Integrated design and delivery systems
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Integrated Design and Delivery Systems. By Dr Zeeshan Aziz – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike License Introduction to Integrated Design and Delivery Systems

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Integrated design and delivery systems
Integrated Design and Delivery Systems

By Dr Zeeshan Aziz – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike License

Orbee learning material

Introduction to Integrated Design and Delivery Systems

Lesson 4- BIM & Construction Project Management

ORBEE Learning Material

Lesson plan
Lesson Plan

  • Co-ordination problems in construction projects

  • Using BIM for 4D Simulation

  • Traditional scheduling methods and the need for 4D Simulation

  • Using BIM for Quantity Take-Off and Construction Estimation

Key learning outcomes
Key Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the need for construction production simulation

  • To analyse key benefits of production simulation

  • To comprehend various types of 4D applications

Using bim for 4d production simulation
Using BIM for 4D Production Simulation

  • Created by linking 3D BIM with Project Timeline

  • Used to display both temporary and permanent components

  • Referred to as product-process models

Using 4d for macro and micro level communication
Using 4D for Macro and Micro Level Communication

  • Using 4D at a Macro Level

    • Site Logistics

    • Staging Areas

    • Access routes and disruptions

  • Using 4D at a Micro Level

    • Defining Construction Sequence

    • Identification of space-time conflicts

Cpm scheduling
CPM Scheduling

  • A work breakdown structure, showing a complete list of all activities required to complete a project;

  • Time duration for each project activity;

  • Dependency between project activities; and

  • The time (duration) that each activity will take to completion.

Line of balance lob
Line of Balance (LOB)

  • Uses Location as basis for Scheduling

  • Ideally suited for activities involving repeated block of activities (e.g. high rise construction or road works)

  • X-axis represents the timeline of the project, whereas the Y-axis identifies the work areas that identify a project.

References and learning resources
References and Learning Resources

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Integrated design and delivery systems

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