ect 455 e commerce web site engineering l.
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ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering

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ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering Lecture 1 Introduction Agenda Course Overview MS/ECT 2007 Curriculum Web Site Engineering Process Project Team Formation Internet and E-Commerce Trends E-Commerce and EC Value Chain 1. Course Overview Syllabus Assignments and requirements

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ect 455 e commerce web site engineering

ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering

Lecture 1


ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

  • Course Overview
  • MS/ECT 2007 Curriculum
  • Web Site Engineering Process
  • Project Team Formation
  • Internet and E-Commerce Trends
  • E-Commerce and EC Value Chain

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

1 course overview
1. Course Overview
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments and requirements
  • Textbooks
  • Team projects
  • Discussion forum & market news
  • ECT server accounts

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

server accounts
Server Accounts
  • ECTWEB: ASP, PHP and PERL accounts running in IIS 5.0 application isolation mode
  • ECTWEB2: ASP.NET 2.0 accounts running in IIS 6.0 Application Pools
  • Individual accounts on both ECTWEB and ECTWEB2; you need to activate your accounts first before accessing it.

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

access your account
Access Your Account
  • Activate your account first. Visit
  • ECT Documentation Wiki :
  • ECT Blog:

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

project team accounts
Project Team Accounts
  • Project team accounts are on ECTWEB2; no need to activate the accounts.
  • If your team needs an ECTWEB account, submit a request by email to me.
  • Login
    • User ID: CSTCIS\silver25 (example)
    • Password
  • URL

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

sql server accounts
SQL Server Accounts
  • A tutorial has been posted with information on how to use your ECT SQL Server account to host the ASP.NET Membership databases. This is only available for students with accounts on ECTWEB2.
  • Tutorial can be found here :

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.


2. Competency Modules for MS/ECT 2007


IT Planning& Strategies




& Strategies

Legal & Social


Level III

Level II

Database II

InformationAssurance &Security


Project Management

Wireless &


Knowledge Management

Advanced Internet Tech.

Level I

Database I


Data Mining& Analytics

Network Design


HCI Methods



CSC 449Database





Of Dist. IS

SE 430



Foundation Phase

ECT 455

EC Web Site



Electives (5)

Prerequisite Phase

CSC 211

Java I

CSC 212

Java II

SE 325



CSC 383Data Structure

& Algorithms

ECT 310

Internet App. Dev.t

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

e business systems competency
e-Business Systems Competency
  • *ECT 455 E-Commerce Web Site Engineering 
  • *ECT 480 Intranets and Portals
  • *ECT 481 Internet Supply Chain Management
  • *ECT 582 Secure Electronic Commerce
  • ECT 586 Customer Relationship Management Technologies 
  • *ECT 589 E-Commerce Technology Capstone
  • At least 4 courses to fulfill a competency 
  • * required for ECT majors 

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

IT Management Oriented

mn1. IT Project Management I

mn2. IT Project Management II

mn3. IT Planning & Global Strategies

mn4. Legal & Social Issues

mn5. IT Regulatory Compliance

Internet Oriented

**in1. Internet Application Development

in2. Wireless/Mobile Applications

Infrastructure Oriented

if1. Network Design

if2. Information Assurance & Security Design

if3. IT Architecture Design

Design/Development Oriented

dd1. Application Development

dd2. Software Engineering

**dd3. e-Business Systems

dd4. HCI Methods

dd5. Enterprise Systems Integration

Data Oriented

do1. Database Design I

do2. Database Design II

do3. Data Mining & Analytics

do4. Knowledge Management

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

3 web site engineering process
3. Web Site Engineering Process
  • Strategy phase--conceptual development & feasibility
  • Requirement analysis
  • Detailed design: information, program, structure, navigation and graphic design
  • Production, usability testing, and prototype
  • Testing and Implementation
  • Promotion and evaluation
  • Shorter SDLC, iterative process
  • Collaborative process
  • USER-CENTERED Development Process

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

team project deliverables
Team Project Deliverables
  • A: Team Organization Statement
  • B: Business Case Statement
  • C: Requirement Analysis and Specifications
    • Site structure chart and transaction process flow
  • D: Detailed Design
    • Detailed content, interface design, design layouts, revised site structure chart, Low-Fi prototyping, db
  • E: Technical and Budget Feasibility Report
  • F: Project Prototype & Presentation
  • G: Final Documentation
  • Gallery of Student Projects

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

4 project team issues
4. Project Team Issues
  • Balanced Skill sets -- project management, analysis, design, programming, DB, ASP (or ASP.NET), graphics, usability
  • Project Leadership -- designated and roving leadership, consensus vs. dominance; followership
  • Diversity-- majors, cultural, perspectives
  • Real Clients? challenges and opportunities; realistic cases built on real clients; Dr. Chan’s expectation vs. client’s expectation
  • Ownership vs. Project Management – project owner should not be project manager

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.


A Web Development Team







Maintenance, adm, monitoring, & updating


ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

more project team issues
More Project Team Issues
  • Time Management -- meetings, virtual collaboration (discussion forums); commitment
  • Timelines – Don’t fall behind.
  • Deliverables– posting on ectweb2 course server
  • Feedback–from potential users, from Dr. Chan
  • COMMITMENT-- Don’t let your team members carry you. Sign mutual expectation agreement.
  • Intervention – Joining other teams? Problematic team dynamics? “

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

more project team issues dl teams
More Project Team Issues DL Teams
  • How to form a DL team?
  • Communication issues?
    • Discussion Forum and online chat
  • Virtual team work?
    • Strong team lead
    • Full commitment to roles and responsibilities by everyone on the team
  • Meeting with me?
    • When intervention is called for?
    • Loop Campus Teams – two meetings with me
  • Presentation time?
    • In class on week #11
    • DL teams can present in class or schedule separate presentations

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

a quick poll
A Quick Poll
  • What was your most recent online purchase?
  • What types of products or services do you like to buy online?
  • Why do you enjoy shopping online?
  • What are your favorite shopping sites?
  • How loyal are you to any specific sites? How do these sites attract your repeat visits?
  • If a website has a store location, which channel do you prefer to use? The store or the website? Why?

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.


5. Internet and e-Commerce Trends

Growth of the Internet

Dot com bust begins

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.


Share of Americans Online by Age

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Dec. 2005

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

us ecommerce the first five years
US eCommerce: The First Five Years
  • 1997 to 2002: explosive growth
    • Spurred by consumers and VC support for dot-come and traditional retailer, a raging economy
    • Online shopping households grew from 5m to 36.5m; online sales from $2.4b to 72.1b
    • Consumers continued shopping online for convenience, selection, and deals, especially travel, consumer electronics, and PCs
    • CAGR of 97%

Source: Forrester Research

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

us ecommerce the next five years
US eCommerce: The Next Five Years
  • 2002 to 2007: consistent, rapid growth
    • By 2007, households shopping online will increase by 26.4 m and grow to 63m, or 2/3 of all US households
    • Sales will grow from $72.1b in 2002 to $217.8b in 2007
    • CAGR of 25%; 8% of total retail sales

Source: Forrester Research

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

u s e commerce 2004 2010
U.S. E-Commerce 2004-2010
  • More than double over the next six years, reaching $316 billion by 2010, account for 12% of total retail sales in 2010
  • Most online categories will grow between 10% and 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the period.
  • New categories: tools, hardware, flowers, and garden supplies
  • Improvement in multichannel efforts, customer service, and fulfillment.
  • The number of new households shopping online will increase between 2007-2009 when half of US households will have broadband at home.
  • Increased 1:1 marketing efforts to find new customers—blogs, chat rooms, and message boards

Source: Forrester Research, August 23, 2004

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

web 2 0
Web 2.0
  • “What is Web 2.0: Design patterns and business models for the next generation of software”
  • The emerging generation of Internet applications and businesses that form the “participatory web” – blogs, wikis, social networking, podcasts – utilizing collective intelligence, providing network-enabled interactive services, giving users control over their own data
  • User-centric online activities
  • A core set of principles and practices

Source: riding the waves of “web 2.0” -- Pew Internet project 2006

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

web 2 0 applications
Web 2.0 Applications
  • Level-3 applications, the most "Web 2.0", which could only exist on the Internet, deriving their power from the human connections and network effects Web 2.0 makes possible, and growing in effectiveness the more people use them. O'Reilly gives as examples: eBay, craigslist, Wikipedia,, Skype, dodgeball, and Adsense.

Source: wikipedia

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

6 types of e commerce
6. Types of E-Commerce
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Internet
    • Purchasing, knowledge, entertainment, other
  • Intra-Organizational: Intranets (B2E)
    • Business intelligence, enterprise portal, workgroup communications, corporate digital library, sales force productivity, workflow, datawarehousing
  • Business-to-Business (B2B): Extranets
    • Supply chain management, Customer relationship Mgt; exchange
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

the e commerce value chain
The e-Commerce Value Chain

Get and keep

customer interest

Turn interest

into orders

Service customers

Manage orders












Order capture




Customer service

Order tracking

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.

next week
Next Week
  • Review reading assignments.
  • Visit and to analyze their application of e-commerce value chain.
  • Select sites for Website Analysis.
  • Activate your own ectweb or ectweb2 account.
  • Get the group project account from instructor (
  • Sign up for COL Discussion Forum.
  • Deliverable A (by email with the URL) to instructor
  • Market News

ECT 455 Susy Chan Ph.D.