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ErGoGenic Games Research Group

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ErGoGenic Games Research Group. building games for a healthy future. What is the ErGoGenic Game Research Group (EGG)?. EGG is committed to developing dynamic, engaging digital games which combine fun, education and health.

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ErGoGenic Games Research Group

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ergogenic games research group

ErGoGenicGames Research Group

building games for a healthy future

what is the ergogenic game research group egg
What is the ErGoGenic Game Research Group (EGG)?
  • EGG is committed to developing dynamic, engaging digital games which combine fun, education and health.
  • EGGbuilds on interdisciplinary collaborations between the arts, medical science, exercise physiology, computer science, social science, and engineering.
  • The EGG team consists of a core interdisciplinary team of game developers, psychologists, and a physician.
EGG fills a critical need to facilitate the integration of recent research and practice from multiple disciplines, academia and industry.
  • Specific to the nature of this unique interdisciplinary group, are overlapping areas of study including:

* medical physiological factors

* behavioral technology

* innovative interface development

* game design & development

the evolution of the ergogenics game research group
The Evolution of the ErGoGenics Game Research Group
  • EGG grew out of an interdisciplinary group project in Experimental Game Design class, a class which encourages students to create next generation games which go beyond the first person shooter paradigm.
  • The project entitled, Synergy,a cooperative action game, was featured in articles from:
    • the Times Union
    • Reuters International
    • the New York Times
  • A medical physician, Dr. Richard Adler, former CEO of CDPHP read the first article and wanted to team up with us for research he is doing with childhood obesity and diabetes.
  • EGG works in dialog with Rensselaer Alumni owned companies such as 1st Playable and ZBM Games in addition to other companies such as Red Octane, a well known DDR (dance pad) manufacturer.
egg interdisciplinary research team members
EGG Interdisciplinary Research Team Members

Ralph Noble Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sybillyn Jennings, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Russell Sage College

Julie McIntyre, Ph.D.,

Professor of Psychology

Russell Sage College

ZBM Games:

Brian Ratta

B.S., Comp Sci ’05 RPI

Technical Designer

Matthew Giacomazzo

B.S., EMAC ’05 RPI

Art Designer

Andrew "Zif" Horton,

B.S., Comp Sci/EMAC ’05

Game Designer

Kathleen Ruiz, M.A. (abd, Ph.D.)

Associate Professor of Electronic Arts

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Richard Adler, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

ralph noble associate professor cognitive science rensselaer
Ralph NobleAssociate Professor, Cognitive Science Rensselaer

Professor Noble will direct the project to reverse engineer the behavioral technology underlying DDR and reduce the barriers to entry as a first step in developing an array of  computer based fitness software projects that are friendly to the casual user. 

kathleen ruiz associate professor of electronic arts rensselaer
Kathleen RuizAssociate Professor of Electronic Arts Rensselaer

Develop concept art, maps, and drawings for level designs, characters, and schemas for game simulations. Oversee large scale design with our affiliates.

richard adler m d clinical professor rensselaer
Richard Adler, M.D.Clinical ProfessorRensselaer

Determine physiologic and biochemical measures to be monitored during the project, establish an efficient method of collecting information and storing data, ensure safety of project, and monitor accuracy of information being collected.

sybillyn jennings ph d julie mcintyre ph d professors of psychology russell sage college
Sybillyn Jennings, Ph.D. & Julie McIntyre, Ph.D.Professors of Psychology, Russell Sage College
  • will design interview protocols and other data-gathering techniques to probe DDR users’ perceptions of their game play as leisure or an exercise regimen and whether these perceptions differ between women and men.
  • examine the role of social support and peer lifestyle influence in regulating food intake around the game environment.
  • determine the kind of game design that will appeal to female populations.
  • find out whether casting the game as DANCE rather than as EXERCISE—play rather than work--makes a difference in females’ interest and sustained engagement with a game.
zbm games
ZBM Games

Research Team consisting of RPI student alumni Brian Ratta, Matthew Giacomazzo and Andrew "Zif" Horton

Software development and technical design, game art development, 2d visual art and animation production, audio composition, and interface design.

the first target problem
The First Target Problem
  • Obesity and insulin resistance are related predecessors of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other serious diseases.
  • Over 70% of Americans are affected by these disorders.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is rampant with a 13%decrease in physical activity over the past 20 years.
  • The termination of physical education programs, the widespread use of computers, and videogames significantly reduce caloric expenditure previously experienced by children.
It is widely known that regular, rigorous exercise is the major modifier of insulin resistance and obesity.
egg methodology
EGG Methodology
  • The Basic approach is multidisciplinary: integrating research, design, and implementation in one group.
  • EGGis developing physical interfaces that use bio-feedback to directly effect game play in digital games to encourage reaching and maintaining healthy levels of cardiovascular activity.
  • EGG will prototype, test, and evaluate various strategies of cardiovascular interactive game play.
  • EGG will design games which will test satiation.