events leading up to the constitutional convention l.
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Events Leading Up to the Constitutional Convention

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Events Leading Up to the Constitutional Convention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Events Leading Up to the Constitutional Convention. Who was thinking what!?. Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry. Supported a weak central government “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”!. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

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samuel adams and patrick henry
Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry
  • Supported a weak central government
thomas jefferson and james madison
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
  • Said that strong state governments should exist to balance the central government
  • Local leaders could not best represent citizens


john adams
John Adams
  • In favor of a bicameral legislature
    • Upper house made of men of property
    • Lower house of “hot-headed” representatives
george washington
George Washington
  • Wanted to strengthen unity of the states
  • Wanted this so that order was maintained and people’s freedoms were protected
alexander hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
  • Wanted national government to take a strong lead over states in economic matters
shays rebellion
Shays Rebellion
  • This was the spark:
  • The KEY for shifting balance of power away from the states and more to a balanced government
may 1787
May 1787:
  • 55 delegates from 12 colonies (RI did not attend) attended a public meeting in Philadelphia
  • There were no women, Native Americans or African Americans allowed
  • Patrick Henry REFUSED to attend
  • Samuel Adams was not asked
  • Thomas Jefferson was in France
  • John Adams was in Britain
as a result of the non attendees
As a result of the non-attendees:
  • The most influential voices of the Constitutional Convention were Hamilton and Washington
but what about madison
But what about Madison?
  • James Madison is considered the “Father of the Constitution” because he “shaped” the words that came out of the Constitutional Convention. He took detailed notes at the Convention and translated them into the writing of the Constitution.