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Central eLearning Approaches PowerPoint Presentation
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Central eLearning Approaches

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Central eLearning Approaches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Central eLearning Approaches. Systems are built and integrated Staff education is well underway Range of student-led activities General observations Online assessment Opportunities. Substantial use of Blackboard Learning Management System (full academic suite)

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Central eLearning Approaches

  • Systems are built and integrated
  • Staff education is well underway
  • Range of student-led activities
  • General observations
  • Online assessment
  • Opportunities
university of dundee elearning systems
Substantial use of Blackboard Learning Management System (full academic suite)

Delivering up to 3500 online assessments per day to students using Questionmark Perception

800 modules a semester are active within My Dundee (70-80%)

CLT unit exists to support innovative use of eLearning

Just launched a formal project scheme to partner LTs with faculty projects

Advanced curriculum mapping and delivery (collaborative with Medicine)

UoD Learning Object Repository underway in a pilot fashion (Life Sciences)

University of Dundee - eLearning Systems
fulfilling the vision 2007
Infrastructure established

Central staff

Hardware and software

Annual budget incl. Licencing

Integrations – SITS, Novell, Library, Faculties

Policies, procedures established and documented

Staff education

Online courses running

Semester F2F programme

Work with individuals/depts/schools/faculties

eLearning is moderated by staff capacity to embrace change

Student e-literacy

Ubiquitous online support for modules

Each with an in depth online activity

Students graduate with eLearning skills

Meeting the expectations of digital natives

Fulfilling the Vision 2007

University of Dundee Managed Learning Environment

April 2005

GroupWise Web Email

Student Management System


QMP Formative server CAA-02

User exists 3 weeks before appointment

Completed daily

Module enrolment

Bb client

Mark return to Bb

Student exists

Staff details also stored in SMS

Module enrolments of students

Module assessment mark storage

LDAP client?

Bb LMS – Portal - LCMS Test server

QMP Test server CAA-03

Bb Student Portal

Blackboard VLE – ELS 6.2

QMP Exam server CAA-01

Hardware 2 * 480s

Version 6.2.2

Users created from SITS SMS system

Module enrolment

Staff assignments from web system

LDAP client

Module assessment mark storage

Training teaching staff


Special exam enrolment

Mark return

Learning Object Repository

Personal content and ePortfolios

Search and report

Library search management

Faculty integrations


Catalogue access

Resource management system

LDAP client?



Dual Novell LDAP servers

Create user name and email process LDAP authentication

Remove user process

Staff Assignment Record

File store

Medical School

Secure web access

Novell Fileservers Student Desktop

Curriculum map

Student administration


Central E-Learning at University of Dundee - 2005

  • Student Portal
  • Student organisations
  • Announcements
  • Polls
  • Non-academic courses
  • VLE
  • Module material
  • Library links
  • Interactive learning
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Extensions & developments
  • Departmental Innovations
  • Vocational software tuition
  • Project-based collaboration
  • Online seminars & visits
  • Specialist software tools
  • Learning Content
  • Management System
  • Central store of resources
  • Cataloguing & metatagging
  • Restricted resources,
  • e.g HERON material
  • Developing a LOR
  • ePortfolios
  • Formal assessment to blogs
  • Universal & departmental ePDPs
  • Project-based work
  • Reflective learning
  • Online Assessment
  • Formative and summative
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Deep questions and a variety of questions
  • Sharable resources

Staff DevelopmentEvaluation and ResponseFuture Developments


Learning and Assessment Delivery

Traditional /Face-to-face

eLearning /Online

Online formative assessments





Paper examinations

Online examinations



Online discussions


Course essay

Blended /Hybrid

continued professional development activities underway
Continued Professional Development Activities Underway
  • PGCHE from Education
  • Archives - postgraduate courses
  • Nursing Glider project
  • Law – Charity and Medical CPD
  • Applied Computing - OOP
  • Further opportunities
getting online assessment correct
Getting online assessment correct

Assessment software design & deployment

Assessment hardware design & deployment

Clear policy and procedures

Central assessment support

Learning systems integration



Delivered to QAA assessment series 2004

examples of assessment strategies
Examples of Assessment Strategies
  • 15 Q from pool of 50, max mark taken (Languages)
  • ePortfolios created to assessed criteria (Education)
  • Revision Q with FB relating to lectures (Art History)
  • 10 numerical Q, from a pool of 500 Q (Economics)
  • Student revision – students invited to compose 2 Q each with FB, all compiled automatically, checked & made available for open assessment (Env Sci)
  • Open assessment, one submission only (Law)
  • Watch an endoscope video, then complete diagnosis (Medicine)
  • Summative (Life Sciences, range of departments)
some opportunities for this university
Some Opportunities for this University
  • Technical infrastructure and integrations now in place
  • Efficient teaching is important for the RAE
  • More efficient & effective on campus delivery of learning – support teaching staff creativity
  • CPD programmes will capilitalise on academic knowledge and eLearning resources
  • Local & national schools liaison and student recruitment
  • Enhance and extend key research & enterprise projects (national / international lead)
online assessment the student experience
Online Assessment: The Student Experience

A Dundee student recently said:

“Taking an exam online feels a lot more natural to me because I’m used to sitting and working in the IT suites. In an exam hall I feel much more stressed because it’s so unfamiliar.”


Development of Online Assessment

Items (Advanced)

Progress route with guidance

Probable progress route alone



Institutions / individuals

Items (Basic)

Parsons and Walker, 2004


Additional Observations

  • Unforeseen use of student teachers of LCMS to share lesson plans
  • Chemistry improves quality and efficiency in teaching
  • Civil engineering report raising the expectations, raises the achievements

Future of eLearning

  • Digital natives not always understood by digital immigrants
  • Sunday Times “Net Destroyer - Real Business Online”
  • Sunday Times “What jobs will be left when I grow up?”
  • Students are learning how, not learning what
  • Just in time learning is beginning to have an impact
  • It is key that students learn how to learn by eLearning
  • There is a fundamental tension between the new e-world and the tradition and wisdom of university establishment