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Assignment 2 - wellbeing PowerPoint Presentation
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Assignment 2 - wellbeing

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Assignment 2 - wellbeing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assignment 2 - wellbeing

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  1. Assignment 2 - wellbeing

  2. Four wellbeing exercises • Gary Craig’s Emotion Freedom Therapy. A powerful stress reducing therapy, that is a combination of an energy therapy exposure therapy and positive psychology • Martin Seligman’s Three Blessings Exercise. Thinking about the good things in life can have powerful effect on depression and increase a sense of joy and well-being. . • Barbara Fredrikson’s Loving-Kindness Mindfulness exercises. Loving-kindness meditation creates small increases in amusement, contentment, gratitude, hope, joy, interest, love. • Martin Seligman’s  Gratitude Visit. A powerful positive psychology process it involves writing and delivering a gratitude letter to someone you’ve not fully thanked for their help.

  3. A note of caution Many people have found that the above exercises can have life changing consequences. In this assignment, however, we want to apply the exercises to matters of day-to-day concern rather than search for issues that may have a huge emotional investment. So with Emotional Freedom Therapy do not pick an area in which you feel highly vulnerable. With the Gratitude Visit don’t make it to the most contentious and difficult relationship you have ever had. Because all of the exercises involve some degree of self-exploration it is possible that you could feel some discomfort while doing any of them. This is OK, and part of any learning journey. It is very unlikely that you will feel any noticeable on-going discomfort from any of these exercises. If you do, let one of your lecturers know as soon as possible OR speak to Patricia Aguilera Ramos (our DOSP trainee counsellor) or to Unitec Student Counselling Services.

  4. Collecting baseline, test and post-test data – p2, and p6Click on the picture to access the actual spreadsheet

  5. The assignment tasks • Justification (15%): This is a 800 word essay where you describe the results from research that seem to support the theory behind the exercise. • Record keeping (15%): You will provide records of your state of wellbeing and/or descriptions of your experience of the exercise before and after the exercise or a period of time (roughly 10 days) over which the exercise has been used. • Conclusion (18%): This is an 800 word analysis and summary of the effectiveness of the exercise used based on the records you have kept • References (2%)

  6. Wellbeing checklists • Outcome Rating Scale: a general measure of wellbeing • General Happiness Scale • The Satisfaction with Life Scale In groups of three, have a go at doing these three assessments, and scoring them and putting them on the graph which is on page 2. Discuss and have a look at the rest of the assignment. Large group discussion on questions relating to the assignment

  7. Emotional Freedom Therapy • Watch this video - Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT Introductory Video 8:31 • • Read the detailed instruction on how to do EFT • Watch this video - EFT Master Judy Byrne explains the tapping points 3:16 •

  8. In groups of three have a go at doing EFT – one or two persons work together to help a third person to find a simple issue, rate it 1-10, do EFT, and notice whether there are any changes. • Discuss your responses to, and understandings and misunderstandings about EFT

  9. The Three Blessings Exercise • Watch these two videos Three Blessings video – Martin Seligman introduction 2: • • Three Blessing feedback from three people 2:16 • • In a group of 3 read and discuss the detailed instruction on how to do the three blessings exercise

  10. The Three Blessings Exercise • Watch the Three Good Things - How to be Happier more description and data 3:09 • • In groups of three discuss the sorts of things you can feel are blessings in your last 24 hours. Think about why a blessing is a blessing.