technology world change mgmt002 term 1 academic year 2004 2005 l.
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Technology & World Change (MGMT002) Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology & World Change (MGMT002) Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005

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Technology & World Change (MGMT002) Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology & World Change (MGMT002) Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005 Prepared by Fu Shixin Guang Yunxing, Chris Nur Faizah Zainodin Yong Zhimin, Joan Wong Kwok Pin Edmund What This Technology Is About!

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Technology & World Change (MGMT002) Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005

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technology world change mgmt002 term 1 academic year 2004 2005

Technology & World Change (MGMT002)Term 1 Academic Year 2004-2005

Prepared by

Fu Shixin

Guang Yunxing, Chris

Nur Faizah Zainodin

Yong Zhimin, Joan

Wong Kwok Pin Edmund

what this technology is about
What This Technology Is About!
  • Electrochromism - a reversible and visible change in the color of the material as a result of electrochemical oxidation/reduction.
  • Basis of this technology- electrochromic polymers (ECP)
  • Approaches:
          • inorganic thin film (which we will use)
          • organic polymer
          • organic solution
technology s current applications
Technology’s Current Applications
  • Rearview mirrors of cars
  • Motorcyclists’ visors
  • Latest windows
application ecp for car bodies
Application: ECP for Car bodies
  • Properties of ECP
    • Rapid colour change
    • Retention of color via electrochromic memory
    • Suitable for any surfaces
  • Efficient & convenient way to change the colour of car bodies
  • Aesthetic needs – Owners can change a colour to suit his tastes/preferences
  • Safety needs – Colour change generates greater visibility and attention
linking up the system
Linking Up the System
  • Apply ECP to car body
  • Connect ECP to electrical source (car battery)
  • Control System (Brain) that connects the battery to ECP
  • To colour/reverse change: Use low dc voltage of 0 to +/- 5 V
  • Handheld Internet Device (e.g. mobile phone, PDA) to be connected to control system via Bluetooth

Internet Device





Control System




Beneath the hood


External body of car


The Old Way of Changing Colours


  • Apply for colour change via LTA website
  • Wait 3 – 5 working days for processing of application
  • Proceed to change colour at the garage
the new carmeleon system
The New CarMeleon System


  • Apply via LTA website
  • 24 hrs approval system
  • 24 hrs later, use internet device to log on to LTA website to receive approval
  • Click on “Proceed to Change Colour”
  • Information is transferred from device to control system via bluetooth
  • System recognises amount of electricity needed for chosen colour
  • Electricity released to ECP
  • Colour changing is complete!
advantage of using the new system
Advantage of using the New System
  • Reduces administrative work and manpower
  • Shortens waiting and approval process
  • Internet device acts as a User Interface
  • Convenient and efficient

- The control system automatically recognizes the approval and amount of voltage needed for colour change

  • No changing of colours when traveling on the road

- Diverts attention of driver

- Distraction to others

  • Driver will be severely penalized
  • Changing of colour allowed only when car is PARKED.
safety purpose
Safety Purpose
  • Distress colour: Fluorescent Pink
  • Used only for broken down vehicles

- To reduce the problem of traffic jams

  • Change of colour will be triggered by a special button specific for this purpose
  • Not a colour for everyday use/ traveling on roads
  • Serves as a warning signal for others
bad weather low visibility
Bad Weather, Low Visibility
  • Level of transparency or opaqueness can be controlled by specifying the amount of current applied
  • Combining ECPs and light sensor (automatic change of shade)
  • Insufficient Light (e.g. heavy rain, fog)

- Illumination: Shade brightens

  • Too much light (e.g. glare)

- Shade darkens

limitations of ecp
Limitations of ECP
  • Required DC voltage: 0 to +/- 5V.

 ECP easily destroyed if too much voltage applied

  • Colour-bleach cycle lifetime
    • Repeated chemical reactions eventually lead to degradation of performance
    • Similar to charging a battery
  • Limited variety of colours
  • Speed of change across large surfaces
applications n needs
Applications N Needs
  • Fulfills a safety need- changing colors of car to a PINK color to identify break-down vehicles; low visibility problem
  • Fulfills the aesthetic pleasure of people
research on effectiveness of illumination
Research on effectiveness of illumination
  • Fog caused 44, 000 accidents in 2001
  • Experiment:
  • During a fog, the shade of green on the right would be more visible
Certain car safety devices however, significantly dissimilar due to different approach to car safety

Car-spraying services

Car spray and paints

Low Visibility Warning System

Wireless technology

Handheld wireless applications e.g. PDA

Car manufacturers


  • Collaboration with Gentex Corporation
  • Leading supplier of electrochromic devices
  • Leverage on the technological know-how of company
  • Less staff needed
cost analysis
Cost analysis
  • Cost savings – cost is negated within 6 colour changes
  • Time saved and convenience
  • Price suggested is launch price and is expected to fall with widespread usage
market entry
Market Entry
  • First mover
  • Strategy for manufacturers to adopt will be that of early entry
  • Manufacturers could thus seek to tie in with government regulatory bodies so as to obtain patent rights
  • Yield monopoly rents
  • Ease of use lies directly under car users.

3-Year Timeline

Phrase 1

Strategy Development & Idea Generation

Phrase 3

Further Development & Market Testing

Nov 04 May 05 Nov 05 May 06 Nov 06 May 07 Nov 07

Phase 4: Launch the product extensively


Screening, Evaluation and Business Analysis

  • If Carmeleon is widely adopted, accident rate will be lowered and the efficiency of changing the colors of cars will be increased.
  • Greatly revolutionize the automotive industry, creating great potential for car manufacturers and benefits for the general public.
end of presentation

End of Presentation

Thank you for your attention!