 (May) to weeks 43 (October) • Weeks are available for exchange and will trade as a red season week • Weeks can be booked 24 months in advance based on availability • You may break this week down into days and pay the pro-rated Maintenance Fee More time to relax & enjoy

    11. Unit/Season Upgrades • Gold members/VPA can upgrade their unit upon check in based on availability at no cost • Gold & Non Gold Members: • You can upgrade your season based on availability no more than 60 days in advance • You can upgrade your unitbased on availability no more than 60 days in advance with a fee based on the unit type You deserve it!

    12. Vacation Banking • Gold/VPA members can vacation bank with no fee for 5 years • Non Gold Members: • You can save any week that you own from one year to another up to 3 years for a fee • You must call the Club to make this vacation banking happen, they do not roll over automatically

    13. Vacation Borrowing • Gold/VPA members can borrow up to 5 years with no fee except the Maintenance Fee that is due for each week • Non Gold Members: • You can borrow your weeks up to 3 years in advance for a reservation in the current year. Maintenance fees apply. • When you borrow these weeks you will also have to pay the Maintenance Fee associated with these weeks.

    14. Exchanging your week • You can exchange your week through Interval International or RCI depending on your affiliation at the time of your purchase • You will need to call the Club to notify them of your desire to exchange your week and they will help you through the process i.e.: request first / deposit first

    15. Additional Nights • You can book additional nights to the week that you own at a 30% to 40% discount from the rack rate at the resort • These additional nights are based on availability

    16. Optional Services • Airport Shuttle • You can book a shuttle from the airport to the resort • Meal Plans • You can book a meal plan that allows you to eat and drink at our restaurants throughout the resorts • Spa Certificates • You can purchase a discounted Spa Certificate which will allows you to book services with the Spa at a discounted rate

    17. Optional Services • Medical Evacuation You can travel with the peace of mind that will be cared for in case of a medical emergency that you need to be air lifted to the United States & Canada Provided by “On Call International” • Travel Escapes Club • Provides members with access to competitive airline fares, cruises and tours • Health Travel Guides • World class doctor network offers dental, cosmetic, LASIK and • surgical procedures at prices you won’t find in the U.S.

    18. In Addition Eagles Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization conceived by Jim McCarthy, a long-time Board of Director member of Universal Vacation Club.  It was approved by IRS in l999. The mission of EWF is to provide assistance to charitable groups in the Puerto Vallarta area, the nearby state of Nayarit, and Cabo San Lucas.  In some life-threatening situations, we try to aid individuals as well.  We call our efforts “Taking Care of our Home Away From Home.”  EWF has made over $1,000,000 (US) in grants, currently maintaining an overhead expense rate at less than 2%!

    19. Rental Program • Suite Getaways program designed to offset your maintenance fee. • Not a “get rich quick” program. • 35% administrative fee. • Great option for current year unused week. • Deposit weeks October 1st through December 15th

    20. Villa Preferred Access What are points? As a VPA owner you own a “Points Contract” that is equivalent to a week in a particular unit and season. Unlike traditional timeshare memberships that only allow you to reserve a week in a specific unit type and season, VPA members are able to use their flexible points to travel in any unit size anytime of the year as long as you have the required number of points to make the reservation.

    21. Villa Preferred Access If you purchased a VPA One Bedroom Summer season contract which is equivalent to 1,700 points, you can reserve any of these vacation options: • A 1 bedroom unit for 7 nights during the Summer Season in Villa del Arco (1700 pts) • A 1 bedroom for 9 nights during the Summer season in VDP PV (1700 pts) • A 2 bedroom for 6 nights during the Summer season in VDP Flamingos (1650pts)

    22. Villa Preferred Access • A Studio unit for 13 nights during the Summer Season in VDP Cabo (1575 pts) • A Studio unit for 11 nights during the Winter season in VDP PV (1,600 pts) • A 2 bedroom for 3 nights during the winter season in Villa del Arco (1,050 pts)