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Customer Management Made Better! Sales Order Management, Distribution, Service & Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Management Made Better! Sales Order Management, Distribution, Service & Support

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Customer Management Made Better! Sales Order Management, Distribution, Service & Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer Management Made Better! Sales Order Management, Distribution, Service & Support. Mary Ann Guthrie QAD Director, Research & Development February 2010. agenda. special ops team Cheryl Crane, QAD Principal BA Brian Wintz, QAD Architect arena of operations CM Suite Overview

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Presentation Transcript
customer management made better sales order management distribution service support

Customer Management Made Better!Sales Order Management, Distribution, Service & Support

Mary Ann Guthrie

QAD Director, Research & Development

February 2010

  • special ops team
    • Cheryl Crane, QAD Principal BA
    • Brian Wintz, QAD Architect
  • arena of operations
    • CM Suite Overview
  • top secret briefing
    • Under development…
  • successful missions
    • Customer Success Stories
  • potential targets
    • CM Roadmap
customer management suite
Customer Management Suite


Customer Relationship Management

  • Order Mgmt
    • Distribution, CSS, Configurator
  • Service & Support
    • SSM, Field Service Mgmt
qad customer management drivers
QAD Customer Management Drivers
  • Outstanding Customer and User Experience
    • One Face to the Customer
    • Multi-Channel Access
    • Role-Based Interaction
    • Human Engineering
    • Integrated Business Processes
    • QAD Customer Collaboration

Lean Principles applied to CM Suite…

Cognitive Ergonomics


Shipping Manager

Services Manager


cognitive ergonomics initiative
Cognitive Ergonomics Initiative
  • Changing the face of Core Distribution and Service & Support
    • Functions grouped by Roles
    • Flexible search, sort and filtering option linked to related data and transaction processing
    • Integrated reports and operational metrics
    • Security applied by functions
center highlights
Center Highlights

Context Sensitive Links between Browses

Auto launch of Maintenance Process with Key

Pre-defined with user ability to change and create

a closer look
A closer look..

Right-click on highlighted fields

to bring up additional functions

Click button to

launch function

reporting framework
Reporting Framework
    • Reports
      • Create New
      • Start with Browse
      • Modify Existing QAD reports
        • Add images, graphs and other controls
  • Additional Features
    • Windows Task Manager Schedules
    • Output documents, Excel, PDF
operational metrics
Operational Metrics
  • Sample Service & Support Op Metrics
    • Open Calls by Queue
    • Fault Code Analysis
    • Engineer Utilization
  • “Traffic Light” visuals
    • Drill down to detail level
  • User-definable Metrics and Aggregate Results


qad customer relationship management
QAD Customer Relationship Management

“During an economic recession, sustaining revenue growth or forestalling revenue erosion becomes even more critical.Customer management improvement initiatives will continue to be critical to achieving this goal”Forrester Research, Trends 2009: Customer Relationship Management

Insure repeat revenue streams by knowing your customer

Enable the sales team to focus on winnable sales opportunities to increase revenue and decrease cost of sale

Tight marketing campaign control leads to decreased marketing costs and qualified leads

encoder product profile pain points
Encoder Product Profile & Pain Points

Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a privately held manufacturer of premium encoders

EPC is a leading designer of premium rotary incremental and absolute encoders used for motion feedback

Large Distributor and Reseller network

Pain points

Frequent campaigns with hundreds of targets

Transitioning salespeople

Customer data fragmented in different systems

Needed effective tools to generate marketing campaigns

Poor usability of previous Sales Automation system

qad crm benefits
QAD CRM Benefits

Encoder Products rolled out CRM in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

Effective 360 degree view of customer data

Uncovering new opportunities with better targeted marketing activities

Customer service able to immediately respond to customers regardless of the original sales channel

Increased levels of customer service and employee satisfaction

Increased campaign hit rate

qad crm

"Our customer service group just loves QAD CRM. Now for the first time they can quickly and easily determine which distributor the caller is purchasing product from."

Bob White, IT Director - Encoder Products

qad crm release update
QAD CRM Release Update
  • CRM 6.2 (EA)Mar 2009
    • Enterprise Financials Support
    • Multi Domain Support
    • Unicode and Double Byte language support
  • CRM 6.3Sept 2009
    • CRM 6.2 General Availability
    • Enhanced Usability and Visibility
  • CRM 6.4Mar 2010
    • Support for Best Pricing
    • Enhanced Integration
    • QAD SE 2007.1 through 2009
    • QAD EE 2009 through 2010
qad configurator
QAD Configurator

“Manufacturers of complex configurable products evaluating sales configuration software can expect it to dramatically reduce quote errors while improving proposal velocity and employee efficiency.“AMR Research

2009 full .Net Release

Reduce order entry costs

Attract new customers

Provide competitive advantage

Allow engineers to focus on innovation

adc krone profile and pain points
ADC Krone Profile and Pain Points

ADC Krone is a leading communications network infrastructure provider.

ADC Krone Australia division operating for over 25 years with 245 employees and revenues exceeding $65M

Initial focus on optical fiber patch cords and pigtails

Pain points

Many products with infinite number of possible combinations

New orders required extensive manual support prior to order entry, resulting in long lead time and high costs

Need to prevent creation of invalid combinations

Field Sales unable to provide timely response to pricing inquiries

qad configurator benefits
QAD Configurator Benefits

ADC Krone went live March 2009 and realized substantial benefits:

50% reduction in Customer Service’s time to place an order

95% reduction incorrect orders

100% reduction in Engineer resource used in creating new variants

90% reduction in Planning’s involvement

Field sales access to quotations for immediate pricing response

qad configurator23
QAD Configurator

" The QAD Configurator allows customer service to work through the options live with the customer in the Sales Order screen and prevents implausible combinations. All that is required is for the Planning department to schedule the part through the fiber work center. Also, using the Configurator questionnaire is a veryquick way for what-if pricing inquiries for configured products. "

Bryce Nicholls, R&D Manager – ADC Krone


QAD Configurator

"The QAD Configurator is all about turning the customer's dream into reality in the most efficient way. With the QAD Configurator we are able to control the manufacturing engineering with a single engineer, allowing us to focus on design and innovation which is what drives growth and market expansion."

Laurence Julien, IT Manager - Yamaha Motor Corporation

qad configurator update
QAD Configurator Update
  • Configurator 5.0.1 Mar 2009
    • Full .Net UI release
    • .Net compatible Questionnaire
  • Configurator 5.1 Sep 2009
    • Functional Enhancements
      • Configurator AG Phase 1
    • UI and usability Enhancements
  • Configurator 5.2 Mar 2010
    • Forecast Consumption
    • Support for Oracle Database
    • QAD eB2.1 SP 4, QAD SE 2007-2009, EE from 2007-2010
service and support suite
Service and Support Suite

With a decrease in product revenues, services revenues are becoming a larger percentage of overall company revenues. These economic forces are placing immense pressures on services organizations to secure revenues and improve profitability. J.B. Wood, President and CEO, AFSMI, SRII, SSPA, TPSA

Better manage your service operations (Warranty/Contracts, Service Calls, Returns)

Efficient field service scheduling

Mobile access for field service activities


fei profile and pain points
FEI Profile and Pain Points

Customer: FEI Company

  • Ion-beam systems and electron microscopes for nanotechnology
  • 3 research centers and 50+ service locations in Americas, Europe, and Asia

Pain Points

  • Global with inconsistent methods
  • Lack of workforce scheduling visibility
  • Manual method of recording field service reports with impact on accuracy
  • Delays in invoicing and payments
  • Service call information siloed
qad service support benefits
QAD Service & Support Benefits

FEI rolled out QAD Mobile Field Service to 400 Field Engineers along with Field Service Scheduler on a foundation of QAD SSM:

Improved Field Service Reporting data entry time and accuracy, consistent and more detailed capture of repair comments

Electronic parts ordering, ability to create new service requests in the field

Improved Planned Maintenance timelines by 5%

Increased field service engineer utilization by at least 5%

Reduced aged parts write-off by 10%

Electronic capture signature for customer proof of service

qad service support suite
QAD Service & Support Suite

"QAD offers a world-class Service and Support product suite that enables us to manage our service organization with transparency and efficiency. QAD’s solutions improve the exchange of information between FEI’s field Service, logistics and service support teams. The result is that we have effective planning, professional logistics control and better call management. When a customer calls for service, we are confident that we are providing them with the best service based on up-to-the-minute information."

Jim Fetterman, Vice President Worldwide Services - FEI

service support management
Service & Support Management
  • QAD 2008 Mar 2008
    • Role based usability enhancements
    • Engineering Scheduling enhancements
    • Call Management enhancements (ISB Hierarchy, ISB Move During Call Entry, Pending Calls)
  • QAD 2008.1 Sep 2008
    • Usability improvements
    • Serial Number History
    • Material Order enhancements
    • Next preventive maintenance date update
  • QAD 2009 Mar 2009
    • Contact Center Collection
    • Depot Repair enhancements
  • QAD 2009.1 Sep 2009
    • RTS BOL number, Contract Pricing
    • New reports and operational metrics
qad field service scheduler qad mobile field service
QAD Field Service Scheduler QAD Mobile Field Service
  • FSS 2.1 Sep 2008
    • Visit detail
    • Configurability
  • FSS 3.0 Sep 2009
    • Backward compatible with eB2.1 SP4+
    • Optional mapping with MapPoint 2006 & 2009
    • Improved performance
    • Improved usability/functionality
  • MFS 2.1 Sep 2008
    • Field Service Report (FSR) and digital signature capture
    • Light FSS integration
  • MFS 3.0 Sep 2009
    • Enhanced scalability & performance
    • Backward compatible with eB2.1 SP4+
    • Now supports Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5
    • Enhanced functionality
customer management near term roadmap
Customer Management – Near term roadmap
  • More Sophisticated UI andInformation Access Capabilities
    • Order Management, Core Distribution, Core SSM
      • Reporting
      • Operational Metrics
      • Task-based Collections/Browses
      • BI
  • CRM
    • Thin client deployment
    • Additional Usability Refinement
  • Internationalizations
    • Cross-functional global focus

Customer Management: Future plans

  • Order Management
    • Rationalization and evolution of Order Management and Distribution
  • Evolution of B2B/B2C to Web 2.0
    • Web-based Configured Orders
    • CSS for Orders and Quotations
    • Web-based Service & Support
    • Enhanced Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
  • Configurator
    • EMT Support for Configurator
  • CRM
    • Extend screen and object customization
    • Extend Personal Information Management Integration
    • Extend Analytics and Reporting
  • Service & Support
    • Outsourcing, Rentals/Leases
qad mission control driving development
QAD Mission Control:Driving Development

Customer Collaboration

Human Engineering


Data to Intelligence “Cognitive Ergonomics”

Total Enterprise Capability – Solutions Focused


Thank You!