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e-mail. A presentation about communicating electronically. What is e-mail?. It is a messaging system that uses a network to deliver a message at any time to any place on that network for as many people as you wish. Wikipedia says….

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e mail


A presentation about communicating electronically

what is e mail
What is e-mail?

It is a messaging system that uses a networkto deliver a message at any time to any place on that network for as many people as you wish.

wikipedia says
Wikipedia says…

Electronic mail, often abbreviated to e-mail, email, or originally eMail, is a store-and-forward method of writing, sending, receiving and saving messages over electronic communication systems.

www mywalpole com au says
www.mywalpole.com.au says

An electronic document (usually a message) sent to a person or group on the Internet. When used as a verb, "email" refers to the act of sending such a document over the Internet.

email is better in many ways
Email is better in many ways:-

Email can be sent to a number of persons at the same time (no more licking hundreds of envelopes!!)

Email can send files containing video, pictures, even PowerPoint presentations

Your address goes here

The address of the recipient goes here

In case you want to

send it to others


dangers of email
Dangers of email

What if you send the wrong message or attachment to the wrong address?

Who wants a nasty virus on their computer upon opening a message from an unknown address??? eww.

Getting junk mail or spam is just a big pain…